Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't judge until you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes.

This little man only made it about 45 ft. I wonder if he got any insight...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Counting with Matthew

Protecting his stick.

Divining for 2 dogs...

Attack of the Scamp. If Scamp stands on his hind legs, he's as tall as Matthew. He easily outweighs him now too.


Surveying his crayon/stampers line.

Matthew is just doing more and more stuff. Let me count the ways...
1. Lately he has been into lining up things. He lines people's shoes up, his crayons and stampers, and legos. You name it, he'll probably started lining it up.
2. He really likes screwing and unscrewing lids.
3. He decided today he really ought to drink from his sippy cup, without the lid.
4. He will not allow anyone to hold his hand going up or down stairs.
5. He likes to jump over stuff.
6. His favorite expression is, "Wow!"
7. Whenever I get him out of his crib, he uses it as an opportunity to squeeze me hard and pat my back.
8. Matthew is the best snack eater at daycare. He always eats it all, while the rest eat a little.
9. He loves to go. Once he's dressed in the morning, he starts running for the closet shouting, "Oats, Oats." Translation: "coats" let's get out of here!
10. One of the mother's told me that while she was picking up her daughter, someone asked where Matthew was. Well, where he was, was under the play kitchen sink. He had shut the doors and was crouched under the removeable sink. When the moment was right (asking where he was, was the right moment) he burst up (dislodging the sink), threw his arms up and said, "I'm here!" It never ceases to amaze me!
11. Another mom said one night, "Well, Matthew is ready for you. Every person that comes in makes him start calling for you."
12. Every time he does something he feels is impressive, which is alot, he says, TaDA!"
13. When he sees the camera come out he says "Cheese." If it's off, and he manages to get it, he holds it to his face saying cheese over and over. I've wondered if he should have his own play camera.
14. He got my cell phone the other day and almost bought and downloaded some Nascar program or screensaver.
15. His Grandma brought him 2 new books Friday and he was completely and deeply in love with them.
16. His deep love ended today when I brought out some new books for him. Now he's just in heaven. Don't feel bad for the Grandma, she brought him the other books too!
17. He loves blowing his nose, as long as he gets to do it. He crumples the tissue first, wipes once, throws it away and repeats, until you tell him that's enough. Mom tries to wipe the nose and it's simply torture.
18. Matthew is still deeply in love with sticks.
19. Scamp tried to come in the house yesterday and Matthew cried, "NO!" and tried to herd him back out.
20. Yesterday Matthew was messing with the heater vent. I said, "Matthew, what are you doing?" He gave me the cheeziest smile and said, "Nothing!" Heaven help me, I'm in trouble now.
21. When Bailey tells him no, he flashes her a cheezy grin, until she sticks him in time out.
22. Matthew has decided it's his job to put up the ASP kids' baskets. He will throw stuff out or give it to the owner, in order to get that basket empty. Normally the kid who's stuff gets removed is Michael's. Of course...

Well, I think that about catches everyone up on the little things he's been up to. We were outside as much as possible yesterday since it got up to 73 degrees. Today it was ok out, but now it's getting very cold. We probably won't get to play outside tomorrow. I was supposed to have jury duty today, but the trial settled out of court. A whole year before they can possible call me up again. Yes!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I announced earlier today that I'm was jealous of the fact that my Mom had sprouting plants (which she very sweetly agreed to share with me), and then Matthew and I went outside to play. (Matthew and the pup had a fabulous time running around, by the way.) I decided that I hadn't checked on the spots where tulips *should* sprout since Friday. And voila! SPROUTS! I was so excited! The tulips, a dear nurse gave me when I left the hospital, had a very rough season last year and I was so afraid they weren't going to survive. But there it was, sending something up. The tulips I bought last year, because they were just so beautiful and spring like, are also sprouting like crazy. Then I noticed the jonquils I transplanted last year are sprouting like crazy too! Oh happy day. I know I'm a bit of a plant nut. It's ok to giggle. I just thought you'd be dying to know the latest. ;)

How we "rocked" the weekend

Hats and more hats. If you notice, he's riding that worm the wrong way.

Relaxing with his special quilt and pillow his Great-Grandmom made him.

What a suspicious look!

Going back to last weekend, we didn't just do homework. We also had dinner with the McKee's, who are moving in a month. That's the thing about making friends with military, they always get moved. So far, we've always been the ones left behind. Part our choice, part the Army. Matthew really likes this particular couple, so we always have a nice time visiting them. We also drove on Sunday to the Honeybaked Ham Company, to get supper, only to discover they weren't open. That was fabulous. This discovery meant we'd have to eat frozen pizzas again, so to console myself-I mean console the family-I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some fabulous fat free frozen yogurt and Junior Mints.

The exciting event was Phil's back deciding to go out right after we got there. We spent the whole weekend watching him hobble around in pain. He finally had the hospital look at it today. They did x-rays and said he's to take physical therapy for 2 months. He's gone down this road with them before and it didn't help. They said if it doesn't this time, they'll request an MRI. We'll see what happens.

There's not much more to tell. Matthew was a pill at daycare and work went ok for me. The weather is warming up nicely today. I just wish it didn't have to be so windy. I looked at my Mom's hyacinths this weekend. They are coming up so nicely and multipled too! (And our huge footed puppy didn't smash them all over the weekend.) I wish I had some that were coming up! I have grape hyacinths, but I don't think they are doing much. Of course, I didn't see them last year till they were suddenly there. (If you remember from last year, I didn't even know I had any.) I asked Phil if he could increase my yearly gardening allowance because I want to buy some plants and bulbs, which is much more than seeds. He told me no, unless I buy him a new 50" flat screen. I'll be paring my list down instead. It's so hard though. I want them all!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a quick note...

...let you all know that Matthew pulled it together and we did get to go to KC. We had a fabulous time doing, um, homework. I bet you wish you rocked as hard as we did! More to follow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another fever...

Scamp is growing rapidly. He is soooo heavy now. And much bigger than the yorkies.

Just want that little boy...And the boy is putting cups within cups.

A little boy got jealous of the puppy in HIS mom's lap.

Of course anytime someone can take my picture I am not looking my best.

Look at my red little cheeks.

Wouldn't you know it? Just in time for the weekend, Matthew spikes a 101.8 fever. I had to stay home from work today. Lately I'm amazed if I can actually work at 5 day week! If I didn't know better, I'd have said he had nothing wrong with him, but a runny nose. The little houligan just wanted to run around and play. That fever wasn't going to hold him down! I'm hoping this was a one day thing and that tomorrow he'll wake up and be ready to go. If he could also ditch the runny nose overnight, that would be fabulous too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let down

He was carefully walking in my shoes and all was going well, till I got the camera and was ready to take a picture. That's when the shoe turned and it all went downhill for him. He's so into shoes right now. Everyone must have their shoes on at all times. All I have to do, practically, is get socks and he's running to find me a pair of shoes. Then it's "oats, oats, oats." Translation: coats The boy is never tired of being outside.

I feel so let down. Deflated. Tired. Boring. So much happens around here everyday, but nothing really worth putting into words has happened all week. Maybe I've just too tired to see the little jewels. Or maybe I'm too stressed. Or too frustrated. Or I have too much college work on my brain or apartment hunting concerns or worry over my Grandmom... I have been enjoying having Matthew peacefully going to daycare this week, the nice reports, and him being so happy to see me come get him. He still has a cold and coughs so much. But his spirits are good. He coughed himself awake at 4:50 this morning and bless him if he wasn't cheerful. I, on the other hand, was not. Those that know me know I love my sleep and that I'm not a morning person. I'd prefer to never see the sun rise and sleep in till 9 every morning.

All this sleep loss probably contributed to my frustrations with work, but I still think I would be frustrated on the best day. I believe that forces, beyond my control, are aligning so as to push me over the edge into going back to work full time. It completely breaks my heart, but there it is. It will be so hard to give Matthew up for at least 9 hours a day. I know most other moms do it and they, and their children, survive. But it was my dream to be at home with him. I guess 2 years is better then 0.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Paper hate

Lining up our legos. He actually picked them up tonight when he was done and put them away.
Once in a lifetime event I'm sure.

Goldfish Isabelle?

All gone.

What Mom? Eating goldfish in your toy basket is normal. I always snack here.

Today Matthew and I (mostly I) have been helping Phil get his paper written for class. It's not easy going back to school 12 years later and I haven't had to write one a paper for about 6 years now. I have realized 2 things. 1. I don't miss school all that much. 2. I don't like online classes. It gives teachers a way to expect a lot, while being very vague. I'm sure not all online classes are like this one. It's week 2 and they have to write a business proposal. What did you say? What's the name of the class? Intro to Business BU101. We have friends who have taken several business classes and have yet to write one. Just our luck.

Our family had a wonderful Valentine's Day, until I got sick. I feel very cheated. I basically wasted yesterday in bed, miserable. That makes twice in about a months time I've been sick. What's wrong with this picture??? At least this time Matthew hasn't gotten sick. He is still having some problems with what my Dad would call the "GI 2-step." I'm hoping tomorrow is better and that Phil's paper is finished tonight was we can all breathe easier tomorrow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The irrestiable bug

Isabelle and Matthew talking.

Isabelle likes to sleep with Matthew. Last night she jumped in on Matthew and scared him awake. That was fun. Today they were both standing up looking at us, but we couldn't get it on film.

My son is so popular he has to talk on 2 cell phones at the same time. Once again, I couldn't get it on film when he had them to his ears talking.


Well, I haven't written much lately, because there just hasn't been much to tell lately. Poor Matthew has defiantly caught some sort of bug that is, once again, messing up his digestive system. It is making him tired and fussy, poor guy. We'll be glad to have him 100% again. And the warmer weather back. In the meantime, enjoy the pics we've managed to snap. It pays to have the camera handy at all times!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sugar high

More cupcakes....yuuummm....

Today was the day of Valentine mayhem at school. We have tomorrow off and since V-day is Sat., today for all intensive purposes, was V-day. I took cupcakes for Matthew's daycare and for our afterschool kids. I was so pleased to use my cupcake carrier. Love it. Anyway, afterschool we had my boss and her children over for dinner. Matthew was in heaven and stayed up till 10pm. He would have stayed up longer, but Mom insisted that he'd better go to bed so we could get up in the morning. Now I should get to bed myself. I've been MIA on here lately and figured I better jot something quickly before bed. Sweet dreams everyone.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I do not like this phase of Matthew's where he is hitting other kids. Especially the ones that are younger and didn't do anything to deserve it. It really hurts my heart. Now he also attempts to hit us once in awhile, so he isn't always picking on the smaller. I was so delighted to be greeted enthusiastically today and then the news...sigh. I cannot wait for the phase to be over. True to my word, I refused to read to him tonight and explained over and over why I would not be reading another book until he got a good daycare report. Maybe it's a bad approach, but something must be done. I refuse to raise a bully. I am a realist enough to understand that he's a boy and that he will probably will get into fights here and there, but to pick on the weak is not ok.

This morning after seeing how hard the wind was blowing and how hard it was raining, Matthew and I postponed grocery shopping once again, but it has to be done tomorrow or we'll be in big trouble. Ie: NO FOOD! We spent a pleasant day at home playing and cleaning. Well, he played and I cleaned. While I cleaned, I dreamed about the wonderful bulbs and seeds I'd be ordering this year. I think the warmer weather is making my garden genes sing. I just hope I can keep Matthew and the pup from trampling the growing plants to a pulp!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A weekend in pictures

Spring is coming...hyacinths are sprouting.

1 small boy has been very busy building towers...

and taking them apart.

Pure delight.

1 small boy requests everyone due their part to feed his need for reading.

The block tower built...

And down.

It was glorious weather...

3 little dogs enjoyed their freedom...

1 little man vacuumed a soybean field...

A new hat was found.

The acorn "hat".

A new wreath was thoughtfully made.

New shoes were tried...

And pronounced to big.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Answering some questions

So I was on the couch tonight minding my own business when I looked up to see this in my face...

Is it a strange bug? Oh, it's a boy...

And he moved to dressing the mom in glasses until she looked like a strange bug.

Here is Matthew with his loyal followers.

Running because it's so fun to have someone to chase you.

I never tire of taking pictures of him asleep.

What a ham! Growling for the camera.

Another new skill, he can pull my chair out and get at all my stuff on the desk.

I looked in on Matthew Sat. night and this is what I saw. That brat kitten. I couldn't be mad, it was too cute.

I have been asked several questions and feel that it is time to address them.

1. Where is the pup? Do you have the pup still? A: The pup is on the Hill Top Acres (which is here) and Yes! I think he is a permanent fixture now. I had decided to get rid of him Monday and Phil insisted I try a another couple days. We are working on not clobbering the boy with love, ie jumping on him. The puppy has gotten much more respectful while Matthew's upright, but should Matthew fall (which happens alot) it's a free for all for licking and rolling and general puppy loving. Matthew protests that action. Today I yelled at Scamp (I believe that's his new name) to stop and come here, and he actually did. I think this puppy is very smart and will become a very good dog. When he sees us getting in the car to go, he will go sit on the back steps and watch. He never tries to run or follow us. If he's in his pen, he will still sit down and watch. He's a most curious little guy.

2. What is this mystery hole? Size of it? A: I call it the mystery hole because I just don't know why it's there. I think it might have been for a heating duct, but that really doesn't make sense either. It's 19"x16 1/4". It goes all the way through the wall. And the wall is about a foot thick (because of the pocket door no doubt). The room above that area has also been altered, so I'm guessing that whatever was there impacted the upstairs room. And in modern enough times for them to use sheetrock, but before the paneling went up around 1965. Were the 60's modern times? Hehe.

Matthew and I had a pretty good day. Work wasn't so great (and of course my boss wasn't working because her kids were sick again) but overall a great day. Scamp found a new way to escape his pen tonight and I wired the spot shut. He didn't care too much, since it was so cold. He felt his time was better spent in his dog house. Smart dog. We bought the house for Foxy and she rarely ever would use it.