Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The storm and the aftermath

Phil: Man it looks like it's going to storm.
Me: Really? It's sunny here. Nah, it probably won't storm.

40 minutes later...

Yikes, a Big storm in moving in...

The storm rolling in, fast.

10 minutes later...

Phil: Well, I did 2 or 3 360's in front of 2 18 wheelers and hydroplaned into the grassy median. I'm fine, the car is fine, and there wasn't a wreck. I'm out of the median and back on my way...
Me: Gulp.

Here comes more rain and stronger wind.

And here is what antique tongue and groove posts look like with slats missing.

Inside of pillar posts.

All and all, a fun filled evening!

Ok, I can take a hint

The boy needs a pool.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures of the last several days

Sunglasses on in hopes of good weather for the street festival Sat.

Ready to watch the parade.

Matthew and Mom collecting candy in the rain.

Collecting all Scamp's new stuff for himself.

Hell hath froze over, red and green in the same field together.

Baby barn swallows.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another big day

I happened to be lucky enough to have worked with a lady who not only shares flowers and plants with me generously, but also raises alpacas. Today we made the 50 min. drive to her house to visit them. Matthew loved them and this little guy, Hos?, allowed us to touch him. What an experience!

Part of the herd, Momma's and babies. The white one is the momma of Hos and the daddy is peeking through the fence.

It tickled so much, it was wonderful! *photo by Marta

Hos would race after Matthew, but once he got that far he'd kick up his heels and race to Momma's safety.

My little helper was "helping" me plant all the daylilies I brought home today.

He only got a little dirty...

My flower bed in progress. I finally got everything planted right before night fell completely.

I hope everyone had a wonderfully fantastically productive and fun Friday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer joys

Just cuddling with Grandma wasn't enough. I insisted that 2 pillows be placed behind me so I was propped up to the right level for maximum tv watching enjoyment.

Yesterday Mom and Grandmom took me to a park I'd never been to before.

And boy do I looovvve it.

Down the slide...

Up the slide.

Oh the joy of climbing high...

Run to life's next big adventure.

Matthew and I were visited by Bailey and his "girlfriend" Amanda today. The best part was the 4 wheeler. Matthew so wanted to go home with "Bai" or "BailO." (Notice Amanda assumed picture taking position, so cute.)

Then it was off the to park to eat a picnic lunch and play and go swimming with some more kids. It was a busy full day of fun. And now Matthew can't sleep and is practicing his name to stay awake. Did I mention it's 10:30, argh!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why mothers shouldn't do the dishes

That's right. Some little man decided that he, the floor, and his shoes all needed lotion, while I did the breakfast dishes. I feel like it's a coffee episode all over again, although this wasn't as obvious.

My son, my husband

Such a happy boy. He delighted himself.

Cheese! Then he looked at the picture and said, "I'm funny!"

Lego mania...

knows no bounds.

This is why I'm never in pictures. Because my husband cannot be trusted with the camera.

He just hasn't learned which side of a person you are supposed take yet. I'm hoping in another 30 years...

I was telling a cousin of mine, via email, that Matthew and I stopped by my friends house yesterday, to chat and pick up his birthday gift. Love her if she doesn't give the best gifts, but she's a terror to the house-ly calm. You see, she is converting my small child to what she calls "the Lego religion." His first birthday he received a tub. This year she decided that, that tub didn't have enough so she upgraded the tub size. Matthew's in heaven and I'm in...well slight panic about trying to keep all 104 legos together. I kid...sortof. I used to count them when there was only 33...So now I'm helping snap together his bigger and better creations. He loves this set because it came with the car base.

Everything in Matthew's world is "mine." Now we have power struggles over Mom's cell phone (mine) and Scamp and Missy's ball (mine) and the family tv remote (mine). But yesterday he labeled something as "mine" and I could not argue with it. It was the sweetest "mine" ever. While we were driving in the car he kept smiling and saying, "MY Poppa" and some "MY Grandma." No argument here. They are his, because they are MY parents!

Along with "mine" "I'm funny" has become a comment and excuse. I kicked the dog because "I'm funny." He has alot to learn. Another thing he's learned is to identify himself in photos as Matthew. I'm very excited about that. He's been saying everyone's name, but himself. He did it last Wed, but he really got going today with it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy 2nd Matthew!

Friday night Phil decided to shoot off some fireworks. This is when we rediscovered Missy's frenzied firework mania. She loves to attack them. Talk about dangerous if they are big. We just shoot off smoke bombs and things that couldn't hurt her.

Now she has Scamp into her mania. He goes almost as nuts. If they hear Phil lighting something, the frenzied barking begins.

Now it's Saturday! Happy Birthday Matthew! Blow out the candle. Ok, well, if you are just gonna stare at it, I'll blow it out for you...

Grandma, she blew out my candle.

Ohhhh, cake....

Receiving birthday spanking from Michael.

What am I supposed to do with this Grandma?

Oh yeah, you rip into it...

I just want the stickers.


Here I am jumping my new present, the Honeybee Hop.

I learned to get some good jumps in.

I hammed up some "falls."

Scamp retrieving tennis balls. I think they are "mine." In fact, everything is "mine" now.

It was a great birthday. Small party this year. Now this morning I'm resting up with Dad.