Saturday, June 30, 2012

June recap

 Game 2...

 3rd baseman this game.

 It was horribly windy, poor guy came in with dirt in his eyes.

 5th birthday cake.

 It was homemade red velvet cake.  Not a huge hit, just the homemade seven minute frosting, yum yum!

 One of his favorite gifts was a rope.  He wants to be a real cowboy.

 So he's been roping an old vacuum.  "Gotta rope this steer."

 "Ok, I'll put it over."

 "Take it down."

 "Tie them up, done!"

 Game 3...on our 5th birthday...

 2nd baseman and let me tell you, being next to a girl was not a good idea.  It was show off time.  She was equally disgusted and admiring.

 He took time out to smile on 1st base for the photo, and I didn't ask him too!  I wish I could have got the ham-i-ness on video.  Lots of his friends were on the other team so it was social hour the whole game.  He got saluted by one friend and patted on the head by another.

 We rode on his preschool's float in the parade.  It was fun!

 All the kids with the workers before the parade.

 The Monday before this he hurt himself at t-ball practice.  The day after the parade, he decided to scale the stairs wall and vault over the railing, being a superhero.  This reinjuried the injury and he had to take him to get checked out.  Pulled his hip muscle down into the leg.  He had to miss Game 4 and be very careful in what he did.  It was a long week for all.

 We wrapped up in bubblewrap.

 He decided that Mamaw had to make him a cape.

 Game 5...enter the 100 degree heat.

 Was pitcher again.  He does a great job in that position.

 This month we've had 3 barred owls take over the yard every evening.

 They've been fun to watch and listen too, but it's a little worrisome that they will want to eat Hershey.

 Game 6 was this Wed evening.  It was still 100 degrees at 6:30 pm.  We pulled out all the stops.  He wore a neck cooler and a wet wash cloth under his baseball cap.

This game he played 1st base and tried to intimidate the players and had them touch his neckcooler.  Sigh.  This is also the game where he went for a ball following the baseline and crashed into the runner.  They hit hard enough to both fly backwards and fall down.  (Matthew's hat was knocked off.)  Matthew's cheek and eye ran into the runner's helmet.  The helmet won.  Matthew's checkbone was blackened and his eyebrow swelled up and bruised.  But after having his face washed, rewetted gear and a hug he went back out for inning 2. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A walk down the years.

 What a trip!  Can't wait to see what the next 5 will be like.
Love, Mom and Dad