Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's and 4th Christmas

At the stroke of midnight I got a kiss and the lighting of the fireworks began! Matthew had a late nap and was able to make it to midnight with us. Scamp was still doing his best to attack the fireworks.

The only shot I managed to get of the chilly 3 minute firework display. I also tried to take pictures of the blue moon, but my camera is just not fancy enough for that. All I could get was a pinpoint in the sky.

Our first family photo of the new year. Having to smile was just too much for Matthew, so he cried instead. After this we all went to bed.

January 1st we had our final Christmas celebration. Matthew got this awesome new shirt that has his tractor on it.

Matthew got to "nap" with his Auntie.

We went and celebrated with Great Grandmom.

She's going to be 92 this month. What a grand old lady!


Auntie said...

FOUR Christmas celebrations! Do you think Matthew expects a 5th? As always, thanks for the glimpse into your lives. (It is fun to see myself in the glimpse, too!)
What a cute "bunny tail" on Matthew in the first shot.

Mom said...

I love your New Year's celebration photos and our Christmas photos! Thanks!!!