Saturday, March 31, 2012

Further proof the season is off

My early blooming iris is blooming in MARCH with my grape hyacinths, tulips, and late blooming daffodils. CRAZY! Plus all the iris up there already have bloom stalks up.

It was nice to catch so many of my flowers blooming. The first 2 I've never been able to live at my house to see bloom.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Something made my Dad go over to the trail to look for my camera yesterday. As he was surveying the embankment, thinking he couldn't make it to the top, a man he knows drove down the trail. He stopped picked something up and called down to my Dad, "I just found a camera!" What a God moment. 2 people in the right place to find and retrieve my camera. Because it was found, I can share with you what to do when hiking, it's 84 degrees in March, and you're hot.

You strip to you skivies and shoes, plunge into a clear puddle on the side of the trail, and make water angels. To be clear, my Dad now thinks we are nuts and I think I agree.

I also think the weather is nuts. Our lilacs are March. Little early I'd say.

Mom went after my Dad to look for the camera, so thank you to both of my parents. And thank you to all the supportive comments.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Yesterday, right at the beginning of a hike on a new section of trail, the unthinkable happened. As I was climbing up a steep embankment, the camera apparently got squeezed out of my pocket and has totally disappeared. Gone are the photos of spring flowers, gone are the photos we took on the 10th at Auntie's (last day I wasn't sick), gone are photos of Matthew "swimming" in a puddle, gone are probably alot of others too. We are going to go back and look more, but I feel naked. No camera. How will I live?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rollercoaster ride

And for once I don't mean my life! I am talking about the weather. Last Tuesday we had huge storms roll through that produced a tornado after it got by us. But the high winds did damage, again, our big machine shed. Pushed a side in and damaged 3 doors.

The next day it was 70 degrees. Friday morning we woke up to it snowing up a storm. Colder temps and high winds the next couple days. Tuesday it was 68 degrees and I wore capris, which is big for me. (I'm always cold.) Our first daffodils also opened that day!

Then a warm and cold front collided over us Wednesday afternoon. Last night I woke up to 1/2" hail, rain, thunder, and lots of wind. Then in the really wee hours, it changed to sleet and snow.

So this morning the poor little daffodils were a bit battered and sitting in snow. Awwww, gotta love spring weather!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Animals or their parts

Our old dog, that we thought we were going to lose, Simba, has really recovered! He hasn't been able to journey the trail for about a year, but is now well enough to do so. In getting there he got the muddiest feet! (The vet said his teeth were bad, but the reason he was so skinny was very old age. Well, we decided to do dental surgery anyway and lo and behold, he had all but 6 teeth pulled and had a raging infection. The "if you want to" surgery was actually a "necessary for life" surgery. He has packed back on the weight, has pep in his step, and is back to being the master of his domain.)

Probably a coyote skeleton right in the middle of the trail.

Turkey track. We'd never seen one before.

Owl on a sign coming home one night. He didn't like my flash and flew off after I got this shot.

Unusual track on the trail. I'm sure the animal is very common.

I thought I found egg halves until we looked closer. A tiny animal skull and pelvis. It was so fringy and delicate.

Interesting texture on the inside.

Geese have been feasting on fields, in large numbers, for about 3 weeks.

A herd of turkeys apparently wanders our trail too!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

It started with an invitation to read.

And Matthew and I accepted the challenge. The lady on the left is the other second grade teacher. Matthew loves her. I'm not surprised, she was my second grade teacher and I loved her too. (In fact I still do.) She sponsors the event. The other lady is our principal. I'm VERY sad to say both are retiring this year.

He may have lost sleep, but he loved every minute of it. Getting ready for it and some cupcakes got my creative juices flowing, so since the next day was Matthew's snack day AND Dr. Seuss's birthday, I decided I HAD to make a Seuss themed snack, especially since that was this weeks theme at preschool too.

Voila! Cat in the Hat hats! I did not use a tutorial, nor have I seen these on the net (probably because I've never looked), but I'm sure someone has come up with them before me. Or something similar. But this was a fly by the seat of my pants snack that I made up at the absolute last minute, in the grocery store. The frosting would have piped better if I'd had my real piping set and not a sandwich bag I'd cut the tip of a corner off of, but hey, they were good enough.

And yummy. At least that's what he says his friends told him to tell me.