Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year!

All * comments are ones I put in later as I realized I had skipped some important events!

I was reading someone else's blog and they had written the most important events in their family's year month by month. I thought that was an excellent way to ring out 2008. Our's goes like this:
January: Phil goes through a fence ($6,000+ damage to car), Phil goes to recruiting school, Matthew and I learn to live without him, we get internet!
February: Continuing to live in different time zones
March: Matthew learns to crawl!, I have my birthday, Phil graduates from school, begin the blog *duh our roof work started! most exciting project of '08
April: 1st half of the month wondering where we are moving, 2nd half trying to find a house or apartment *roofing continues with 2 windows replaced in the attic, painting going on, siding fixed, new windows downstairs
May: Matthew walks!, Phil goes to KC without us, Matthew and I finish the school year and pack up the rest of the house *postpone porch project till bay windows can be raised, decide to paint lower half of the house ourselves
June: Adjusting to the big city and no internet, Matthew turns 1!
July: Happy 4th!, swimming lessons start for Matthew
August: moving home, school starts, readjusting to living apart
September: tear out paneling and carpet in dining room, Phil's birthday
October: pack rat problems equals car problems, wallpaper stripped in dining room * almost all of lower half of the house primed
November: buy a new front door (finally!)
December: trying to get ready for Christmas, *bringing the door home in gale force winds, Christmas!

I'd say that's us in a nutshell. Pretty boring. Pretty average. We are currently wrapping up stuff here and in about an hour will head back to the big city for a couple days. Since Matthew and I are on vacation, we are going back with Phil. He has to work Monday-Wednesday. Since we'll be up there this is the last blog of 2008. See you all back in 2009! Here's hoping for bigger and better things in '09.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family hair cuts

That born to be wild or bad look.

Pre hair cut... hair cut.

Since we all needed hair cuts, we loaded up in the car and went to see Miss Sue. I can't get ahold of my regular hairdresser (I think she is trying to quit) so it was the first time in years that someone else cut my hair. Since '91 only 1 other person has cut my hair and that was because I was in Phoenix. I think Miss Sue did a good job. You can't tell how much different it is in the pictures. I now have sideways bangs and drastic layers. Alot of my hair was on the floor. I think I'm going to like the look alot, at least when I can get rid of my stupid glasses! I never feel like I look that great in them. Matthew did a great job of holding still. He was so good he got 2 suckers. A little bribery never hurts.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas has come and gone

The park has finally come inside my house and I love it!

Ok, if you insist I tear the paper...

Ok, I've got some more to carefully peal...
Ahhh, it's an inch worm. Now if they'd included an couple extra leg inches...

My boys goofing off Christmas Eve. They were biting their thumbs and laughing...spiked egg nog? No, I'm the only one who will drink it...

I hope that you all had a great Christmas. We sure did. I think Matthew got more then he really needed. Above are a couple of the awesome stuff he got. One of the best that isn't shown is a wooden rocking horse his Great Auntie fixed up for him. He adores it. Of course he likes his picnic table and a hippo, and the list goes on. Phil and I also racked up some pretty cool stuff. But I think the best Christmas present is the fact that we are all together. And will continue to be until Jan 4th.

Another treat was today's weather. After about 2 weeks of living in the single digits or teens, we had a high of 69 degrees. Ah, paradise. It felt like a warm spring day, but of course it will back in the 30's tomorrow. Rats.

Today we picked my parents up at the mechanics while their car was being fixed. The thought was we'd have to take them home, but luckily after hanging out a couple hours shopping and eating, the car was ready to go. Instead of getting the traditional Christmas stuff, we picked up buttons and paper. We're rebels like that.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Down to the wire

We're down to the wire people. It's Christmas Eve after all. I can officially say that I have completed all of my projects. Yes, even the simple, yet surprisingly difficult one is completed. Yes! Now all I have to do is cook a million Christmas cookies and wait for Phil to come home with supplies for more stuff. I'm tired!

Yesterday Matthew and I went to fill in at the daycare. It went pretty well, but by the end of the day he was ready to go home. We took a jar full of Christmas cookies with us for Bailey's family and within the first hour he'd already conned her into sharing one with him. Is he spoiled or what?

Today, around nap time, Matthew came running in with his blanket. I caught it and covered up with it. He climbed up on me to take it back and never got off. For at least an hour we laid on the couch while he slept. I tried to doze off, but it just didn't work for me. It was one of those things that is just so sweet and so precious that you don't care if you can't move. He can be soooo infuriating and soooo sweet all at the same time. I feel like I'm trying to hold sand in my fingers with him. Life just goes so quick. I'll be writing about high school graduation before I know it. I just hope that the 3 of us are always as close as my parents and I are. It's such a good feeling.

I'd better get back to the grind stone. I'm sure my husband would appreciate a clean house and a wife who'd showered! If I don't post again till Friday, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Are the holidays over?

It's been busy, busy, busy since I wrote last. Saturday, bright and early, Matthew and I got up and were ready for the guy to arrive. I was afraid he would say he couldn't help us. And I was right. We have to fix a wall and dig and you can't do any of that till spring and it will involve thousands, dreams of a complete dining room are going up in smoke.

Right after that Mom arrived and the 3 of us went shopping. It ended up taking all day. I hoped to be home by 1 and got back around 4:30. The good news is that after visiting 2 places I found a pair of glasses I sort of like. They aren't great, but they will do I guess. I'm hoping it was just the color I don't really like. Apparently my face was not constructed for the modern fashions, so if they bomb, that's it. I'm stuck with my broken down pair. The bad news was the hefty price tag that came with them. Merry Christmas, we're officially broke! So, since I didn't want to try to drive at night I packed and went to my parents to spend the night. It was productive as I had my mom help me sew a present.

Sunday Matthew and I, once again, got up very early and left for Phil's. We arrived and went shopping, again. At least it didn't take as long. After that we ate and went home and veggied as a family. It was so nice. I really miss being a full-time family and I think the other 2 fully agree with me. But time passes quick and so will this.

Today, since we've gotten in a pattern of early mornings, we got up early. Phil was dismayed and stayed in bed. Matthew and I got up, ate, played, and cleaned. Phil got to eat lunch with us and then it was back in the car and on the road again. On the way out we ran to Walmart again. And I'm sure I'll have to go there at least 1 more time. We ran to town and payed the electric bill and stopped back at my parents to pick up cookie cutters and ended up bringing home much more. It's sort of fun shopping for cute stuff at Mom's, but if I'm not careful I'll end up with way too much.

Matthew is learning what animals make what sounds. He now knows what a cow, cat, dog, and Santa says. He greeted Pandora tonight by meowing at her. He has so much cabin fever energy, I can't wait for Christmas to get here so he can go to town with his presents and release a little of it. I'm sure he's done many cute things, but I can't think of any of them right now. Maybe because it is just too cold out. I'm not used to single digits or negative numbers. I'm sincerely hoping that my pipes aren't freezing in the kitchen. The water is not exactly wanting to run like normal in there. It's always something around here.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Frantic, well sortof

I don't know why I put off Christmas presents until the very end, but I do it every year. This year I'm making some and the most simple straight-forward one is making me want to rip my hair out. I'd love to turn my back on it and say oh well, but I've put some money in it and I'm not going to give up. At least I hope that's how it'll go.

Matthew is also making me want to rip my hair out. He is starting in on the terrible 2's for sure. If he doesn't get his way, he's trying to hit you. Hard. Out to make you pay. If he doesn't get his way he is throwing himself on the floor to cry. He's screaming. Argh. It makes for some long days. If I can just get him to quit beating up on the girls in daycare and hitting when things don't go his way, I think it'll be good. I hope he's not acting out because we don't live with Dad.

Well, I'd better go. I'm tired and someone is finally coming to view the bay windows to see if raising them is possible. I told Phil I'm ready to tear them down and just make a straight wall there, no window. He thinks that would be more trouble and more costly. He's probably right, darn it. Anyway, the man is coming at 8:30 so I had better be prepared.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I actually finished a project!!!

The Christmas ragmuffin garland in all it's glory. This last picture shows a tag that thanks Victoria Secret for it's contribution to the garland.

The forlorn bike.

Our Adirondack chairs looking season appropriate.

Matthew in his hat and absolutely cute sweater.

It's done, it's done! I finished my ragmuffin Christmas garland. I'm so excited. This is the first time, in a long time, I've done anything remotely crafty and actually finished it. I probably should be painting or drawing, but this felt good. And it dressed up our arch, which looks pretty shabby in mid renovation stages.

Matthew thought all day long that he wanted to go outside and play. I wouldn't let him because I was afraid it was too cold. I mean is 12 degree weather something a 18 month, that doesn't like to leave his gloves on, should be playing in? When we left for school he fell down because he couldn't see where the step really ended with all the fluffy snow. When I got him back up he was covered with snow and very unhappy about it. Poor guy. Of course he didn't have his gloves on, but he did have his hat on.

Yesterday the appt went well. The doctor decided to send Matthew to an allergist. We'll learn more about that later. He has left the 90th percentile in height for good I think and is now stuck at normal or 50%. He is 33 1/4" now and 23 lbs. Almost 3 feet tall.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I don't understand how a day can go downhill so fast? I mean here I was minding my own business cheerfully getting some stuff I wanted to get done, done.this is my ragmuffin Christmas garland, doesn't look like much yet

the beginnings of some Christmas presents...

I took a shower and my world fell apart. I took my glasses off and put them on the counter. I was greet upon my exit from the shower by a small boy, who had lovingly gotten my glasses and bent one ear piece 180 degrees the wrong way. Yes, it was now over the lens ready to attach to my ear from the other side. Great. I finally bent it back somewhat into shape, but the glasses sit crooked and don't feel good. I was planning on getting new ones but geeeez, I don't have them yet!! So I decided it was high time to call post and see why they hadn't called me to schedule an appt. Well, they couldn't get me in till Jan. 20th. Over a month away. So me being a little peeved because wearing my glasses gives me headaches, I wanted to know how serious a clogged tear duct could be because I'm jonesing for my contacts. I need a fix bad people. The receptionist very snottily announced, "Madam I READ your diagnosis. All you have is dry eye and itchiness." Well, she really told me. I thought my eye got bloodshot and hurt, but call me crazy, I guess she really knows my eye best. Call me crazy, but I can whip tears up out of that eye at a moments notice, so who has dry eye now B&*#!, mean, well, it's not printable what else I think. I will tell you I told 3 people last Wed, that there was NO ITCHINESS, so if one more person says, "So your eye is itchy..." it very well may be the last words they ever say. So, about 18 hours later, I'm resigned to almost 2 months of glasses. I will look like this till my contacts come back though.

Anyway, Matthew was also really fussy, but who wants to hear pages about that and how naughty the kids were at school. If you really want the whole story email me! So moving on, today it looks like this.

Very snowy. (Last time I posted a picture it happened to show the mailbox. Phil wanted to know why I posted a picture of it. This is to show snow, not my fish lantern! Just teasing you honey.) As I was sitting here typing my glasses woes, my neighbor, god bless him, came down our driveway in his tractor, hauling his grain cart, and scrapped my drive way. It is just about the sweetest thing that has ever been done for me and I needed it! I leaned out the back door and waved real big. I see a huge plate of Christmas cookies in his future. His family is just about the best neighbors you could ask for. God bless 'em.

Well, wish Matthew and I luck. We have to make the 30 min. trek to the doctor for his 18 mon check in this junk. Freezing rain predicted about the time we have to leave. I'm delighted! We've leaving an extra 30 min early just to be safe.

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's too cold

My boys goofing off.

Note the identical solemn expressions.

Pictures of a huge flock of birds that kept landing on our lawn and flying away just to come back. They drove Missy nuts!

It's like 2 degrees out. Way too cold for me! It's only getting up to maybe 10 degrees. Ick. And not a flake of snow to show for it. And it will be in the single digits all week. I'm moving back to Arizona right now.

As usual, just because I didn't post, doesn't mean that nothing happened. Thursday I went to my parent's unexpectedly to go swimming after work. Matthew just becomes more of a water bug every time. Friday we cleaned, went to work, came home and packed and took off for my parents again. We spent the night and did a couple things there. The next morning we took off for Phil's and got there in time for shopping and lunch. We spent the whole afternoon running errands. I was pooped by the end of it all. But I did get some stuff that I need in order to make what I think will be some great Christmas gifts. Crossing fingers. Sunday we just hung out and pretended I didn't have to leave at 3 to beat bad weather home. Yesterday the temp plunged from 50's to single digits in hours. When I left at 3pm it was around 23 degrees, but time I got home it was 7 degrees and it's about 2 degrees now. Ick.

Matthew, as always, does his best to make our day and scare us to death. While shopping at Micheals on Sat., he and his dad were messing around. Matthew was in the cart. Phil did something and it caused Matthew to do a backflip out of the cart and hurtle towards the hard floor head first. A second away from impact Phil caught Matthew and he was fine, but it scared Matthew so bad he cried hysterically. My heart was racing, I'm glad I just heard it. I may have fainted if I saw it. Thursday we saw all these crazy birds landing and taking off from our yard. I pointed them out and asked what he thought of all those crazy birds. His reply was, "Oh my." That's my boy. One of my favorite phrases. Useful in many situations. Later when his Grandma was trying to fix his supper, he got impatient. What did he say? He threw his hands up and said, "HURRRRY UP!" I swear he did. I laughed so hard. Friday he started saying, "What's this?" and is working hard on repeating words. I swear time is just going way to fast. He just learns so much. It's impossible to record all the cute stuff he does, but I try.

Everyone likes to see their name in print, so this is for my very dear friend Christa, who I just found out today is pregnant! I'm so excited. He will come in March between my birthday and her's. I will be roadtripping in the spring...! I'm so happy for her and Matt (when I named Matthew I ignored the fact that 2 of my dearest friends married Matt's!) and of course her wonderful parents! Matt's mom is pretty special too and I'm sure she is also pleased beyond belief!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our fake Christmas tree

The tv corner is looking festive.

My fake tree. The picture really doesn't show off how cute it is.

How it looked this morning.

How it looked yesterday with the snow blowing hard.

Matthew watching all the moving singing snowmen we have. He loves them!

After about 3 hours of work I finally had our Christmas tree decorated. I decided to make a fabric tree since I'm sure Matthew would tear apart a real fake tree. I think it turned out kind of cool. I think if we keep it, I'll sew all the parts on. And add something to make it stiffer. Starch just didn't cut it.

Matthew and I had a super busy day running errands and going to the doctor's. After about 2 weeks of messing with my eye I decided that it probably wasn't pink eye after all. And I wasn't sure it was allergies either. The doctor told me it was a bacterial infection (go figure, that's all the army doc's say), but then he actually looked closely at my eye (instead of glancing at it) and announced maybe I was right and it wasn't an infection. Duh, I knew that much. He thought maybe it is a clogged tear duct and is sending me to the eye doctor. Until then I can't wear my contacts. Of course. I don't really like wearing my glasses, but I guess I'll live. I just wish I'd gotten new ones like I was suppose to last spring!

Yesterday it was the first snowfall of the season. (I don't count flakes in the air.) It is mostly gone today. A year ago today, well a year ago from last night around 9pm, was the worst ice storm since I was a toddler. It knocked the hectic out of our trees. From 10 pm on we heard nothing except loud pops and thuds as tree limbs fell. It rained all night. I still find sticks driven straight into the ground from the storm. Anyway, a year ago around 9am this morning was the first minute of what proved to be 7 days of no power of any kind. We did have heat and running water. The water was just ice cold. We made out better then many people. I just hope we don't have anything like that again soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And the beat goes on

Seriously, stop the Christmas music!!! I got out the animated, musical decorations for Christmas. At first Matthew was scared of them, but now, 2 days later, he is constantly wanting one of them to be going off and all times. He LOVES them. 2 of them are from Hallmark. 2 of the 4 years that we've been married I've gotten one. For the last 2 Christmas's I've been trying to decide whether to collect them or not. I decided last year that they just take up space and decided not to get one. I wasn't going to get this year's either, but Matthew LOVES them so much why not? At least I'd have a little more variety during the day. And when he moves out he can take them with him! It'd be sort of like giving them an ornament every year.

Today Matthew learned a new trick at daycare. They have a little tricycle type thing. Yesterday Matthew was pushing Amanda on it. As long as she was paying attention, he just pushed her around. But the moment she was distracted, bam! he tipped the whole thing over (she would fly off), he'd put it upright, hop on and take off. Bailey just chuckled and said he was one smart little boy. Speaking of Bailey, yesterday we were on the way to make copies when we ran into her. Matthew was so happy to see her he tried to vault out of my arms to get to her. I was left in the dust. Anyway, his Grandma was amused, but slightly disturbed like me. Grandpa just chuckled proudly and announced "he was all boy." Yes he is. Maybe he likes her. I was punched in the eye by a little boy in kindergarten. The same little boy poured sand in my hair in 2nd grade. Since he would always run next door to play with me while I was at the beauty shop, I assume he liked me. Boys.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another pleasant weekend down the tubes

I love taking pictures of the sky. I thought this one turned out pretty good.

The whole family went out to talk to the cattle today. They actually all huddled in to stare at Matthew. I guess they've never seen a mini person before. The other day they watched us getting in the car and rushed to the fence to moo. I guess they were hungry...

I thought I'd fit Mom...he went in, then got scared and started to cry. He finally realized that he wasn't stuck and backed back out. Kids...

I wish weekends lasted 5 days and the work week lasted 2 days! Especially since Phil is there and we are here. Yesterday (while waiting for Phil to get home) we worked on Christmas decorations, went to see some good friends kids b-day parties, grocery shopped and ate supper with Dad. Today we lounged around the house and ate some good food. We debated putting up outside Christmas lights, but we didn't. Again, it's Phil's thing and he won't be here to enjoy them so why should I make him do it? So, now it's getting late and soon it will be bedtime. Then it will be 5:30 am and Phil will take off again. Well, I'm sure that the next 5 days will go fast.

PS: I thought you guys wanted to be able to post comments and so far only 2 of you have! Well, I guess I did tell you to keep them nice so I should probably zip it up.

PPS: For those of you that are feeling a little short of cash this holiday season November 10th's post on Just a Girl has some awesome gift ideas. Mrs. Goldfish also has good ideas. I am following both blogs. I have the links listed. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


The Christmas spirit finally moved me enough to go pull out all our Christmas stuff and start finding places for it this morning.
Matthew and I decorated the bedroom with lights. He had a great time crawling on and off my chair.

This mornings sunrise. Matthew had me up while it was still pitch black out.

Talking to Grandma and Grandpa. When he saw me taking the picture he growled in his Grandpa's ear.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Photo shoot

Let me out of jail!!!
Trying to take a picture of him in his cute outfit. I guess you can kind of see it...

And now more photos we took of ourselves since I'm always behind the camera. (And if I'm not Phil takes awful pictures of me cleaning or something.)

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

And it's beginning...

Training to be a human bridge...

The strain is too much!

Do you think that Pandora is cold? I came across her the other day all buried in the blanket. She'd never make it outside in the winter!

I heard Matthew practicing it tonight in the kitchen. It's the top favorite word for toddlers. No. I have heard him telling Missy and Pandora "no!", but now I think he is practicing it for his own use. Hopefully it won't be the only word he uses for awhile.

Today was better at daycare. When we walked in to work today, he clung to me and started crying when I put him down to take my coat off. He quit crying once he realized that I was staying. Poor guy. But he has to learn to be a little more flexible around different adults. Hopefully tomorrow will go even better.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

100th post

Today was an abnormal day for us. Matthew and I got up early to be at the school by 8am, so we could fill in at the daycare for 2 hours. We had a good time. As we were leaving, 3 kids decided that they needed lots for hugs and kisses from Matthew. He was so tired when we got home that he took a 3 hour nap! He hasn't done that in months. It was really nice. Gave me a good chunk of time to get stuff done. I used it wisely. This afternoon we went back at the normal time for work. This time Matthew did not have a good time at daycare. Bailey is gone to Vegas, so he was there with people he didn't really know. By time I picked him up, he was standing in the middle of the floor bawling his eyes out. Talk about pulling at a mother's heart strings. But I knew this would happen, so I was prepared. (I just hoped I would be wrong!) After dinner and a bath he finally felt good enough again to play and be cheerful.

Yesterday Matthew started saying "bye." Now he says it when he's walking away from me or going into a different room. He normally waves at the same time. Sometimes today I'd just hear him practicing it. He's also working on saying "water." We also went swimming with his Grandmom yesterday. He did a really good job. He did alot of kicking and practiced paddling with his arms. He also floated on his back (with help!) for the 1st time. Normally he freaks out if you try to turn him on his back.

Can you believe this is the 100th post? I am sort of surprised I've posted that much already. I guess it goes as quick as the months do. I can't believe it's almost Christmas. A mere 22 days away. I am just not feeling very Christmas-y yet. I am trying to work myself up to bring down Christmas decorations, but quite frankly, with Phil there and us here I don't really feel like putting stuff up. But I know I need to for Matthew if no one else. Maybe if he takes another 3 hour nap tomorrow I'll get to it!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Some of you have expressed unhappiness about not being able to post comments. I changed the setting today (finally realized I add a setting for it today) so now anyone should be able to post comments. Keep them nice you all! :)

It's been a pretty typical Monday. Matthew is now in the "toddler" slot for daycare purposes, so for the first time all year, the minute we walked in the door he was able to go to daycare. No more waiting and wondering when. He was pretty pleased about it and so was I.

Phil left early this morning to go back to work. I would have been very sad, but at 5:30 in the morning all I can think of is when I can slip back into my warm comfortable bed... The pets are sleeping. Making up for lost sleep while Isabelle was here bothering them. Pan is probably crushed that there is no more kitten chow available for her to eat. She is getting so fat from stealing it. I don't know if I said it before or not, but I left one weekend and came back to the kitten chow sack knocked over, drug to a new locale and a huge hole in the side for easy access. I decided to put it up on the island so she couldn't get to it, but surprise! she will jump for it. After that the only safe place was on top of my hutch. The sad part is when she was a kitten, and could eat as much of it as she wanted, she refused to eat anything but puppy chow! So since she kept eating Isabel's food this weekend, I put Isabelle up to eat her food. Isabelle loved it. And it created a monster. She is now jumping up on counters and other stuff... I can't win.