Thursday, March 26, 2009

Warm before the potential storm

Swinging, drinking juice, and admiring our skills.

For the first time ever, Matthew put his shoes on by himself. Unfortunately, they were on the wrong feet.

Monday, when the wind was blowing 50 miles an hour, it was kicking up so much dirt it looked like this.

We aren't having a heat wave, but it's decently warm out. But according to the weather experts by time Matthew and I wake up, it may have been snowing for an hour. We may have a foot of snow in total. Ick. It's MARCH! SPRING has officially SPRUNG! What is going on here?

Driving wise, Matthew and I are golden. We spent the morning getting brand new tires on the 4-Runner. We also ran up to see Great-Grandmom. She was so asleep that she didn't have a clue we were there. So we left and hung out with Grandpa instead. Then we met Grandma for for a quick lunch and went back to see if Great-Grandmom was awake. She wasn't. But it was lunch time, so we decided that we might as well be the ones to wake her. She tried to get us to go away and finally it filtered in that I had called her "Grandmom" and she put me in my place. She most indignantly told me twice, "I'm not your Grandmom." She finally got woke up enough to admit she was my Grandmom and we hung out with her for an hour. We even went to eat with her. She has a new toy in her room for Matthew to play with. He likes it so much I had to tear him away. Now we're home and he's snoozing. But not for long. In fifteen minutes, we'll need to walk out the door for work. Sometimes it's nice to have busy days.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making friends

Matthew, Missy, and I decided it was high time to get to know our neighbors tonight. Scamp would have, but he's a chicken and all, so he stayed behind and cried. So around 7:30pm we decided to put our plan in action and took to our heels. We walked straight west till we met our fence line and we were there. We started talking to our neighbors and the magic started. We were talking to the neighbor's cows. Matthew was totally excited and smiled for the next 20 mins. Missy kept going under the fence, wagging her tail, to show our goodwill. At first they were only around 20 ft. from the fence, but the little man and mostly the Yorkie, really drew them in. The closest they got was about 5 ft. away. One brave cow or I should probably say, heifer, kept trying to touch noses with Missy. The problem was that in attempting to sniff Missy, this made loud snorting noises, that worried Missy. This would lead her to start barking and they would back up again. But this particular bovine was so intent on touching noses, that after 5 attempts, the magic finally happened. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a Yorkie and an Angus touched noses for about 5 seconds. Finally I decided that the sun was down enough it was time to go home and put the boy to bed. So we said goodbye to our new friends and promised to visit again soon. After all, what are neighbors for?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Break pictures

What my son learned to do today. 1. Drag worm over to bookcase.

2. Climb onto the saddle of the worm.

3. Stretch up and grab all the wonderful paints that Mom keeps up to high for me to reach and have fun stamping books and painting the walls. (4. Hope Mom doesn't intercept you before you get some good work done.)


Beep, beep

Isabel, are you a licensed driver?

This car smells...

It's winter! Not!

I'm determined to drive this car, in the hot weather with my winter coat on!

Chillin' in the car.

Surveying our parking job.

Out of sheer boredom at Phil's he took to lining his cars and stroller up.

I've wanted to take this picture for about a year now. I've watched them tear down everything, but this barn and the silos. This farm had to go in the name of more freeways. It of course, makes me sad. Out with the old, in with the new.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wax on

I forgot to write about several interesting things of note because I was waxing on so poetic. Or not so poetic.

Wednesday we went to the Children's Hospital to have Matthew allergy tested more extensively. Or at least that's what I thought. We got there, got right in, doctor came in and it went downhill. I gave the doctor the scoop and what we came for and he said if he'd been tested already, he needed to see the results. He came back and announced that Matthew wasn't allergic to anything and no further testing was needed. That's good, but he also said that since I wasn't allergic to anything on my allergy test that probably every time I had allergy problems I really had a cold. Oh really. Very interesting. And doubtful. So all in all I'm glad I didn't drive from here because I'd have been a little steamed.

On a more exciting note, yesterday Matthew had a runny nose. I do not believe he has a cold. I believe he suffers from allergies like the rest of the family. Anyway, he must have gotten tired of it running because we suddenly heard, "No, no, no, nose. No, no, no, nose!" I turned around to see him giving his nose the pointer finger and tapping it. That lead to us asking Matthew where body parts are. We helped him on a couple, but most he knew. Today we tried again. And he knows alot. He can tell you where eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, fingers, hands, stomach/tummy, feet, and toes are. He is learning knees. I was very surprised. Just the other day I read he should be able to id at least one body part and maybe 2 or 3. I felt bad because I didn't think he could, but surprise! Of course he can, I just hadn't asked.

Spring break is winding down

Well, it's been a whole week since I wrote. I even had internet access the whole time and just didn't feel the need to post. (Or maybe nothing interesting enough to write. But that's good right? Sometimes too many interesting things happen in this family!) We had a nice week up in KC. The KC Easter bunny starts early, so we had a package dropped off. We are eagerly waiting for Easter to open it. We visited Great Grandmom on Friday and got the first flat tire on the 4-Runner. Phil had to come change it for me. He thinks I'm a flat magnet. He's never had a flat on either Toyota. I've had one on each now.

Yesterday we spent the day with my family. I dug iris tubers that weren't getting enough light under spreading trees and bushes and replanted them along my parent's walk. I also dug a clump of jonquils for my aunt to plant at her house. I also dug some lilies that spread like crazy at my parents, but don't bloom because they are to shaded. I'm eager to see what they will do here. I also brought some iries home. I had to build chicken wire cages so that the pup doesn't destroy them. We'll see what happens.

The weather is getting beautiful. Yesterday Phil got a battery charger that would charge up his motorcycle battery. We forgot to start the bike in time to keep it charged this winter. First time ever we let it go too long. I am looking forward to going for a ride this summer. I haven't gotten to go for a ride in 2 years now, due to Matthew. And overheating due to a heavy hand with a screwdriver. Should I tell the story Phil??? Hehe.

I'll post our spring break pics as soon as I put new AA batteries in the camera. I may have to go buy some.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring break

Wreath transformed for Easter festivities.

A little man who decided to decorate himself with sunglasses. Sorry about the diaper-he did this before I was able to clothe him.

Friday, our family got up early to drop the brat kitten off to have a little womanly change performed. The wonderful part of it was that the after effect is that she is still slowed down. The pets have all had a peaceful weekend for once. While we were there, we picked up a bed we're borrowing from my Grandmom. Yes! No more futon! I worked Friday, so the 2 guys hung out all afternoon together.

Saturday, we all hung out together on the 1st official day off spring break. For my birthday, Phil got me Season 2 and 3 of Everybody Loves Raymond. The family has been having a marathon ever since. In the afternoon, we all went and got family haircuts again. Last night we put the bed together and it was so nice. The futon is breaking, so it isn't capable of laying flat well. That has meant that we have to drag the mattresses onto the floor to sleep. When it's just me, I sleep on it like a couch. But unlike a couch, it slants and it doesn't work so well for me.

So far today, it's just been more marathon watching and laundry. As well as cleaning and packing. We'll all journey to KC to spend the week with Phil. Matthew has been so excited to hang out with his dad. He refused to spend the 1st 15 minutes up anywhere other than our bed, because he was hoping that his Dad would get up. (Didn't work. His dad didn't even budge when he was smacking the site of the family jewels.) I normally hear "Hi, Hi, Mommy, Mommy, HI!", but this morning I heard, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Age of Why

This is Matthew after I told him it hurt when he hit me in the head with a hanger. I'd also taken it away from him. In his defense, he didn't mean to hit me, he was just waving it around.

More hats on parade.

You have heard of the Age of Aquarius, but I'm hear to tell you about the Age of Why and What's That. I hear "why" alot now, although I don't think it is used the same as 3 year olds and older. I also hear alot of "what's that?" As we ride down the road, in the car, for a stretch all I hear is "what's that, what's that, what's that, what's that, what's that" and see in the rear view mirror a little finger gesturing wildly. I can tell the Age of Why and What's That is beginning and probably won't leave for several years.

Matthew and I went to see Great Grandmom today. He was the star of the nursing home. People stopped by just to talk to him. The nurse in charge of the snack cart gave him a package of crackers and a cup of peach juice. He snarfed them down like I never feed him. Great Grandmom was in rare form today and the 2 of them played for an hour and 1/2!

The best part of today was that Phil came home tonight and brought CAKE! I am now on a sugar high and will drift off happily. Ahhh...and it might happen to be my birthday, Bye!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coming up chickens

Well, fake chickens that is. I couldn't wait for St. Paddy's day to be over so that I could put up Easter stuff.

Monday, March 9, 2009

And 1 more for the day...

THANK YOU! For what you ask? Well, I realized today that's it's been a whole year of blogging! And without all you WONDERFUL readers, I probably wouldn't have gone this long, or took as many pictures, or documented my family's life as much as I have. Our little blog may be a source of fun or enjoyment for you, but it definitely is for me, so thank you! Keep reading and commenting!

The verdict...


too much stomach acid. I am to take Zantac 2 times a day for 2 weeks and see how it goes. Why so much stomach acid? Could be anything from a weak muscle to stress. I'm to elevate the head of my bed. That could be interesting. We'll see if it helps. After 2 weeks, I'm to only take it at night for a week and then try to not take it, but I may have to for life. Interesting. Turning 30 is obviously not going well for me.

Matthew found a new way to tell Serena, the little girl that bugs him, she's too much today. While she hopped up and down in his face and YELLED at him, he balled up his fists, held them at shoulder level and SCREAMED at her. That got the point across enough the daycare people made her move. Amen. I'll take it. (I'd believe my son could out scream a girl any day. He's ear piercing.) Over the weekend, he reminded his Grandmom, "Don't forget that." AKA: Don't leave my sippy cup behind. He was really furious with me today for not bringing his sippy cup with us to the doctor's. How was I supposed to know the actual visit would be quick, but the pharmacy would need 50 minutes to fill a Zantac script? Good grief.

I decided that it would be wise, when we arrived home today, for me to "screen in" all my sprouting tiger lilies with more old house screens. I would cry if all my lilies got dug up. So far no tulip sprouts. I'm still hoping. They've had a nice gentle rain. Maybe that will nudge them along. Rainwater is miracle water.


Sorry to go MIA on everyone. Thursday I woke up with a fiery tummy, that made me feel sick. I did manage to go to 45 mins. of work that day and go to my Grandmom's care plan. I was wiped out and in bed by 9pm. Friday I gathered us up and we went to KC with my Mom, to visit my aunt. We had fun, but it was a long tiring day for Matthew and I. Saturday I woke up with worse stomach problems then Thursday and stayed in bed half the day. Sunday I still had stomach issues. Today my tummy just feels uneasy, like the first day of school, or a little worse. I broke down and made an doctor's appointment, which will mean I miss more work. And here I thought I should get a full time job! I'd never make it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


or a homeless puppy.

Hello, my name is Scamp. I'm in need of a home badly. I'm a mixed breed and very sweet.

Ok, so I'm heck on plants and siding, but I'm one heck of a digger. Need to dig for water lines? My paws are at your service. Need to dig out buried people? Adopt me and I'll save the day.

Just call quickly as this lady I stay with is pretty angry. Dial 911 if I go missing...

Hopefully this will stop the little bugger, so the tulips have a chance to rebound from the double trauma. See that huge hole? I had to use the rest of my leftover potting soil to try and fill it almost ground level.

One happy boy spinning in his 4th pair of pants for the day and 2nd shirt. This accounts for why the top and bottom don't exactly go together.

And the spinning continues.

Sporting the accidental "gangsta" look.

Oh I just love my table!

What a day! I had been hoping Matthew would wake up in a great mood (he did) and be fever free (he wasn't). One out of two ain't bad, but it meant we had to stay home all day. It was on the bubble being 100.2, so since by 2 it'd dropped to 98.8, we should be ok to go to school tomorrow. I'm really hoping so since I hope to go to a meeting about my Grandmom's care also.

Anyway, staying home was fine, because obviously I needed to be on the scene to keep replanting the tulips that had been doing sooo well. I'm a little peeved. No, I won't get rid of the puppy or kill him, but jeez. He just has to be a digger. I am wondering if the sprays they sell, like Dog Be Gone, or whatever, work. If so, I'm investing in gallons and spraying it on ALL my plants. No, the tulips weren't that expensive or special, but I have no idea what kind they are (grocery store special) and they are mine. And I want them to stay planted. He can dig a foot deep hole somewhere else in the yard. I promise not to complain, unless Matthew or the lawn mower get lost in it. I hope that the tulips will still reroot and shoot up more sprouts, since he managed to break all of the sprouts off. GRRRR. Oh, and I noticed that he had decided to chew on our expensive siding in a couple of spots.

Matthew is working hard today on saying, "One, two," as in he'll be 2 soon. He said, "My mommy's back" after I came back in from the second tulip planting. He can now say and point out goldfish and butterflies in at least one book. He's very big into saying "puppy". But he refers to Missy as a dog. Smart boy. Or at least a good copier.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


102.3 degrees is the highest his temp got this evening before I brought out the meds. He soaked in a cornstarch bath to soothe certain areas. Now he's in bed resting and I'm trying to do some laundry since we've gone through a week's worth in 2 days. Or at least it feels like that much. It's looking like we're staying home tomorrow as well...

On a lighter note, yesterday Matthew told me he wanted up, I asked if he wanted another bite first. He responded with, "I WANT UP!" Doesn't get much clearer than that.

Not again!!!!

I'm saddened to say, that once again I will be missing work because my little boy woke up in the night with a cranky GI system and threw up. This morning he still obviously feels bad and has an 100.3 temp. I will be soooo glad to have the end of flu season come and the warm, warm sunshine back. Until then, I'll be the same?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Aches and Puppy

I'm one big bundle of aches today. More muscles on my body are sore from my stair experiment. To top it off, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a fiery earache. I tell you, no luck at all. I haven't been able to hear out of my ear well all day, felt it need to pop all day, as well as being able to hear how strong my heartbeat is through it. Sigh. At least my heartbeat is good.

Matthew and I's only real accomplishment was getting Scamp to the vet for his shots. (Puppy is between 10 and 12 weeks old (no puppy teeth lost yet) and 22lbs. Matthew is around 25lbs, so I was wrong when I said the puppy outweighed him, but he sure feels like it! And they have no idea what kind of a dog he is, except big. Maybe lab mix they finally said.) I had loaded the car, with the puppy in the back, and started it before we went out, because it was so cold. When we walked outside, Matthew charged out and started calling, "Puppy!, puppy., puppy?" He was so deflated Scamp didn't come running and appeared to be gone. I kept trying to tell him that the puppy was already in the car, but he didn't seem to believe me. When we hopped out at the vet clinic, and I lifted the tailgate, Matthew breathed, "Puppy!" He was relieved to see the puppy was in fact, ok. Everyday when we come home from school, as soon as we start turning in, Matthew starts calling, "Puppy, puppy, puppy." If we are outside, Matthew acts annoyed with Scamp, but have the puppy inside and the boy is rolling all over him. Good thing the pup will be big! I guess you could say they like each other a little. Wink, wink.

The bright spot of the day was catching my Dad at DQ, to eat lunch unexpectedly. When we pulled up to the light by DQ and Pizza Hut, Matthew had started chirping, "Eat, eat!" Matthew refused to take a nap, so he refused supper, and went straight to bed. No cute pictures today, darn it! Tomorrow will be better in that department most likely.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wrong way to travel down the stairs

"Back, back, back, rock, rock, rock" Matthew's version of Grandpa's famous tune that goes "Rock, rock, back and forth."

The 3 caps Matthew stacked. He was so proud he had to come say, "TADA!" Then we had to come admire them.

Trying to yank Grandpa's cap off the chair.

Piling the caps on our head.

The acorn hat returns...

It was an adventurous weekend for our family. Friday we had planned to spend the night at my parents, but Mom wasn't sure if she was getting sick or not. I erred on the side of caution and stayed home. Saturday we were supposed to get up super early and take off to see my one of my best friends, Audrey. At 6 am, I discovered it was snowing and decided to go back to bed, so I could see how bad it was in the light. By 8 am, I was discussing the situation with Mom (who felt fine) and almost decided not to go. Around 8:45 am, I decided it would be ok and flew around getting ready. By time we left the house, I should have already been to my friend's house. I dropped all the "kids" off with the grandparents and took off. I made it in time for lunch. (Thank goodness because I skipped breakfast in favor of speed.) We had a great time chatting, drinking our mandatory marg, and doing a little shopping. All too soon I had to leave. I made it in time to my parents for a slightly late supper. Matthew was finally feeling fit again and had a blast with them. Dad was so tickled by something Matthew did. It went like this: Matthew kept doing something he wasn't supposed to and Dad kept telling him no. After several go-rounds, Matthew went to do it again, only this time he looked at his Grandpa, shook his finger, and said, "No, no, no, no!"

We had a very peaceful evening and I put Matthew to bed around the normal time. About 10 pm I went to check on him and he was sitting up, so I brought him back down to cuddle. He chose to cuddle with his Grandma and fell back asleep. Close to 11 pm, I took him back up. The stairs creaking woke him up, so I decided it would be best to try and go back down quieter. This was a mistake. I put one foot on the edge of the step and went to take another step. Next thing I knew my little socked feet were sailing out from under me and I was going down. Then 3 mind numbing jars, as I bounced down another 3 steps, before coming to a halt. It felt like I sat there forever. This of course made much more noise than just walking down the stairs would have. In fact it sounded so bad to Matthew, he started crying. I limped down the rest of the stairs to meet both parents at the end. I managed to hurt one side of my rump, as well as the elbow on that side. I'd landed on it before, so it's super painful. On the other side of my body, I managed to catch my toe that I broke 3 1/2 years ago. It felt numb until I managed to limp back up the stairs to bed. Good grief. If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!

Today we hung out and Mom and I worked on some projects. One was an advent quilt we got 3 1/2 years ago and the other were jeans that needed mending (some for as long as maybe a year?) It was great to get my jeans mended. Matthew worked on being really cute and expanding his vocab. Here are the highlights: "I drop, uh-oh" This was repeated several times as he attempted to pick up the books he dropped. "I do teeth." Obviously he wanted to brush those teeth. Dad said, "Boo" to him and he put his finger to his mouth and said, "shhh." Dad worked with him on holding out his hands to caught a ball, but he would only hold out one and he used it to point. It was fairly ineffective. We'll keep working on it.

Hope everyone is staying warm. At least all of you not blessed with a beach nearly in the backyard! And everyone cheer, Phil scored a 98% on his first test! Yah!