Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Almost here

It doesn't get much more red-neck then this!!! I think he got hot and I didn't have a change of clothes so we just stripped him. Then he started walking up and down the sidewalk...the shame... This was at our end of the year party in May. *photos by Christy

Same night with our clothes back on. It was the first time I'd taken him to the park. I helped him ride the horse swing. *photos by Christy

I'm so excited! Tomorrow is the 1st day of October and we all know what that means...HALLOWEEN! Yes, I'm a bonafide Halloween junkie. I can't help it. I always loved all the mystery and old world romance about it. I pulled out my Halloween stuff today and was dismayed to discover that it still is contained by 1 little box. I guess I have loved it from afar and kept my checkbook close since I grew up. I may now go buy a little bit more stuff. Just a tiny bit. It's probably best for now to just have a little since Matthew is in the stage of chewing and flinging everything. And the dining room is still in the midst of remodeling (and may be that way for months) so there is only one place to really display stuff and that's the living room. In a couple weeks maybe we can go as a family to an honest pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin or two. I've never been to one. We always got our pumpkins at the local grocery store. I'd also love to make a ghost to hang from the tree like Mom did for me one year. It was so cool.

We had a typical busy weekend. Shopped with Mom, ate with Phil, and hung out. Sunday Phil and Matthew mowed the lawn and I cleaned. Later we went grocery shopping and Phil went home. Yesterday Matthew and I swam with Mom. I think the weekly swimming is really helping him. He very enthusiastically frog kicked! I'm so proud. He is learning he needs to kick in order to move through the water. He also finally thinks it's fun to be glided from person to person in the pool. Last summer Phil and I tried to practice with him and he had such a huge melt down we had to leave. I'm very pleased with his progress.

I don't know if I've written about it, but Matthew is learning to do the chicken dance! He was going around flapping his arms like wings, so I decided to hum the chicken dance for him and show him all about it. He now flaps and claps and sometimes wiggles all the time, but so far no beak work. It is the cutest thing ever, if I can take a moment to brag.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Falling into fall

A picture I took of our yard that I just liked.

I love my new camera. I was able to take a picture of a butterfly drinking dandelion nectar with it.

Phil posing with a high school team, the coaching staff and some KC Chiefs staff. *taken by someone else and they did an excellent job

Matthew eating his first ever apple.


Matthew playing in a car in the daycare playground.

Matthew and Missy watching a fuzzy caterpillars progress. Matthew and I found it and thought it was kindof neat. I used to catch them and take them to school in an old peanut butter jar (old style with metal lids you could poke holes in.) That's when you really knew fall was coming.

We continue, as always, to have busy days. Wednesday when we went to school, the snack was apples. The apples were the most tiny little apples I've ever seen off a tree. I let Matthew have his very own. It was the first time he had apples in a form other than applesauce. He loved it. He even attempted to eat the stem. That night Matthew and I went swimming with Mom. Matthew didn't enjoy it as much as I thought he would because it was kind of cold this time. Mom and I were disappointed with the water temp too. After that we dried off and hurried home to bed.

Thursday we went shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. While at the store we found some cute window clings. After getting everything home and cleaning the carpet, I decided to clean the windows in the living room and put up the window clings. BAD, bad mistake. I knew I could flip down my new window I love and clean the outside. In doing so I completely messed it up. The people we got it from are coming today to look at it, but I know they are going to have to order a new one. I'm sooooo upset about that. So I have cute window clings on my brand new messed up window. They at least look cute.

After work Matthew and I got invited to eat dinner with my boss and her kids again. We did and had a great time. Matthew is starting to learn to not be so afraid of Mr. Fritz, the weiner dog. After we left there Matthew was so tired he had to take a quick bath and go straight to bed.

Phil and another recruiter had the pleasure of awarding the coach of the week award this week. It is a program set up between the Army and the KC Chiefs. Every week they recognize a different high school football coach and his team. There was a upper level Chief staff member there as well as a Chiefs sports intern. Phil felt very honored to be asked to pose for a picture with them all. It is one of the more interesting duties he gets to do every now and then.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My son, the daredevil

Just a little update: my son is a daredevil. It was confirmed by the daycare staff today. When I picked him up today they informed me that he not only tried to go up the slide, but he tried to walk up the slide backwards. OHHHH! Then we took off for the daycare picnic. We got there and played some. Then we ate and played some more. At one point Matthew got too close to a swing and was kicked by the kid swinging. This scraped his nose and knocked him flat on his back in the rocks. He wailed, but was fine. Then right when we were going to leave, he decided to go down the slide one more time. This time he decided to go down on his tummy, head first. OHHHH! Luckily I got there in time to catch him as he rocketed down like a greased little pig. Of course the whole daycare staff caught that! Yes, I'm the proud parent of a daredevil.

Happy birthday day Phil!

Pan messing around in a box.

Missy saying hi to our newest member of the family, Isabelle.

Matthew showing off how easy and fun it is to carry her. I don't think she probably thought it was all that great.

Hiding from Matthew with Dad.

Rats, he got me again...

Mom and I took time out from our frantic yard sale-ing to take the boy to one of the many neighborhood parks to swing, teeter-totter, and slide. He loved swinging the very best!

What a handsome little guy.

This is at Melissa's birthday party. Everyone was tossing squish balls from one cup to another and backing up as they got it. Matthew finally couldn't take it anymore and ran out in the middle with his sippy cup.

Group pose at the crazy birthday party. The girl holding him is Melissa and her brother Michael is on the floor giving a very fake smile. They are the 2 kids who came and stayed with Matthew and me for a week in the spring. Matthew loves them both, but especially Melissa.

Downtime with daddy.

When I last wrote on Thursday I planned to eat with some extended family. Matthew and I did, we had a great time. He even called Maurine "grandma" clear as a bell. As we were leaving town I noticed a motorcycle a little ways behind us. I thought to myself, geez, I wish that was Phil. When it came time to turn off the highway onto another one, the bike turned too. It made me wish a little more. Then as we went through a town and turned for our house I lost them and thought, oh well, I knew Phil wasn't taking time off. Then as we drove down our rode I suddenly realized the bike was back there!!! I got so excited! Maybe he did take a long weekend! But as I turned in the driveway, the bike did not. Talk about a let down. So I proceeded to get Matthew bathed and in bed. I hopped on the computer and Phil called. I asked him what he was doing and he said driving home. We talked about 5 minutes and there was a knock at the door. I was a little scared until I saw...it was him! Talk about weird! He got home 1 hour after I did. It turns out he had to come down for early PT so he decided to surprise me. What a great surprise!

Friday he left at 6:30am to do PT. Later in the morning he came home and switched out cars with me. Matthew and I proceeded to have a pretty normal day. We went to bed and got up early to go to post yard sales with Mom. We didn't find anything I needed, other then a really cute winter coat for Matthew. Mom however got a crib just like ours to have at her house for Matthew. She paid about 60% less than we did for it new so I think it was a bargain. After we got tired of yard sale-ing and were done pushing Matthew on a swing, we took off for town to meet Phil and pick up "Aunt" Angela so we could go to the Pumpkin Patch and a couple stores. It was fun, although strange having 2 cars full of people. Phil, Matthew and I finally got home around 4pm. Matthew had taken about a 45 min nap so we made him take one before we took off for my bosses daughters b-day party. We spent the rest of the evening there. It was a crazy long day for all involved. I was so tired I went to bed at 9pm and didn't get up until 9am. That's a very long time for me to sleep. Normally I get maybe 7 hours of sleep. Phil stayed up late watching tv. He said I did alot of talking in my sleep.

Sunday we got up and went to my Grandmom's house to meet the family for lunch. My aunt was in town to clean gutters and things. We had a good time hanging out for a little while and then came home to rest. All of us are having allergy attacks (and me possibly a combo of cold and allergies) so we are not real perky. On the way home we stopped off in another town were a family had kittens to give away. We picked out a little calico for Phil to take home with him. She is so tiny and cute. They think she's about 6 weeks old, maybe 5. After a day of debate, Phil named her Isabelle. A very pretty name for a very pretty kitten. Matthew was so entranced. He loved that she was just his size. He kept picking her up and setting her down.

Monday Phil got to stay home because instead of taking his birthday off, he took Monday off because I had it off. We pretty much just hung out around the house and I cooked enchiladas and a birthday pie for him. We were supposed to go drop off stuff at my parents and pick up my furniture from them, but we were just too tired and I'm nervous about trying to pack all these antique things so that they don't slide around and get hurt on the 25 mile ride. So I opted to way until Mom and Dad could both help us pack them up. That afternoon I discovered that the business in SC I've been talking to for weeks now about baseboards can't find any after all and the door trim is all painted, so I've decided to see if the one last place I've found can help me out. In the evening Phil went back up and I got the little one to bed. I think Pan is really glad the kitten is gone. She hissed every chance she got and hid out in the kitchen. At one point she was found sleeping in the cupboards. Mostly she sleep under the counter. Talk about cranky. So cranky she hardly left the kitchen. Maybe she wanted to be close to her food so she could defend it. I actually went to bed early I was so tired. And I had crazy dreams all night long.

This morning I woke up and luck was with me! This last place has yellow pine baseboards!!!! Now it will just be a matter of negotiations, I think. Cross fingers for me. Matthew has been cheerfully going around calling for his Dad. I keep explaining that Dad is back at work. Matthew was most pleased to find that his dad left his hat behind. He spent a long time putting it in and carrying it around. Matthew and I send out a big HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY DAD-PHIL!!!!!

Tonight after work, Matthew and I will drive to the other school to a picnic in the park for the daycare. It will be nice to meet some of the other parents. Matthew is so on the fringes since he isn't there much I really don't know alot of the kids or parents. I do know one parent because she and I were good friends in high school. Surprisingly enough, her daughter and my son should be in the same class, just as we were.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Far to long...

Ahh, the wind in my hair, sun on my face, and my new free tricycle...

This ball is big. I love it!

I love to do my crazy dance. I'm sure to catch the ladies eyes with it.

I can sit in my car's storage compartment. It's so much better then riding it normally!

Look, I have a stick and I'm not afraid to use it.

I've almost got my tricycle figured out. I just love this thing.

It's been far to long since I've last wrote, especially since I have access to internet and it's been a week. Shameful. In my defense, we've been busy!

Last weekend Matthew and I got up super early Saturday and braved the rain in Phil's little car. After 3 hours of terror we made it. We got to eat breakfast with Daddy and then set off to an architectural salvage place. It was very interesting. I asked loads of questions and learned alot. I also found what I consider the perfect front door. It is convenient since I had a terrible time getting our front door shut Friday due to the rain. The only problem is whether Phil actually likes it or not. Later in the day we had professional pictures taken of Matthew. Soon I'll put some of them up.

Sunday we attended a football watching party. The couple hosting it has about an 8 month old baby. Matthew gave him very nice hugs and kept trying to sit on his lap. The lap sitting did not go over well with the baby. Later in the day, while Matthew and Phil watched the 49's play at home, I went to coffee with my aunt. We had a pleasant time.

Monday Matthew and I came home. Monday evening we ate with my boss and her kids. Matthew had fun getting on and off the little kids sized picnic table she put up. He did have a hard time with it as he kept managing to fall off it. But he never hurt himself. Tuesday we went to see "Auntie" Leah and James, who is also about 8 months old. Matthew kept trying to sit on his lap and give him too many rough hugs. Matthew resented James appearance so maybe he still has some anger to get out! I bet James was glad to see the back of us. I also scored Matthew the kind of tricycle that has no pedals. He thinks it's pretty cool. Wednesday we went swimming with my mom and Matthew loved it. Today we will go to supper with extended family. What a busy week it's been.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo session

I see my Mommy on the other side of that camera!

Would you like my lunch Missy?

Matthew and I decided that since I never have my picture taken with him it was high time to do it ourselves. As you can see we had fun. What else is there to do on a rainy day??? Matthew thought we ought to go out to play until I showed him how wet it was out there. Since last night we are 2/10's of an inch shy of 3" of rain. And it looks like it's going to just keep coming. In fact it's raining harder right now. Maybe I should make a raft out of the scrap lumber in the barn...

Matthew and I have a had good week. Last night at work I played volleyball for the first time since I got convinced to sub in a rec volleyball game in '03. Before that I hadn't played since '91. Wow, it's really been that long? I really miss it. Matthew also played with us, but he just rolled balls to various people and ran for other people's balls.

I know it's short, but I should go pack for another weekend with the hubby. Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Over zealous

Ahhh, so cute.
Playing by the tree and the hydrangea I planted.

Matthew, my little boy full of love, sometimes gets a little over zealous. Today I went to pick him up at the daycare and Bailey said that he'd been so good and had just been having so much fun playing with the kids. But...he kept hugging a little 10 month old girl and then would try to knock her over. He was a little rough. Great, just great. How do you explain to a 14 month old that he can't hug other kids all the time, let alone try to knock them down? I have no idea why he does that, but I know when one of my best friends brought her son over that's 2 weeks older, he kept hugging his back. The boy did not like it. I don't blame him! Other then that we've had an uneventful day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Current pictures!!!

Matthew laughing at Mommy. Thursday, in desperation, I invented a new game where I stuck a chunk of hair in my mouth. I'd make little noises and suddenly blow it out with a pop. He found it hilarious. Ever since then if he can get close enough, he tries to stick hair in my mouth so I can do it again. What have I done?

Sitting in his personal lawn chair. He has hands stretched out because he wants that camera!

I was very lucky to capture this. Matthew and Missy play in the yard together. This is a picture of them charging each other. They both think it's a pretty great game. We do it every day...

Matthew and I wandered over to look at the last of my flowers.

And here is a picture of how our house looks not green. As you can see we still don't have it totally painted, but it's looking sooo much better.

I know you are all as excited as I am to be able to post (and you to view) current pictures of Matthew. The good news is that this trend is here to stay. My aunt very kindly went out and bought us a new digital camera. Thank you Auntie! These weren't taken with that camera though. Phil is playing with it currently. I take charge of it next weekend. After that he'll be lucky to ever see it again!

Friday, after work, Matthew and I took off for the Grandparents so we could go swimming with Grandma. That didn't work out well because we got there and I'd forgotten the little swimmers. Rats. We'll try again this week. Saturday we went to a auction. At dusk we congregated on my Grandmom's porch to watch a bike group go by with their show lights on. They never came so we decided the drippy weather we'd been having drove them away. Matthew had a great time chasing one of my Grandmom's outside cats, Locket, around. He also did alot of what I call "jive walking." He walks while moving his upper body from side to side. It's so cute. Everytime I see him doing it I just wait for the Bee Gee's "Jive Talking" to start playing. "...Love talkin Is all very fine, yeah Jive talkin, just isn't a crime And if there's somebody You'll love till you die Then all that jive talkin Just gets in your eye..." Too bad he wasn't born in the 70's. He'd have made such a good little disco dancer. He also dances by running in place. That is also very cute and very typical for the age he is. My very good friend's little girl did that too. They called it "flash dancing." She loved to do it while watching herself in the mirror. Matthew just loves breaking it out anytime he gets excited. And it's even funnier if mom copies.

Today we came home and ate lunch. I took pictures of our trim upstairs to send out to different salvage companies to match. Then we went to a nearby town to look at kittens for Phil. He is going to get one so he has a pet. I picked out a little calico girl for him and then left. I brought the cranky bug home for a much needed nap, before we set out for yet another town to go Walmart. Our own beautiful cat was in desperate need for food. I was in desperate need of bread pans. I didn't mess around this time. I got 3. Last spring I realized I really needed 2, so I went and bought one. Then I had two bread pans for one baking and when washing my first one the coating started to flake off. Back down to one pan just like that. Grrr. After shopping, I came home, repotted my poor totally root bound hanging plant, cooked supper, played with Matthew, and bathed him. And low and behold another thing you always hear about happening and don't want to happen, happened. Now those of you that read my blog often and read carefully last spring should have a feeling where this is going. And I'm so sorry to tell you that you are indeed correct. Yes, this is another poop story. Matthew stood up and grunted. I started to panic while screaming in my head "NOOOOOO!" A second later it came shooting out. The funny part in this unfunny scene is Matthew turning around and looking shocked to see poop floating around him. I swear he would have said, "Now where did that come from?" So poor Mom had a fishing operation to do and a recleaning of the child. I have to ask myself, "What's left for him to do?" But then I panic anew and knock on wood. Some things are best left unsaid.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lover boy

Matthew was being a little lover boy in his bath tonight. He kept coming over for kisses from the mom. And this mom just ate it up. I love being able to have my little man actually kiss me back. It's the sweetest thing ever.

This morning Matthew and I woke up and it was COLD! I immediately began to panic because Matthew has jeans, but not long sleeved shirts and jackets. Just when I was thinking I'd have to drive to Walmart, I had a stroke of inspiration. Maybe the winter stuff I had stashed away was the right size... When Matthew was born, the mother of Phil and I's godson sent us all the old toddler clothes she still had. And it's a miracle, it's all the right size for now. There was even a jacket. So he went to school today dressed in his normal adorable fashion. Thanks Buckers (and Grandparents Gerkins)!!! It really saved the day. Matthew also had a great evening. He got hang out with his grandma while I was at a staff meeting. I'm sure that was much more fun for him then sitting in a staff meeting being shh-ed.

Happy hump-day everyone! Tgif is almost here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's September

I can smell the crispness of fall creeping into the air. I can't believe it's almost here already. Wasn't I just writing about the jonquils coming up a month ago??? Today I went to work and Phil hung out with Matthew for a little more quality time before he left this evening. We both already miss him. But time will fly (like always!) and it'll be time to see him again.

Today we had a heating guy come out to discuss what our options are for putting in a new heating/cooling unit of some sort. We want to get the most efficient since propane is just skyrocketing. Sometimes it doesn't pay to live in the country. But who could do better then our view? And Matthew is in love with our yard. We'll live with the heating costs.

Have I mentioned before that kindergarteners taught Matthew peek-a-boo? Well, now all I hear is "Mama" and when I look he is covering his eyes wanting me to say, "Where's Matthew? Where is that baby?" Then he puts them down and looks proud and does it again, and again, and again...I have to say I'm not really pleased they taught him that. Well, it is cute the first 5 times. He is also now beginning to run effectively. It is not such a good thing in stores. He also is really getting into flinging himself down on the floor to have a 30 second to a minute tantrums. I'm hoping that we can nip that in the bud soon. He gets really mad when Phil and I ignore him. He feels that's the height of insulting, I guess. I'm hoping this is the terrible twos and it will be clear sailing at 2. Is that misguided optimism?