Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring break is winding down

Well, it's been a whole week since I wrote. I even had internet access the whole time and just didn't feel the need to post. (Or maybe nothing interesting enough to write. But that's good right? Sometimes too many interesting things happen in this family!) We had a nice week up in KC. The KC Easter bunny starts early, so we had a package dropped off. We are eagerly waiting for Easter to open it. We visited Great Grandmom on Friday and got the first flat tire on the 4-Runner. Phil had to come change it for me. He thinks I'm a flat magnet. He's never had a flat on either Toyota. I've had one on each now.

Yesterday we spent the day with my family. I dug iris tubers that weren't getting enough light under spreading trees and bushes and replanted them along my parent's walk. I also dug a clump of jonquils for my aunt to plant at her house. I also dug some lilies that spread like crazy at my parents, but don't bloom because they are to shaded. I'm eager to see what they will do here. I also brought some iries home. I had to build chicken wire cages so that the pup doesn't destroy them. We'll see what happens.

The weather is getting beautiful. Yesterday Phil got a battery charger that would charge up his motorcycle battery. We forgot to start the bike in time to keep it charged this winter. First time ever we let it go too long. I am looking forward to going for a ride this summer. I haven't gotten to go for a ride in 2 years now, due to Matthew. And overheating due to a heavy hand with a screwdriver. Should I tell the story Phil??? Hehe.

I'll post our spring break pics as soon as I put new AA batteries in the camera. I may have to go buy some.


Auntie said...

Yay! You're back on line!!!

Mom said...

It's nice to have a quiet, relaxing spring break isn't it? I love all your work with the flowers! Thanks!