Monday, June 1, 2009

Cowboy hats

One gleeful boy and one dirty mirror. Matthew constantly gunks it up.

Barn kittens-Two and Too Many. Too Many is looking up. They are so tiny and I think their mom has already abandoned them.

Matthew and I went to the doctor's today. The doctor ordered another allergy test and changed him to a new allergy med. We went and had his blood drawn again. The lab tech was scared he'd freak out, but in typical fashion, he didn't blink an eye. Afterwards, we went and got him his very own cowboy hat. The store had 2 versions and he picked the one that looked exactly like his Papa's. We also got a baseball hat that says Farm Boy, for good measure. Other then that, it's been a pretty typical day.


Auntie said...

Saturday I heard Matthew's Papa telling him that a guy's hat was really important, and not something to play with. Now here he is with his own very important hat! Whatta happy little farm boy! Had you planned to get him one before you saw the ones in the store?
Two and Two-Many--orange "shades" of Blackington the Witch's cat. "Taillights!" they screamed. "She's got taillights!"

dwindlingdreams79 said...

Awwww...he looks so cute in his cowboy hat! I miss kansas so much...even the people...hehe..They just seem friendlier to me now that I live here and have been around some mean ones. The kittens are really cute they let you touch them yet? Kalea's favorite animal is cats she collects EVERYTHING cats! I am sorry I haven't written lately or called but I will this weekend...I am off. We found out this week that we can't make our trip to kansas. remember the problem I was telling you about with the school changing the dates! well our vacation from school is june 27th through july 5 now and my vacation is july 3 through the 12th! my boss won't let me change because there are 2 other people on vacation at that time and I will have school when I am out of work. So we will graduate this year and have no problem coming up next summer or maybe before if we can afford it!

Anonymous said...

The kitties are cute!!!! They look like they are old enough to be on their own so hopefully they will stay and catch mice for you. The next time I'm out your way I will check them out- if they will let me.

The author said...

Auntie-Yes taillights! I immediately thought of that book. I had planned to get him a hat. We went to that store in search of one.

Seesa-That's too bad about that trip. It will be great to see you whenever you do come. Give me a call when you aren't so busy.

AMT-They are back to barn kitties. I think they are more comfortable that way.

Mom said...

That is the most joyous look I think I've ever seen on someone's face! I love that picture!!!