Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disclaimer: This is NOT for the faint of heart, proeed with caution...

I've decided that you know you are a grown up Mom when: It's Saturday night and you are walking around in a shirt that has a salsa blot on it and your toddler has shot poop up his back and it's now on the carpet. Sigh, can I please pretend I'm getting ready to go out and I'm 21 again? Anyone?

We had an awesome day hanging out with one of my best friend's, Audrey, and her little guy, Alex. He and Matthew are exactly 2 weeks apart and boy did they feed off each other. And the result was that they cracked us up! We all rode to go eat together and it was so cute to see them both wearing their Spiderman sunglasses. I got a pic on Phil's phone, but he hasn't emailed it yet. The other best part of the day was BRIGHT SUNSHINE ALL DAY!!!! Practically the first time I've seen the sun in 2 weeks! Yea!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Great MaMaw!!!

Today is my Grandmom's birthday. She was amazed to discover that she's still 92, instead of the 93 she thought she was turning. Time flies when your having fun, maybe she's had an extra lot of fun. Since Matthew and I are the only ones in the family without full time jobs, we were able to attend her birthday party. It was quite lovely. She had a good turn out of people and the cake was wonderful. I was wishing I had a piece to eat tonight! Matthew enjoyed talking to all the party goers and then having a rousing game of balloon volleyball with his "Great MaMaw." Happy Birthday Grandmom! Matthew and I are looking forward to next year's cake. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gloomy weather = remodeling

Remodeling must be in the air everywhere. One of my favorite blogs was talking about remodeling the kitchen in their new house. Unfortunately, I have the pleasure to talk about the continuing efforts to finish off our dining room. Phil has a week vacation scheduled in about a month and I'm hoping that we'll have it done then, including the floor! Cross your fingers. We have only been working on this for 16 months!

For about the last week, we've had fog that last most, if not all, of the day.

At first it was really cool, now I'm dying for some warm sunshine.

Matthew has taken advantage of the warmer weather to play outside. He runs, jumps, and of course, kicks what's left of the snow.

Our new dining room color. What do you think. I think it will be bright and cheerful.

Goodbye strange hole, hello dining room.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter weather

Since the beginning of Dec. we've had over 20", which is really remarkable. We haven't had a winter like this since probably '74. Combine all the snow with 3 weeks of below freezing weather and then a week stuck below 0, with driving winds, and you have a recipe for disaster!

Now everyone knows when it rains, it pours, and boy did it around our house! Over half our pipes had froze up by Friday morning, so we left for my parents house till the spring thaw. Saturday morning a plumber stopped by to say one of the rentals had frozen and burst pipes. That was so really expensive so I figured ours would be too. Phil had just found out his car needed as many repairs as the pipes and would cost the same. And my favorite appliance broke, the washing machine. Yikes!

So Matthew and I stayed at my parents from Friday till Wednesday morning. Tuesday the pipes got fixed at our house for 1/10th the price of the rental pipes. Tonight Phil comes home and the repairman for the washer will come tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a simple fix too.

I took all of these pictures Monday. It started warming up Monday, but it was still below freezing. We also had heavy fog that stayed till 2 in the afternoon. So the fog coated the trees and bushes like heavy frost. It was really quite beautiful.

Anyone feel hearty enough to come spend the winter with us??? Any of you CA relatives? (I know you complain about it being cold at 50's. Think you can make it through -17 degrees?)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another snow storm, below 0 temps, unforseen events, cabin fever, and still beauty

I thought he looked so cute, I made him sit down and let me take him photo.

We got hit by another arctic front yesterday, wind chills 20 to 30 below 0, temp below 0 over night. We had to drive 20 mph home yesterday in whiteout conditions. Drifting had already started across the road and our driveway again, but we made it in 20 mins. (Normal drive home 5 mins.) We got up this morning and the hot water pipe in the kitchen had froze up and the cold nearly. Yikes. Then when washing laundry, the washing machine broke down. After doing the dishes in the dish pan in the bathtub, I noticed that the drain pipe in the kitchen sink must be froze up too because the water won't drain. Isn't it always something???

Meanwhile to help keep cabin fever at bay, we blew alot of bubbles and played with all the toys we own. Not to mention jumping down our slide and on the couch when Mom isn't in the room.

And just when I thought the day had been rather a wreck, I looked out the window. I saw a rainbow, no way! Notice all the blowing drifting snow.

It came down on either side of the sun. Scratch that, Mom told me they made the news and they are actually double sundogs. People thought they were rainbows because they were unusually large.

It was so unexpected and beautiful.

I'm hoping it's the promise of a better day tomorrow. Tomorrow will be our second day of very low temps and nasty wind chill values and no school. Pray that cabin fever doesn't get the best of us! (Oh and that maybe spring can come on time and not in May! We need to see a little grass so we can run!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's and 4th Christmas

At the stroke of midnight I got a kiss and the lighting of the fireworks began! Matthew had a late nap and was able to make it to midnight with us. Scamp was still doing his best to attack the fireworks.

The only shot I managed to get of the chilly 3 minute firework display. I also tried to take pictures of the blue moon, but my camera is just not fancy enough for that. All I could get was a pinpoint in the sky.

Our first family photo of the new year. Having to smile was just too much for Matthew, so he cried instead. After this we all went to bed.

January 1st we had our final Christmas celebration. Matthew got this awesome new shirt that has his tractor on it.

Matthew got to "nap" with his Auntie.

We went and celebrated with Great Grandmom.

She's going to be 92 this month. What a grand old lady!