Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Animals or their parts

Our old dog, that we thought we were going to lose, Simba, has really recovered! He hasn't been able to journey the trail for about a year, but is now well enough to do so. In getting there he got the muddiest feet! (The vet said his teeth were bad, but the reason he was so skinny was very old age. Well, we decided to do dental surgery anyway and lo and behold, he had all but 6 teeth pulled and had a raging infection. The "if you want to" surgery was actually a "necessary for life" surgery. He has packed back on the weight, has pep in his step, and is back to being the master of his domain.)

Probably a coyote skeleton right in the middle of the trail.

Turkey track. We'd never seen one before.

Owl on a sign coming home one night. He didn't like my flash and flew off after I got this shot.

Unusual track on the trail. I'm sure the animal is very common.

I thought I found egg halves until we looked closer. A tiny animal skull and pelvis. It was so fringy and delicate.

Interesting texture on the inside.

Geese have been feasting on fields, in large numbers, for about 3 weeks.

A herd of turkeys apparently wanders our trail too!


Kirsten said...

fascinating stuff!!

so glad you get to enjoy your furry trail companion a while longer. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Simba is doing better and back to his usual "tricks"; I believe the unusual track is a raccoon track! :)


Auntie said...

What a lucky fellow Simba is to have people who are willing to put money into a tired skinny fellow such as he!
Very cool critter shots, too. Did you figure out what the tiny one on the glove is?

Anonymous said...

Might it be "a gobble of turkeys?"

The author said...

Thanks Kirsten! He's such a good dog.

Angela, I think you are right, which means I have a different track to pin down. Just don't have time to research right now!

Auntie, I think he is too. We haven't yet.

Anonymous, probably!

Brittany Alyse said...

Very cool pictures!
Love the owl.
I second the guess at raccoon tracks.

Shayne said...

What great finds from your hiking! It's always cool to find skulls and other bones, and see up close what they look like.

Jess said...

Love this! Slowing down enough to notice all the little details, to wonder how things got where they are, seeing the shapes and the colors and light... *sigh*