Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Porch kittens

Well today was the first day I really got to see the kittens up close. They were both out in some old straw shivering together. (It's been raining.) I brought them food and water and that's when I noticed that they found the food more by smell then sight. I thought, oh no, they are too young to be on their own...the tails still so pointy...they are real babies. I'd only been feeding them so they'd want to be barn cats, not as their only source of food! So after consulting with my mom, we decided the mom was gone and it would be best for them to take up residence in my back porch. I cut the bottom out of some bottles of water to make smaller cups and have the "nursery" all set up. They seem much more comfortable, but Pan's nose is very bent out of shape. I was hoping the mothering instinct would take over, but so far she only thought it was necessary to hiss at them.


nasuzyq said...

"morris" colored! if you remember the cat food commercials? very nice addition to your furry family.

The author said...

Yes! I remember! We'd call my Dad to the table by saying, "Din, din Morris." And he'd meow and come eat. I thought it was hilarious.

Mom said...

He does have a cute 'meow', doesn't he! I'd forgotten about that!