Thursday, September 18, 2008

Far to long...

Ahh, the wind in my hair, sun on my face, and my new free tricycle...

This ball is big. I love it!

I love to do my crazy dance. I'm sure to catch the ladies eyes with it.

I can sit in my car's storage compartment. It's so much better then riding it normally!

Look, I have a stick and I'm not afraid to use it.

I've almost got my tricycle figured out. I just love this thing.

It's been far to long since I've last wrote, especially since I have access to internet and it's been a week. Shameful. In my defense, we've been busy!

Last weekend Matthew and I got up super early Saturday and braved the rain in Phil's little car. After 3 hours of terror we made it. We got to eat breakfast with Daddy and then set off to an architectural salvage place. It was very interesting. I asked loads of questions and learned alot. I also found what I consider the perfect front door. It is convenient since I had a terrible time getting our front door shut Friday due to the rain. The only problem is whether Phil actually likes it or not. Later in the day we had professional pictures taken of Matthew. Soon I'll put some of them up.

Sunday we attended a football watching party. The couple hosting it has about an 8 month old baby. Matthew gave him very nice hugs and kept trying to sit on his lap. The lap sitting did not go over well with the baby. Later in the day, while Matthew and Phil watched the 49's play at home, I went to coffee with my aunt. We had a pleasant time.

Monday Matthew and I came home. Monday evening we ate with my boss and her kids. Matthew had fun getting on and off the little kids sized picnic table she put up. He did have a hard time with it as he kept managing to fall off it. But he never hurt himself. Tuesday we went to see "Auntie" Leah and James, who is also about 8 months old. Matthew kept trying to sit on his lap and give him too many rough hugs. Matthew resented James appearance so maybe he still has some anger to get out! I bet James was glad to see the back of us. I also scored Matthew the kind of tricycle that has no pedals. He thinks it's pretty cool. Wednesday we went swimming with my mom and Matthew loved it. Today we will go to supper with extended family. What a busy week it's been.

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