Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer reading

Matthew showing off his beautiful "Rainbow fish" he made at one of the reading days.

I talked about how Matthew and I were involved in the summer reading program this summer, way back at the beginning, but I never talked about the outcome. At least I don't think so. On the last day we'd already read more then enough to fill our sticker chart. (16 hours to fill the chart.) But we handed in our final list anyway. I figured the extra stickers would be fun for him. They weren't ready to be handed back that day or the next so I figured we'd wait until the next week when we went to get more books. Matthew, when we first went, might pick 1 book and then I'd pick a few more for him. Now he's really gotten into it and he normally picks around 10 by himself. One day I had to cut him off at 14. I've learned to take our small bag with us. Since he likes going so much we are continuing to go once a week. They assure me there will be storytime during the school year and we are looking forward to attending if schedules work out. Anyway when we went back the next week we were amazed and pleased to find that he had won the 3-6 year old division by reading 22 hours and 39 minutes! That was how much we read between June 9th and July 14th. I was blown away. I knew the whole family read to him alot, but I never would have guessed it was that much. The second place child read 14 hours. Another outcome of the reading program was that we now read 1 book at naptime and 2 at bedtime. It has really helped bedtime go smoother and it's fun as well.

Have any of you picked up something new this summer?


Kirsten said...

WOW! That's impressive. This week is the last week of our summer reading program at the library, and I think we're going to clock in at about 9 hours. 22 is AMAZING!!

Auntie said...

Matthew likes other things a lot, but from what I can tell he likes books and reading the most. Probably reading was the activity you almost never said "no" to.

Mom said...

Our family LOVES to read! Good for you and Matthew!

The author said...

Kirsten, 9 hours is good too! We've been lucky to be able to dedicate the time to it this summer.

Auntie, I LOVED having Mom read to me, one of my favorite activities and memories as a kid. I still love to read. Normally I'd rather do that then watch tv. I read while Phil watches alot!

Mom, We do don't we! ;)

Auntie said...

This part of the family totally agees with you and Mom!

Angela said...

Wow- good job on the reading!!! I don't think I have picked up anything new this summer maybe in the fall.