Monday, March 31, 2008

How funny!

Well, the post below this says I posted it Sunday (yesterday) instead of actually being posted 2 minutes ago! So when reading it keep in mind that only the first paragraph was Sunday and the rest was written as Monday morning comments. Maybe by tonight I'll get some new pictures up on the blog. :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Drizzle, dreary day

As far as the outside world goes, it was an yucky day. But inside the house good things sprang to life. Matthew has learned that he can pull himself up on the coffee table or couch and can take steps all on his own. He will walk the length of the coffee table and then carefully lower himself down so that he crawl off to other stuff. He is rather proud of himself I think. As for me, I'm scared about how much more stuff he is going to get into walking. Well, that's life and I signed up for this. My house is no longer my own. I'm about to wave the white flag and give in to the enemy. He has not learned how to pull himself up on the new gate we bought yesterday that spans the wide opening between the living room and the dining room.

Ha, ha. Well, it's a new day now because Matthew refused to leave me alone yesterday long enough to write this! Talk about waving the white flag. After I gave up he proceed to try and dump water on my computer, but luckily I had drank all but a tiny bit and the computer remained dry. Phil and I managed to get his brand new big boy car seat in the car last night after much work. I can't wait till we can reposition it to be front facing. It will be easier to see what the young man is doing. Probably less boring for him too.

Saturday we went shopping in Wichita and also stopped in to see two of my dearest friends. One of them has a boy 2 weeks to the day older then Matthew. The two boys really enjoyed hanging out and playing. It is nice to have a friend who has a boy the same age as mine.

No work will happen on the house today. The roofer had to admit defeat to the weather. It rained yesterday and looks like it will again today, although it is nice and sunny at the moment. The wind is very strong too. It might gust up to 45 mph today. So, I have my house to myself and I'm going to be leaving to run errands and take Matthew to his appointment. Isn't that the way it always goes?

Friday, March 28, 2008


They made more progress on the house today. Another dormer window is painted and a little bit of the roof is on. We are going to put the lighting rods back up and replace the 2 bulbs that are broken. Since they are rebuilding a higher peak in the middle of the roof (it was a flat roof for years) we are getting a fifth rod for the middle. We found a really cool one that has a witch and moon weather vane on it that we are dying to get. We haven't decided yet if we are going to fork out the money.
So, do you all want to know where we are going? Do ya? What? I can't hear you? Well, the verdict is sort of in. It's our pick of Liberty, Independence, or Olathe. What did I say yesterday. We had heard Manhattan or Topeka before to be told no so I knew it wasn't going to work. Now all we have to do is pick the city by Monday and decide what we are doing with our house and me. Do I stay, go, be a stay at home mom, work full time, or what? It's a little bit of a mess. And what do we do with all our stuff. It's definitely too much for a one bedroom or even a two bedroom apartment. We have alot of decisions to make in a very short amount of time. The good news is that in a year we hope to be moved back. I guess Phil's on the list to be moved to Manhattan when a position opens up there.

Well here are the two men in my life. Aren't they so cute? I had to take the picture and for once Phil agreed to let me and Matthew smiled. Too bad he had his pacifier in. I don't think I've mentioned it but April 3rd Matthew is having surgery to remove the dermoid cyst by his right eye. It is rather scary for me to think my little 9 month old boy is going to be put under and operated on. I know it's an outpatient thing and he'll be just fine, but I still don't like it. Of course in the last week I just had to read that an 18 year old girl died from a severe reaction to the anesthesia. It was a different kind of surgery in a completely different state, but still that is not what I want to hear, something else to worry about. He will be the first surgery of the day, probably at 7:30 in the morning. I'm taking the whole day off to be around to soothe him and will take Friday off too if he still isn't feeling too good. The doctor said that by the next day he should be feeling pretty good. I'm pretty sure that his dad will be at the hospital and possibly off the whole day too. Matthew will probably do great. He was so good when they put the pic line in so he could have his CT scan done of the cyst. Mothers were born to worry.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Phil says

Phil says that I need to put these two pictures together so that people can really see the difference, so fine, here it is. :) (He's probably right, but don't tell him, he has a big enough head as it is.)

Maybe tomorrow...

Yes, we are still awaiting an answer. Phil talked with the captain today and he said that he should have an answer for us tomorrow. (We're heard that before right?!) And the answer should include Manhattan or Topeka again, like promised earlier, so that means we would not have to move. So we wait. I hope that we don't have to pack. We have so much stuff now it would be a pain.

The weather today was misty and foggy well into the morning. The roofer came and gave up in defeat by 10:30 am. They tried to raise up the bay windows, but as usual the house threw up a challenge that couldn't be solved easily. Something about a gas line in the way and needing to dig and getting parts. Grrr. It's always something isn't it?

Matthew seemed to be feeling better in the morning, but by afternoon he seemed to definitely be getting a cold and not feeling his best. By time I got home from work he was working on a crusty nose, yuck. He also had a rough night last night which meant that mom and dad also had a rough night. He got up and cried for an hour and half. We could not figure out what he was so upset about. It probably didn't help all we wanted to do was go back to sleep! And why is it you can give your baby a basket full of toys and they'd rather sit in a lid to a storage tub, play with the front of their highchair, chew on a bottle of water and pull everything off the coffee table and throw it on the floor? This is all he wants to do now. "Toys are for babies" he'd probably tell me. "I'm a mover and shaker now, can't be tied down with those silly things." He definitely keeps us on our toes.

Ever wonder why this site is called About a Bug? Well, that would be my fault. Hours after I had him, I started calling him my bug-a-boo because he was so cute and precious. Also I think it's a cute word (even though he wasn't a bug-a-boo). Well, slowly over time he became my bug and more family members adopted that as a nickname, so it seemed only appropriate to call it about a bug, because isn't everything about the baby? He thinks so. So if you ever wondered, that's why. I'm so glad to hear from several of you that you are really enjoying this and it makes you feel closer and more in tune with us. That makes me really pleased. I enjoy writing it for you all. Happy reading!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another day closer

Another day closer to the house being done and finding out where we are going or Phil signing in. I am posted a picture of the finished painting on one of the dormer windows. We are pretty pleased with the result. It's a really big difference from the old picture I posted with the night picture yesterday. I just can't wait to see the roof on and more of the house painted. And yes, the Captain was busy all day yesterday taking an online test and out today, so we still have no idea what they are planning to do with us. I think they have no clue and are now avoiding our calls. Probably not, but it feels that way.

Matthew didn't seem to feel very good today so I stayed home an extra 1/2 hour so that his Dad could get home and take over instead of sending him to daycare. He probably appreciated that. The daycare staff is starting to miss him though. Today he got to eat puffs at dinner and small pieces of my hamburger and bun at lunch. He's been eating puffs for awhile now and loves them! I took him with me when I went to make his meal the other day and asked him what he wanted to eat. He stretched out his hand to the puffs container and grunted. It was very cute. As for the hamburger, that is new. We are starting to introduce table foods so that in a couple months he can start switching over to big boy foods. That sortof makes me sad. He is growing to fast. And Jenny you are right, he does look old! I think he is very tall for his age which makes him seem even older than he is. He has consistently been in the 90th % and above for height, so most likely he'll be just like us. TALL!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Progress on house

We are so excited about the changes so far! They have all four dormer windows shaker shingles fixed, sealed and primed! It looks sooooo much better just primed then it did half painted pea green and peach. I didn't get to go out and take pictures till dusk because of Matthew, but it will give an idea of how it's shaping up. Yea!

Happy Easter (late of course)

We had a wonderful Easter. We ate lunch with my parents and then took Matthew to see his Great Grandmom. He enjoyed showing off all his newly learned skills. Mom and Dad gave us a really cool family gift basket that included a steering wheel for him. At home we had a Easter egg hunt with real hard boiled eggs. It went real slick until he decided to plop down on one. All I heard was a big squish and when he got up there was mashed egg all over his rump and the carpet. It was pretty funny. He got his own Easter basket at home and had a wonderful time shaking it. He also thought the bunny his Great Auntie gave him was pretty cool. I think he almost like the tissue paper that came with it more at that particular moment. And of course, no Easter is complete without a picture taken with the Easter goose. That's right. The Easter goose. Other families take pictures with the Easter bunny but we like our Easter goose just fine!

On the moving front, of course we still know nothing. In 20 days Phil has to be there and we have no idea where it is. Fun uh? Anyone want to switch places? He is now in the process of getting things ready to clear. One part of that is they will take our DOD stickers from us so we will have to get a pass every time we go on post. Now that frustrates me.

Yesterday big things began to happen at our house. The weather finally is nice enough that the roofer has come! Soon our house will have all the siding fixed, at least 3 windows replaced, new roof, rebuilt front porch, a new door into the house (this will allow us to get our bed upstairs yea!), and it will be painted. No more smashed peas color with peach trim! We are really excited. I'm not so excited to write the check, but the outcome will be good.

Well, I better go for now. The little man is trying to bite my toes so I think that means he's had it with me on the computer! Either that or he wants lunch.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hunting Easter Eggs

Today Matthew went to the great American Easter tradition, the Easter Egg hunt. Matthew and I met his "Aunt" Leah on post and went with her and 4 of her kids to the Easter egg hunt. Her husband and youngest stayed home, while Phil visited with them. Matthew got to participate in the 0-2 years hunt which consisted of a guy handing out eggs and putting them on the ground. Matthew got a bright pink egg. He stared at it for awhile like "are you kidding me? A pink egg? My dad won't let me have or play with pink stuff." But he finally gave in and looked at it. Yesterday was a warm beautiful day, but today it was about 45 degrees and cloudy. Matthew got rather cold and a little cranky, but he seemed to enjoy sitting on the grass and watching the 200 kids scrambling for 40 eggs. Seriously, tons of kids and not enough eggs. Later tonight I am going to boil and color some eggs so that tomorrow we can have a little Easter egg hunt in our living room. It should be fun. We have his Easter basket all ready to go. Plus the Easter gift his Great Auntie left for him. (Mommy knows it's a bunny, shhhh.....)

Well on the home front, we still do not know where we are going. Maybe Monday we will know. The Sgt. Major is on vacation till then. We might be going to Olathe. We are crossing our fingers until we know for sure what is happening.

Friday, March 14, 2008

More exciting news!

Tuesday Matthew and I did not attend a staff meeting, but a surprise party for my birthday! And it was a surprise! We ate real good food too. Homemade cake, brownies, baked beans and sloppy joes! I'm so lucky to work with such sweet co-workers and good cooks! While we were there Matthew got contraband brownie bites (thanks Stacie!) and he did something really exciting! He stood straight up all on his own without help or by pulling up on anything! It lasted for one second, but he did it. He is doing such amazing things. (You'd think he's the first baby to do any of this stuff!)

Wednesday we celebrated my birthday quietly with my parents. We ate some very good food at the Trails Day Bakery. I can't wait to go back. And we found out it is likely the Phil will be at a recruiting station within an hour of here, so mostly likely we aren't moving. Which is good news since in a month we're supposed to be wherever and we still aren't sure.

Yesterday Matthew definitely did not feel good. Talk about a fussy, fussy baby. I think that he has alot of teeth issues going on. He has 8 teeth I can see. 2 coming in and 6 fully in. But I think from bulges further back, that more are on the way and are giving him fits. He has taken to grinding his little teeth the last couple days. I can't stand that! It's like nails on a chalkboard. Then it was warmer then I thought it would be so I think he was cooking in his outfit, which meant he was roasting by time we got home. I felt so bad. Luckily he seems to feel better today. He has been having a wonderful time playing with the brand new, unused mop I bought. I thought I'd better include that because Phil was a little grossed out thinking was letting him shake a dirty used mop. (Like I would let my son play with a used mop. I know it'd have chemicals and dirt on it! GEEEEEZZZZZZ!)

Phil has called and told us he is on his way home. He graduated this morning and is finally free to come home. Hopefully by early afternoon tomorrow he will be here. Matthew can't wait to see his daddy. He has been practicing saying dada and papa the last couple of days. We'll see if he actually says them to Phil. So far I'm the only one who has heard it. But he says mama and mom to me all the time. Especially when he gets upset. Which is some days is alot since he's moving more and tumbling and whacking himself on his toys. Sometimes I don't know what's more dangerous the floor or his toys!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy time of year

The weather is warming up and looking more and more like spring. The kids are getting wilder and more ready than ever to be out of school. Everyone's lives are getting more hectic. Ours is no different. Matthew and I got 2 nights at home and we're back on the road again. After work tonight we are going to a staff meeting and then it's off to a family friends house to spend the night. Bright and early in the morning we have the duty to get 4 children off the school because the parents will be in KC with the youngest in surgery. And of course it will be my birthday and the day after that Matthew's 9 month birthday! 9 months, I can hardly believe it. He has gotten so big. Today he was crawling along on the floor and found his pacifier. Next thing I knew, it was in his mouth. I left the room for a second and when I came back his was trying to drag his blanket off the swing. Then I went and grabbed his lunch and he was laying on the floor cuddled up with his blanket. I guess someone was tired! He managed to eat lunch, take his bath, and get dressed before he crashed in his swing.

We got good news today. Phil has finished his final exam and has successfully passed recruiting school! Yea! He did so well on the last exam the instructor didn't have to use any red ink. Now if they would just send him home...graduation is Friday. Matthew and I decided not to try and go to it after lots of thought. The only other thing we need to know now is what they are going to do with him. Maybe we'll know soon I hope.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring might be coming...

What a beautiful balmy almost spring day it was! I've noticed that tulips are coming up in our yard and the jonquils are up in my parents yard. I spent most of the weekend inside, unfortunately, but I did manage to spend some time outside to dig up some of those jonquils to bring home to plant here at our house. I can't wait to do more gardening. And see if Matthew will like to help me! He had a great time hanging out with the grandparents. Unfortunately, he had such a wonderful time he came home simply exhausted and has finally crashed and allowed himself to sleep. Thank goodness! I was beginning to think he'd do nothing but cry tonight. He worked real hard on his crawling skills all weekend and is working on trying to stand up on his own. He stands whenever possible and nothing is safe on coffee tables, low chairs if he can manage to pull himself up. Life is moving too fast. Poor Daddy is stuck at school missing some cute stuff, but it's almost over now. Graduation on Friday. Home by Saturday. Now if we could just be told if we have to move life would be peachy.