Thursday, April 30, 2009


For awhile I'd been envious of all these people that designed these beautiful, stunning, wonderful photo collages. I wanted to be able to make them too. Today I finally realized I have a program on my computer that allows me to. So here is my first attempt. It's a spring flowers from '09.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Thank you to all the wonderful friends and family that quickly zapped numbers back to me! I am starting to feel like myself again and am learning the quirks of this different phone. I had to smile because the ASP kids immediately noticed I had a new phone and had to quiz me on the hows and whys. The cell phone people tried to get my old numbers switched over, and it would have worked, but my old cell phones connector port was so stripped they couldn't. I knew it was bad. I haven't been able to charge it easily for months or a year maybe. I love my new phone charger port, so simple and unable to get messed up. Ahhhh... And I've talked alot on it and it still has an awesome charge. I could make one 10 min call on my old phone and it'd have a low battery. So I guess it's the best of all worlds. Except for the lost numbers. I have been given some excellent ideas on ways to prevent this, so I'll be working on an backup plan.

Other then the cell phone switch out, we went shopping and I left my jacket in the cart. I was sure it was going to be the second coat that someone swiped, but it was still there when we got there. I helped Phil load his motorcycle before I left for work and he left for KC again. Matthew and I did the Dance, Dance Revolution together at work. We came home and ate. After that he talked to the cattle and I weeded half of my flower beds. With all the rain they were getting a little unruly. As soon as it's less soggy at my parents, I'll be weeding there, my grandmom's, and thinning the iries on a family plot. It's a full life I tell you!

PS I can't believe people already have irises blooming! I saw them all over today, but of course not at my house. It's so disappointing I tell you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In mourning

There comes a day where a misconception you held about yourself is popped. Today was that day. Here we thought we were so good to the neighbors just to see them gathered to watch county workers working.

Come here Puppy.

Come right here, oh darn it Missy, I WANTED that PUPPY!

And we're calling them in again.

Oh yeah, I'm good.

I just wanna be friends... Scamp actually got to lick 3 cows noses last night. I don't know if it was a friendship gesture or he wanted their nose secretions.

And they got bored with us again...

Well, I finally did it this time. I dropped it one too many times and now I'll never be the same. It was with me through some good times and some bad times. I relied on it. I even cared for it. Yes, my cell phone is in very sad shape now. After 1/2 hour search I found the old phone I'd really never used and the charger. I will go and have it activated tomorrow. But it hardly has any numbers in it, so if you want me to ever be able to call you again, well you'd better send it to my email or call me yourself. I'm sad to say I only have my parents, Phil's, my own, and my bosses numbers memorized. I feel so naked now. But I will find a way to go on...

Other then my phone trauma, my day went ok. Phil has returned for the trailer so he can have a fun day of moving on Thursday. The weather was beautiful, but is supposed to start raining again tomorrow and not stop for awhile. Ick. Maybe this will be one of the beautiful times when they were wrong.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Holy cows

If you open your eyes and look in a different direction, you shall find what you seek. Fortune cookies wisdom? No, finding cows wisdom.

I literally got up to get ready for work and hello cows. And boy are they starved for over the fence chatting. If one cow sees one of us come out, boy howdy, here they come. This delights the small boy to no end. He jigged, he giggled, he mooed, he laughed like a hyena, he ran in circles, he hopped, he jumped in mud puddles...all to express his gladness to have his beloved friends home. He cried when I took him away from his friends too soon. He told them "bye cows" all the way to work. All it took to tear him away from Bailey tonight was to say, "Wanna go home and see the cows?" Cows are the cats meow. The dogs had wonderful fun barking at them. Fortunately these cows aren't jumpy and don't mind much at all. Scamp was getting so froggy, he started trying to play with them through the fence. I sincerely hope he doesn't take it up a level and go to their side of the fence. I doubt they'd take it so calmly. I'd really hate to have to get or make that call. The call of "um, your dog/my dog caused my cattle/your cattle to stampede today and they're in the next county now..." I shudder to imagine more. So for now, we'll leave it as friendly over the fence chatting has resumed with our dear neighbors. I mean they even showed Matthew how to lick the snot out of ones nose today. Why didn't I kept my camera out at all times. It could have been an tutorial. Darn.

P.S. Matthew's new fav word in addition to the popular "no" is "no way." Thanks Angela, I'm laughing all the way.

Many changes

Iris buds!!!

I want that bunch of feathers...

...air kitty...

...I didn't get it, how embarrassing, I must sharpen my skills...

Playing with our car on the slide. When I went to get my camera he was actually sitting on it.

What a wild weekend. Let me back up and start at the beginning. Friday morning we did go and dig some more tulips and grape hyacinths. While there I dug some plants that would just be mowed off anyway. We came home and Matthew napped while I planted. I finished in time to hop in the shower and go to work. Meanwhile I decided to stay home and protect my son's room from the coming rain, when my Dad told me to see if the lumber yard could come put up plywood over it till the new window came in. Yes they could, so I packed for KC. After work I ran home, got the pets and flew to my parents. I helped my mom put in the plants I got for her and dropped off the pup. I threatened him to be good. Around 8pm we were on our way again for Phil's.

Over the weekend we helped Phil pack and clean. Saturday the weather started to get bad. There was a tornado, but it wasn't close. Bailey texted me to say that Matthew would be pleased to find his cows were moved back! And we got to finally eat at Honeybaked Ham because we actually went when they were open.

Sunday the weather prevented Matthew and I from going home, but I got to have coffee with my aunt.

This morning we got up with Phil and drove a carload of stuff home. It rained on us some, but nothing too major. All along the way I saw swollen rivers and streams. Once I got to my parents I was overjoyed to see that Scamp hadn't taken out any of Mom's plants. When I came out of their house, to reload the car so I could squish the pup in, I was not overjoyed to see he'd ripped out one of her grasses. GRRR. So I had to replant it with the ground very soggy. We packed up and drove home. On the way I dropped something off at my boss's house. She mentioned that it had rained very hard Sunday night. And it must have. I came home to a full rain gauge or in other words 4". That's alot of rain, even over a weekend. But I'm sure it will be very excellent for my plants. In fact I think that encouraged some of my iries to send up buds. They hadn't been there before I swear! You know how I stalk my plants and all. I'm so excited. I've complained many times before, but I'll say it again for all you newcomers, only 1 clump has bloomed (last summer) so I can't wait to have them all bloom. (This is only the 3rd summer we've been here. And again for the newcomers, there was nothing here but grass, so the oldest stuff is 3 yrs old, at least to this lawn.) So I have no idea what colors I have, and I know I have more then just plain purple. Unfortunately the weather must have snapped one of the blooms off, so I stuck it in water, just in case it wants to ripen and bloom. Well, I must be off to get ready for work! And sadly we haven't caught a glimpse of the neighbor cattle yet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

And off the wagon again

Once again I don't have any pictures to post. But in my defense it was a very long day. It started with a bang at 6:30 in the morning. Once I woke up enough to locate the phone, I discovered it was the principal. One of the daycare ladies was sick and could I fill in? Yes, and it was a long day! Matthew and I were at the school from 8am to 6pm. Matthew actually had a better day then on the 3 hour days. He was even really pleasant at home. Maybe I should go back to work...and as soon as someone actually decides to hire me I probably will!

Well, if I'm not awoken at 6:30am again, we'll probably go in the morning to dig more bulbs up. You can never have too many! I called one of the companies that I ordered a plant from to say it's basically dead, just to have the lady tell me that it blooms in July or August. When I said I'm not worried about the bloom time, I'm worried about the fact it looks dead, she told me to fertilizer it and give it another week. So, we'll see if it has more life in a week. Anyway, after bulb digging we have to pack for a weekend with the hubby in KC. I haven't decided whether to leave the pup at home or subject Mom's tender plants to his huge paws. After all our work, I just don't want him and Simba to trample them. Oh the joys of puppyhood.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Scoop

Phil got his MRI results and announced his back was much worse than he thought it would be. He has 3 bulging discs, 1 slipped disc, 1 slightly ruptured disc, and a nerve that is pinched. That's a list. The good news it's not bad enough to need surgery, so they are sending him off to pain management and to have tests done on the nerve. Since it affects his walking they want to see what all it's doing.

Matthew also had a big day. He acted like he needed to potty, so I asked. He confirmed it and we went and sat on the potty. And went right away. When the potty announced, "You went potty," I cheered. He got up and hugged me. But of course, we've refused to go on the pot again, but it's a start. Then later we went to work. He didn't like the idea of daycare. (Maybe because yesterday was a rough day and I discovered a sippy cup issue.) So he stayed with us and helped the kids plant marigold seeds for Earth Day. Later I made him go for the last hour and 1/2. Apparently that was a bad idea. A little boy named Shawn and him have issues. Today Shawn announced, "No Matthew, I'm not sharing my toys with you." Matthew gave him the eye, slapped him, and said clear as day, "No Shawn." He was promptly put in time out, but this did not cut off the urge to say "No Shawn" for the rest of the day. As I related this story to my Mom and his Dad, he felt the need to show he could say the new word, Shawn. Refuses to say Matthew. Gotta love these terrible 2's.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

With the program again!

Heading off for parts unknown...

A picture of some of my more established plants growing...

We decided to cheese it up this morning. Obviously it was early since I had no makeup on and my glasses on.

Matthew keeps climbing our fence calling for cows. So then we have to have a conversation about how they went to live with Bailey and won't be back till autumn. Then he looks serious and nods or says "oh...yeah." Today at daycare he pushed a car up to the fence. The car has a high rounded top on it. He climbed on top of the car and was able to lean over the top of the fence. I did not personally see it, but I saw my bosses face and her reaction. He was a real stinker at daycare today. I was a bit ashamed to claim him as my son, but they assured me it was just typical terrible 2's stuff. Other then the above, we had a good day playing outside.

Phil had an MRI of his back done last week and tomorrow we will get the results of that. Here's hoping they can patch up at least one of our backs!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Again, I have no pictures

I realized tonight that not only am I slacking in the posting department, I'm slacking in the photo taking department. Normally I have several pics I can post of Matthew, but none lately. I guess it's because I have spent the last couple days planting every day and night. Yesterday I went and helped Mom move the last of her plants and plant more in their place. Today I planted the rest of mine. Of course this is just until I get my fall bulbs in. I think that till May, it will be just weeding and watering. I think that I'll dig out my seeds and plant some annuals this year by the front porch. Maybe with the break from planting I'll find the time to take pictures.

Surprisingly, Matthew hasn't done much to blog about either. What's happening in this house??? He keeps telling me and himself to sit and stay. He tells everyone he sees hello. He says thank you even in the middle of hard crying. He has been trying to help mom garden, but he pulls the flowers off the plants and throws the good soil. He tried to help me hoe, but it was kind of frightening. I don't know if I've said it before, but Matthew is becoming quite the mimic. He just says more and more stuff. At least I don't think I have to worry about his speech. I have enough to worry about between his allergies (or supposed lack of), eczema, and intestinal issues! Not to mention all the no's I hear daily.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Doing our part to make the world more green

Matthew and I have been very busy the last 2 days. Yesterday we got packed to go to my parents before work. After work we came back, picked up the dogs, and headed off. My mom and I spent almost 3 hours planting all her plants. Around 10:20pm, by a camping lantern, we finished planting her plants. About 11pm I realized that I hadn't remembered to lock up the school's library. Gulp. So off we went to make sure it was locked by someone. (Someone had.) At midnight we got back and set to work on filling out a job application. Around 1:30am Matthew woke up screaming and had to be comforted. That's when we all went to bed. About 6:30 am we all got up again. I finished filling out the job applications and got Matthew and I ready for the day. Around 9:30am we set off to drop them off, since one was due today. An hour later we were headed for home and my boss called. The house next to her is abandoned and full of daffodils, grape hyacinth, and tulips. The guy who owns it had given her permission for us to dig whatever we wanted. So I dropped a few things off at home, like the dogs, and set off for her house. We dug bulbs for probably about 2, 2 1/2 hours. I came home with 2 types of tulips, 3 types of daffodils, and a clump of grape hyacinths. I think there might be a 4th type of daffodil there, but I will have to wait for next spring to be sure. Around 1pm we made it back home again and ate lunch. By time we ate and I got cleaned up, there wasn't time to do much. We went to work and when we came home, I started to plant. Luckily Phil was able to come home tonight. He entertained Matthew so I could plant without his "help." I planted most of the bulbs, but I still have 3 ordered plants to plant and Mom says more came in at her house. I just wish the rain would keep holding off, but time is probably running out. The sad thing is I planted all these bulbs tonight and now I'm thinking I should have planted some of them in different spots. I may not have to worry about it if Scamp digs them up. Oh, I pray he doesn't. He's done really well not disturbing things lately. I got a dog be gone spray that is suppose to neutralized familiar odors, which makes them nervous, so they don't dig. I don't know if it works or not, but he hasn't really dug anything I've sprayed. I just hope luck is on my side.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The mad rush of spring planting is about to commence. Mom got a big box in with more to come and I got some in myself. If it would stop raining, so the soil could dry out some, that would be great. I went ahead and planted tonight anyway. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully well.

Matthew has been a terrible 2 handful the last couple days. He did take time off it today to give a little girl at the daycare a goodbye hug. The mom thought that it was very sweet. Already charming the mommas.

So, not much news here. Just busy with spring activities!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sugar high letdown

We are riding the waves of sugar highs tonight. I guarantee that we will all sleep like babies from the amount of sugar products consumed lately. We had a fabulous Easter and Matthew gained way too much stuff, amen. We now have 2 bunnies that jiggle and sing Easter songs to the boy. Of course he is very taken with them. Mom and Dad try to ignore them! But it's a right of passage I'm sure. I received a singing bunny from my Grandmom probably around 3rd grade. It sang the Easter Parade. I wonder where it is and if it still works...(note to self: Dig deeper in the pit called your childhood room.) I'm now wondering how to store all our wonderful spring/Easter stuff...(2nd note to self: start buying plastic tubs-running out of decent sized boxes and diaper boxes are NOT cutting it.) (3rd note to self: holiday storage room is running out of room-make plans to enlarge house.)

Phil left for home today while Matthew and I went to run the afterschool program. Matthew spotted Bailey and abandoned Mom completely. So much for the Mother-Son connection. When I went to retrieve him, he threw a complete temper tantrum because I dared to remove him from a "shake and go car" that another little boy had brought. I'm sooooo thoughtless. Sigh. I'm exhausted from all the sugar, I mean the day, so I'm off to bed!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A full day of the outdoors

I'm sleeping with you tonight Dad.

See, I'm all tucked in.

Thanks Dad!

I've heard blue lips were all the rage when Mom went to high school.

The hunt...

It was another big day in our household, but not because we made history. (We've refused to potty in the big boy potty again for the last 2 days, but I'm hopeful.) We got up as early as we could, considering that Matthew kept us up half the night, and went to the Easter egg hunt. It was fun watching him. I told him to get the eggs, so he picked up one and wanted to examine it instead of running to get another. I told him to run and he ran past the eggs. But he managed to pick up a decent amount. After that we went to sign taxes so they could be sent off and stopped at the parents. Mom and I worked on her front flower beds and managed to move 2 of her big plants that were too big to be right next to the sidewalk. 2 down, 2 to go. After we left their house, we came home and worked on some outdoor stuff here. There's always so much stuff to do isn't there?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

BIG news!

We made history in our house tonight. Today April 9th 2009 will go down as the first night that Matthew used his big boy potty! We are sort of on the road to potty training. Oh happy day!

Other then that, the day was fairly routine. The puppy went in for his "gentlemen's surgery", so we hung out with Poppa for the morning and met Grandma for lunch. Tonight we played with Matthew on our bed. We both pretended to be asleep at one point. So when we decided it was time for Matthew to brush his teeth, he flopped over and pretended to snore. Gotta love a sharp kid.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're back!

New tulips I bought.

Help! I'm trapped in your shorts! They are the boa constrictors of clothes. I'm dying, don't take my picture, SAVE ME!

By the grace of God I killed those dumb shorts.

I love decorating my arm with all my mom's scrunchies.

Matthew: I'm gonna get this puppy. I'm gonna wrestle him to the ground. Puppy: Is there someone on me?

Matthew: This puppy's tough... Puppy: Honestly, is the kid on me?

We're back, online that is. The highlights you've missed are this: Saturday Matthew was slightly traumatized by the fact that the neighbor cattle were herded down the road. We had to keep having discussions about about how the cattle went to live at Bailey's, but they would be back in the fall. Later we attended a benefit carnival and I ran into an old classmate who wanted to know why I wasn't selling my art, because I was great in high school. Gulp, guess I really should get back to it.

Monday I realized that one of our upstairs windows shattered over the weekend. It will take 2 weeks to get the replacement in. Monday night I put Missy out to potty one last time before bed. And that's where it got interesting. I heard that worst yelp in the world. I turned the porch light on and opened the door. There was Missy streaking through the yard with 2 coyotes chasing her. I did the only possible thing I could; I started screaming bloody murder. All "dogs" stopped and stared at me. That's when the yappy yorkie came out and she turned and started telling them off. I screamed at her to get in the house and screamed some more since they thought about chasing her in the house. Once she was in, I kept looking outside. One coyote was brave and stayed in the yard. I finally scared it off by flapping the curtains. Missy was fine and Matthew never flinched a muscle.

Today I finally got my computer back and Phil came home tonight. Never a dull moment here!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quick note

Nothing major is wrong with us. We spent like 4 days with my parents, then I shut my computer off and when I went to turn it back was acting funky. So back to the repair shop it went and it had just messed itself up again. No viruses, just stupid Vista and a problem PC. I'll be picking it back up next week and will be back in blogging business! Hope all is going well with all my blog readers.