Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok, I can take a hint

The boy needs a pool.


Mom said...

Oh my, that's priceless! I bet the boy would enjoy the kiddy pool here in town, too! Are those shoes going to get a chance to dry out before August or not?

Auntie said...

Scamp's water bowl? Looks a lot like Skipper Dog's pool, only his is oval. You're going to have to empty Matthew's pool each time--that boy can climb anything, and will probably decide to practice his high dive. Those shoes are jungle rot in the making!

The author said...

Yep, jungle rot for sure. I finally found some crocs for him so maybe we'll be able to save them. Yes, that's Scamp's water bowl. I'm going to buy one of those big hard plastic wading pools, so that the boy and dog can share. Scamp can only get his front feet in this bowl.