Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cali part 2: Orange Co. and San Diego

If family hadn't taken photos for me, especially Pauline (thank you so much!) there would not be any photos from this part of the trip.

Day 8: After saying goodbye to Phil (he flew to TX), we took another plane ride back to LAX.  My cousin Susan, picked us up and we went to her apartment in Orange Co.  I'd never had the pleasure of meeting her, so it was fabulous!  We ate pizza and talked nonstop for 5 hours.  She is a wonderful person that I am proud to call my relative.  After that time passed too soon, we took an Amtrak train, for the first time ever, to Solana Beach.  My cousins Carmi and Pauline picked us up and took us to their house.  It was a long day!

 Day 9:  We got up and went to the beach with Pauline's grandkids, Skyler and Ariana.  We had such a good time playing in the water.  Matthew wore a wet suit and looked like a surfer boy.  And no one brought a camera!

 Ariana played all day with Matthew.  He had such a good time with her.  I believe they are 4th cousins once removed, maybe 3rd.

 They did alot of dot to dots and artwork.

 Skyler, Brenda (their mom), Ariana, and I.

 Pauline and I.  (Are you noticing a trend here?  I'm the jolly green giant!)

 Day 10:  I got up and took a hike up Torrey Pines with Pauline and her sister Mary.  Here is a photo of "Indian bathtub" rock.  Matthew stayed behind and "entertained" Carmi.

 Mary and I.  It's an amazingly beautiful hike and a real workout.

 When we got back Matthew and Carmi walked Zoe.  She is a delightful dog.

 Ariana built an elaborate racetrack for Matthew before she left, while he was asleep.  It was quite a surprise.

 Matthew loved this spyglass.

 And wanted Uncle Mickey to see his tattoo!

 Once showered, we went to Swamis Gardens.  It is a beautiful mediation spot.  Very lush.

 And right on the water.

 After the gardens, we took Matthew to the Rock Park.  He loved it!

 He had lots fun with others.  Unfortunately, he spun so much he made himself sick in the car, but it could have been worse.  Next we visited a local library that has a wonderful children's section.  Matthew and I borrowed 3 books and read them alot.

 Day 11:  The day before Matthew discovered the joys of having a stationary bike and burned a lot of calories.  (As if he needs too!)

 In the morning we went to Pauline and Mary's enormous gym with them and swam in the kids pool.

 Before we flew out, we visited the children's pool at La Jolla.

 And visited Pauline's rowing club.  Unfortunately, with traffic, we didn't get to visit the park Phil and I got married in at, but we could see Coronado Island.

We flew out late and got into KC around midnight.  We stopped at Auntie's for the night.

Day 12:  We were so glad to be home although we had so much fun where ever we were.  We were lucky enough to be able to spend some time with Auntie before we headed home.  

And that concludes our travel log.  Next travel plans: TX to spend a few weeks with the husband!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cali part 1: Visiting Modesto

Matthew and I have went on a big adventure.  July 3rd we took off for California to visit Phil's family for a week, and then we visited my side.  12 days (4 planes and 1 train) later we arrived back home.

  Day 1:  We got up at 3 am and left for the airport at 3:30.  The sun is coming up and we are waiting on the shuttle.

 Ready for take off!

Two planes later, we surprise Phil's family by Phil being at the airport.  He pretended he couldn't make it.

 We drove over to see Phil's parents and look at his dad's semi.  

 Day 2: Happy 4th of July!  

We played darts.

 *photo by Tara

 (Phil complained I was killing his darts.)   *photo by Tara

 Aunti Tara looked quite festive!

 There was a ton of pool action.

 And cousinly silliness.   *photo by Tara

 *photo by Tara

 Phil and I with his Uncle's Mickey and Dan.    *photo by Tara

 Get ready...    *photo by Tara


 Finally Fireworks!

 Nicole wrote her and Matthew's names on road.

 Riley and Matthew tried badmitton.   *photo by Tara

 Hands down the best photo we've taken since our wedding.   *photo by Tara

 *photo by Tara

Day 3:  Hung out, visited with family, and went shopping for Matthew's birthday presents.  Here is a blurry photo of Matthew shooting Uncle Dan with his Captain America shield.  As you can see, Dan was too quick for him, but they had fun.

 Day 4:  Found us at the Oakland Zoo.  With Aunti Shelly.    *photo by Tara

 Boys in an observatory tunnel.

 On a spiderweb at the insect park.

 Matthew in front of a fossilized sea turtle.

 In the petting zoo section a cat stalked a mouse/chipmink type animal.

 Matthew was enchanted with the boy sized door.

 Hummingbirds were all over sunny California.  This is probably the best photo I ever took.

 Huge tortoise.

 Riley and Matthew up a tree.

 The boys spotted the zoos little train.  We had to ride it.

 *photo by Nicole

 *photo by Tara

 *photo by Dan

 *photo by Tara

*photo by Tara

 After the zoo, we drove into San Fransisco.  Here is the bay and city, with the Golden Gate peeping out behind the skyline.

 We went to Pier 39.  And my cameras battery died.  Didn't bring the charger.  It was a very sad moment.

 Something famous in the background.   *photo by Dan

*photo by Tara
 At the arcade.

 There was such awesome old games there.  If I'd had my camera useable, oh the photos I'd have now!  Nicole was sweet enough to let me borrow hers and transfer her and her mom's photos to my card.  Thanks so much Nicole!

 Eating a crab sandwich at the Fisherman's Wharf.  Of course, Phil is the only one who got beef.    *photo by Tara

 Alcatraz and us.   *photo by Tara

Another at the arcade.  What a fun day!

Day 5:  We hung out with Phil's parents, Aunt Donita, brother Jeffrey, significant other, and their baby.  Matthew had fun playing with her.  Later that night he had his first ever sleepover at Riley's house.  He was so excited.

 Day 6:  We got to eat lunch with Alex, Phil's best man, and met his wife.  We hadn't seen him since our wedding 8 years ago.  We also spent some more time with Phil's parents and Riley spent the night with Matthew.

 Day 7:  We ate at the taco trucks and got ready to leave.    *photo by Tara

Only photo with Garrett.   *photo by Dan

It was also the day we took Matthew to Build a Bear and let him get a Hot Lights bear, with shoes to match his.  He was so pumped he made up a song that's chorus was, "Build a Bear Bear, Build a Bear Bear."  Best lyric, "We looked a whole bunch of sounds and decided we didn't need any."  Matthew had the whole car in stitches.

It was the best trip back we've made.  We had a blast.  Next time I will remember my charger, so I don't miss a thing.