Saturday, November 21, 2009

Matthew's photography

I've been saving these up for some time now. I have about 10 of his lips since that's all he gets when he tries to take his self portrait. Matthew and I have been having a busy week. Wed-Friday I put in 25 hours, which is 14 more then normal. I'm sure Matthew is going to be soooo glad to not see daycare for awhile. Yesterday by time I got there he was clingy and tired. Poor guy! It's a rude awakening to 2 years of routine. But it won't last forever.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Braving the cold

What it looked like yesterday.

Going down!

Backing up.

I love a good wreck!

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's about time we posted

It has been a very busy week since we posted last, but unfortunately, it's not the sort of week you take pictures of. Last weekend Matthew spent the weekend with his grandparents, while I visited Wichita and the next day helped clean one of my parents rental houses. Most of the week Matthew was at daycare all day while I continued to clean the rental house. This Saturday my Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Leon came and we spent the day talking with them. It was alot of fun! Yesterday we lounged around the house as a family. When Phil took off, we went to Angela's to eat dinner with her other 2 best friends. We had a great time.

All last week was really nice weather for this time of year. Over the weekend it turned cold. So cold that today Matthew and I woke up to it snowing! It still is, but it's also sprinkling, I think. The ground and air temp is just high enough that it's not sticking.

This picture is for Angela, she'll know why.

Matthew really took to Leon immediately. He's alot like my Dad, so maybe that was part of it.

Matthew and Bobbie.

Leon, my Mom, Grandmom, my Dad, and Bobbie.

And Angela with her 3 best friends all in one room. Matthew wasn't real sure about Don at first, because he has so many piercings and tattoos, but he is really one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Never judge a book by it's cover.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Early morning conversation

Me: Mooo
Matthew: No cows
Me: No cows?
Matthew: NO COWS
Me: Oh man...
Matthew: No oh man
Me: No cows, oh man
Matthew: NO OH MAN!
Me: Bummer?
Matthew: Yes, bummer
Me: No cows, bummer
Matthew: Say this, BUUMMMMMERRRR!

Gotta love kids!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Kermit the Frog here

I mean, Missy the Dog here. As we all know I normally don't talk on this human contraption, but I'm dying to ask a question. Mom got fired up to save time and money Wed. morning and I just have to ask...

...Do I look ok? She decided to cut my hair! With ordinary paper cutting scissors!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Quick Post

A quick post to say a few things.
1. We had a baby snake and a mouse at work today. I was responsible for scaring the mouse out of the room, but no capture was made. What in the world is going on around here???
2. Matthew was wild today, so one of my co-workers told him she was going to throw him in the dumpster. He laughed. She said was going to do it and in he'd go with the snake. That caused the blue eyes to get big, a gasped NO! to fall out of the mouth and then he proceeded to shimmy backwards and fall into a mock faint. Can anyone say "HAM?"
3. Saturday Two went missing, tonight I can't find Too Many. We may be back to having no outside cats. Edited to let everyone know that Tuesday we found Too Many to be in residence. He is not happy to have misplaced his brother.
4. Last week Scamp smelled like skunk. This week, dead animal. Why did I rescue him...
5. Last Monday I put an ad in the paper about Cattle Dog. He went missing for 24hrs. Thursday it appeared in the paper and he's been gone since. Very odd. Phil thought he spotted him Sunday evening in town at someone's house. I drove by the house every day and have failed to spot him. Note: My location was not listed so they didn't come find him from the paper.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 Part III Adult Fun

Showing off our Halloween costumes before we go out and about to one of our favorite places.

My ancient (15 yrs old) "witchy" cat Robin Lee wanted to be a part of it.

Some of the Halloween decor at the place we went.

"Little Red Riding Hood" and the "Black Hat Society Witch."

Halloween 2009 Part II Trick or Treating

While trick or treating at my Grandmom's, we ran across my oldest friend Heather, her husband, her mom Lina, and her daughter. Here her "ladybug" is being held by Lina.

Great Grandmom decided to try the "frog hat" on.

A very successful trick or treating event has come to an end! And man was that pumpkin stuffed full.

Halloween 2009 Part I Halloween Party

Due to the large amount of photos taken last night we'll breaking this down into at least 2 parts if not 3. Ok, I just wanted to start this off with a photo of me. All I can say is father like son. Right up the nose. *Photo taken by: Matthew

Matthew showing off the trick or treat bucket he will be using for the evening and his light up pumpkin beads.

Why is this bucket empty?

We had an afternoon Halloween party that we attended. There was eating and games. Melissa helped Matthew do limbo.

Matthew wasn't so sure that he really wanted to limbo.

There was were alot of strange parents and kids there. Mostly big kids and it's scary for a little guy.

But not so scary I can't take Michael down.

He can't get out of my hold. I'm a pro, I'm strong, I'm the man, oh yeah.

Where do you think you're going mister?

No party is complete with the fake male fighting.

Let me at you.

Red Rover, red rover, send that little kid eating, right over.

Did you see me break through Mom? I'm the man I tell you!

Can you tell that the boy is starting to get a little wild?

No? Well, how about now?

Ok, surely you can now. No, well, I'll explain what they are doing. Red Light, Green Light and they are supposed to be walking. Note the position assumed by my son. That's right, he ribbited the whole way.

Ok, he's done. Can't take a moment more of organized games and festivity.

Let's break out the fake teeth!