Saturday, June 25, 2011

One handled soup pots

I went to an auction today. Soup anyone?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Can you dig it?

At the end of the day, he had an awesome pit dug, a wonderful dog wallow, and he'd found a discarded indian spearhead that wasn't finished because it broke wrong. Awesome day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 8

Apparently we are ahead of the game this week, because I handed the camera to Matthew this morning and told him to take photos for today's post, before I saw that's our assignment for next week. Oh well. Each of our pepper plants has a big, probably full grown, pepper on it. *photo by Matthew

This guy and I played leapfrog in the garden today, he always manages to look wet, I wonder if he's a frog.

Matthew's tomato plant has a tiny tomato. It's that little blurry round thing up by the sun.

Sunflowers that are still alive. *photo by Matthew

All my other squash and gourds were pretty much duds this year, so I planted tons of luffa gourds on the hope that 1 would come up. I wasn't prepared for over 7 plants to come up! While watering, I transplanted some so they aren't so crowded. Crossing fingers in works. If not, oh well.

Marigolds are starting to bloom.

The radishes are light hogs. I pulled one today in the vain attempted to give a pattypan light and then just transplanted it instead. Then because only one 1 looked good, I went out and planted 3 more seeds. I'm only 2 months late, why stop replanting now???

Matthew got a mermaid last Friday. It lives in various areas of his garden patches.

His tomato plant is huge and doing great! It has tons of blooms, so we'll hope for alot of tomatoes.

Some of the tomato volunteers are getting big too.

Matthew has been learning the joy of picking your very own sun warmed strawberry, at the peak of yummy-ness. He wants us to start planting other fruit bushes. I can't wait to be home and do that myself.

Nastrisums are starting to bloom.

*photo by Matthew

I think our odd radishes are just about ready to pick. Apparently they need to be small, around a french green bean size. You can eat them raw, stir fried, or pickled. I wonder if a pickled radish would be yummy...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More random photos, some back from May...

Peek a boo!

Blowing fruity bubbles.

Riding his Mamaw's childhood scooter back in May.

Multi-tasking! *photo by Matthew

The zoo brought animals, from around the world, for the kids to see, at last week's storytime. I fell in love with this silkie chicken. Look at those feet! And she was sooooooo soft.

So this past weekend was also our town's summer festival. It'd been such a week and so hot, humid, and stormy, we'd bypassed all the activities except for the flea market and the parade. At the parade, Matthew snagged some snakes from the fireworks float.

I think he is looking forward to the 4th.

Monday morning Matthew slipped outside and I caught him riding his new tricycle in his pjs and no shoes.

I forced him to at least put crocs on before he pulled his birthday wagon around. As usual, your gifts were a big hit Auntie!

We have 2 tree frogs that are loving the bugs that come to the window at night.

Finally, I think I'm caught up!

So off my schedule

I have so many photos to share, but since Dad was in the hospital, I haven't been feeling like posting. Gotta get going!

So Sunday was a very busy day at our house. It was Father's Day. It was my parents 35th wedding anniversary. My aunt came to celebrate all the above and Matthew's birthday.

I started the day by going to out to check the rain gauge. But what is all the gunk at the bottom?

Oh, it's a little tree frog soaking up the rain in the gauge! And no it wasn't stuck, just soaking. So much for getting an accurate reading!

My aunt arrived with her large puppy, Sam. Scamp and Sam became fast friends. He had a great time being a real country boy.

After my aunt left, we went to one of Matthew's best friends, Piper's, birthday party. Yes, the 19th is a popular day for birthdates and anniversaries and stuff. Happy 4th birthday!

Then that night we had a big storm in the north of the county. I panicked a little when a tornado touched down and was headed right for our house up north. But this tornado didn't cause any damage thankfully. Although there was hail up there, it was small enough to not be a problem.

For 4 nights now we've had big storms. Last night we got hail, but thankful, it was pea sized. The way this day is looking, we may have day 5 on our hands!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Updating the look

We are in the process of updating the bedroom. This wall still needs to be painted. But tonight we hung my great grandparents wedding photo with an old 48 star flag. I'm liking the direction it's going.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 7

After we wrote our kinderGARDEN post on Sunday, we walked to the mailbox and discovered that the Saturday mail had brought us our seeds! Matthew thought we should plant right away, so we did. We now have 2 varieties of zucchini up 1 bush, 1 Italian Ribbed, 2 Ronde De Nice summer squash, 1 Jack Be Little, 4 pattypan squash, and 7 luffa plants! We replanted green beans for the 4th time and have 1 of the new ones coming up.

Things aren't looking so good in the sunflower world. 4 have bit the dust this week. The one above must have been eaten by a rabbit, the funny stalk one died, and another looked like it was snapped by the wind today.

Using the new watering can. I have to ask Matthew for permission to use it has he has claimed it as his.

Matthew was really scared of Granddaddy Longlegs, until we read about them and learned they eat some very nasty bugs. Now Matthew says, "Granddaddy's to the rescue!" Go eat some nasty bugs!

Everyone is interested in the rat-tail radishes. They are an asian variety that is supposed to be better at handling the heat than the traditional radish. Supposedly they set the radish above ground. In this picture, I believe is the beginning of our rat tail radishes growing.

Matthew pulled a carrot to see if it had become a mutant carrot yet. We discovered it wasn't really much of anything yet.

Another of the many visitors to the garden this week.

We found another strawberry by the sidewalk and it was heavenly!

The wind took out some beans, sigh.

Matthew's sunflowers have really grown this week. They are 32". That's 12 1/2" growth this week.

Matthew's plot really makes me happy. It's such a full cheerful spot. He lost a petunia, so we planted some of my new marigolds in it's place.

These carrots really need thinned...