Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend surprises

Sunday I got up to a very proud little man who had decided it was high time to line up all his books in a row. (You know how he is about rows of things...)

Then the kittens proudly brought us this beautiful caterpillar thing, that Phil so rightly said had a horn on it's rump...I'm sure Angela will clear the matter up...

And then to find this. Why are my covers moving? Could there be a Pandora rolled up inside of them...

Why yes, now that the husband has come in and pulled the covers back and away...

It is a Pandora. The prettiest, sneakiest-ly naughty cat in our residence. I did not take photos of Two trying to break the dining room window out to get in at 10:30 last night. I also did not take photos of Pan trying to kill him through the glass. From sunrise to after sunset it was one surprise after another.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a week!

Matthew's "Maama and Poppa" picked him up from daycare today and whisked him off to play at our house. Obviously all were having a super time.

Matthew fed the lego need by building a fancy "camper."

This is strictly to show how I've felt like a bag woman this week. This whole pile had to go with me to work Tues.

Even as he get older I still am amazed by how peaceful and little he looks while he sleeps. Every couple months I take a couple more pictures. It's been this way for 2 years.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the extra hours (especially since I'll be making less every hour then I ever have before at the school. Yes, I've been demoted pay wise by switching positions.) But Matthew and I are just not used to working this much and he's not sleeping as well at daycare. Unfortunately it will be a busy weekend, so we probably are just going to have to do the best we can. Yesterday Matthew got really fried because we were there for 9 hours and kept asking to go home. Today we had a meltdown because he wanted to go to daycare and it wasn't time. I just can't win! Is it almost summer yet? Just kidding, I need to have my 9 months of slim pickings paychecks.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Running on no nap

*photo taken my very own mother, Beth

This little man decided that he did not need a nap today at daycare. My did he get tired this evening. But I have to admit that he did much better then I thought he would. I sure was tired by time I left too. 8 hours at a daycare is a long time.

Matthew, over the weekend, really got on a roll of saying to Phil or me, "There you go!" I guess I tell him that alot. I'm still not tired of the way he says "Ohhh yesss." I am tired of hearing him yell, "I do it" for every little thing. I love that he wants to help and be independent, but sometimes it's just better for me to do it and here I have a little 2 yr old trying to bowl me over to get there first! No one told me I'd have to race my child at times to do boring things! Today he bumped my head with his head and announced, "Matthew knocked heads." I had no idea he even knew the expression "knocking heads." I'd say he must have learned it at daycare, but I'm there every day with him!!! For the second time he announced he needed to go potty and did it. This time it was at daycare so he got an M&M. He liked that. Today he threw a toy down and I told him not to do that because he would hurt it. What do you think he did? Brought it over, held it in my face, and solemnly said, "Kiss." Yes, I had no choice but kiss the toy's boo-boo. So I did.

That's all I can think of for today folks. Gotta get some sleep so we can do it all over again tomorrow!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My journeys in nature

Isn't this heavy dew just scrumpious?

Can you see it? My sedum is starting to turn pink. A clear sign that autumn is just around the corner.

A hibiscus bloom starting to unfurl.

My coleus is starting to bloom. I never realized coleus bloomed.

Apparently is does. My mom always killed her coleus, so I've never seen it grow this long!

Two of my favorite creatures in nature fighting over the tennis ball.

And the boy came out victorious, so he can toss it again for Scamp.

Looking at my dwarf morning glories and marigolds and what is that, a bit of bark hanging off the morning glory? Let's take a closer look...

Oh, it's a cleverly disguised moth. Very cool.

Look at that bee! I swear it's staring right at me. I'm outta here!

The three of us had a very good weekend. We finally took the plunge and got rid of our old couch. I had to admit I felt very sad leaving it behind at the dump, but it was in terrible shape (and very cheaply made, it had plastic legs if that says anything) so it really couldn't be saved. I'm all for donating things and putting things on the curb, but I think this is one couch no one would touch! I had it for 9 years. But it had the best designed arms I've ever seen. Our new-to-us couch is a sleeper bed, so we can have a dedicated place for company to sleep without having to have a spare room, since space is limited at the moment. Now that I think of it, of the 3 couches I've now owned, I've never had a brand new one. They've always been pre-used. Anyway, we also dropped off our futon to be sold at a future auction. I love clearing out space! It's such a good feeling. Other then all that, we mostly just hung out as a family and did alot of cooking. I think Matthew and I are rested up enough to take on our 8 hour a day week!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Who knows what to title this one?

Once again we've rounded the curve out of the work week, into the weekend. It's been 2 full weeks of work in the daycare, but I've really enjoyed it. I think Matthew is really enjoying having Mommy there. I would say the weekend would be totally awesome because Phil is home for the first time in 3 weeks, but one of my daycare co-workers went home to find her husband dead at their house today. They are an older couple, but it was still pretty shocking for us. (It happens to be Matthew's friend Amanda's grandpa. So we feel sorry for the family's lost. Matthew and I'll be helping to hold down the daycare fort by working full-time hours next week. Life is just such a fragile, fleeting thing isn't it?

Well, now that I have that out of my system on to more cheerful things. I was able to get outside and dig up some plants and move them to new locations. I still have more to move, but I'm still thinking out I want to do it. I have some bulbs I need to dig up from my Grandmom's and I need to thin her irises. My "oriental" irises are really starting to come up. I think I might end up with at least 8 sprouts now. I'm so ready to get the rest of my orders in! Next spring will be such a surprise with all the new stuff planted.

Yesterday we also went over to my old boss's house for supper. Matthew has decided that he is family and helped himself to a Capri Sun out of her fridge. Nice. I told him that he needed to ask first and she was excited that he was so smart and observant that he knew exactly where they were.

Today I got a new haircut, and true to form, not a single person noticed. I expect people at the school to notice in about a month. That's the way it works for me. Always has!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today during lunch Matthew decided to pick up his french fries with a fork. Every time he got one of those suckers on the fork he would say, "I got it!" It was a very proud moment for him.

Phrase of the day from daycare: "Shawn, no, timeout." Finger pointing included.

Monday's weather related events

Monday morning we woke up to the wind blowing rain against the house. We leisurely ate breakfast and then Matthew conned me into a big tootsie roll.

A little later seeing the rain had turned into a light sprinkle I dashed out the back door to this. (I had been on my way to the rain gauge.) Yet another limb had fallen on this poor line. And tore the mountings loose, again, so we'll have to call the electrician back out to tie it back up right. Sigh. But the limb was a problem. After deciding the line was coated and I couldn't be shocked, I went to extracting the limb. I kept Dad on the line, just to make sure if something went wrong, someone could call for help.

Rainy days mean alot of porch playing.

The dogs don't seem to mind. I love how the tracks look like a drip painting.

I am glad that we are getting rain, but it is annoying, because I was planning on moving some irises and daylilies around to make room for the stuff that is coming next month. I thought it had dried out enough yesterday to accomplish it, but it rained another tenth last night, so I have to postpone. I do like that the temps. have been cooler. It means I can leave the a/c off and enjoy the sounds of nature instead. Today the bugs are really singing to me. It makes me want to take a nap!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Goodbye Double 7

Goodbye old faithful truck. You left us Sat. morning, but you will forever be in our hearts. I hope your new owner, the one in the background, is as good as his word to keep you mostly intact and onto your 2 and 3 life.

I don't know if we explained that your name is Double 7 or J-Dub (spelled JW, short for James William). But I think whatever you are renamed, it will be kind. This girl will remember you fondly as really the only truck she ever remembers her dad driving. (The one he drove before you had holes around the gear shifts. I could see the pavement flying by through them. It scared me that I might be sucked out.) So I thank you for all the safer travel and means of getting to fishing holes and hauling loads. Remember all the crazy times, like that certain pasture fire and the time there were so many people squeezed in you we could hardly shut your doors. I know I will. Forever and smile.

On a side note, totally unrelated, while Matthew and I were enjoying the evening outside tonight, the coyotes started howling and one came into the side yard. If Scamp is worthless for everything else, I will always be thankful to him for charging and barking them away. During that charge I was stuffing my child inside to safety. Gotta love the country!

The weekend wrap-up

I'm sooooo envious. By luck of the draw, Mom got the color I wanted my candy lilies to be!!!

We went to KC to visit Auntie and celebrate her and Mom's birthdays. Matthew had an awesome time looking a truck book with her.

While up there we caught supper with his Daddy. Matthew danced to the mexican music with chips in both hands.

The sun looked so cool on the way back I took pictures.

Doesn't it just burn your retinas?

Matthew on 1/2 hour of nap all day.

As requested more adult pics, so me...

...and Mom, who will want to kill me for including this picture!

One of the joys for Matthew of having his Mom clean out her childhood room is gaining cool stuff like Mickey Mouse ears!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Matthew uncut and uncensored

No one asked for videos, but since most of you have never heard Matthew talk or run around, I thought you'd enjoy seeing a bit of it for yourself. It was a windy day, but I think it comes out ok. I'd upload videos more often, but they are so slow to load it's a pain.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The sweetness of nature

Mom and I planted candy lilies this year. Here is the first bloom on my plant.

Matthew just loves these little cars I saved off the curb. I bet he doesn't mind I'm a dumpster diver. In fact, I know he doesn't because he was excited when I saved his bike off the curb!

Scamp always has to be in on the action.

Color and blooms.

And the most exciting miracle of all. I planted some "oriental" irises at the end of May. Correction: transplanted some. I have had the worst time getting them to take. When I weeded today I found 3 sprouts coming up! I'm hoping some of the rest of them will decide to take off as well.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The phrases

It's the little phrases that my son comes up with that crack me up. Today at work was especially rich with them. He is in the habit of pushing the limits when I tell him to do something. He will wait till I've counted to 3 and then think he'll do whatever he is supposed to and it'll still be ok. Wrong! So I put him in time out. His little face just crumpled and he whined, "I behave, Mommy I beeehaaave. Mommmy, beeeehaaaave." It was so funny, in a way, I had to turn around to giggle. He is at the stage of being dramatic when in trouble. So I turned around and asked if he was sure he was ready to behave and he assured me he was. The end of that time out. The other one that really got me was he decided he was straving. So he announced, "Mommy, hungry boy. Hungry boy. Goldfish, here, table. Mommmmmy, hungry boy!" It was time to leave and I had to bribe him to leave with promises of goldfish crackers at home. On the way home he announced, "Mommy goldfish, bowl." So then I had to promise goldfish crackers served up in a bowl. And that's the first place we went when we got home. Straight to the goldfish and into the bowl it went. And the hungry boy was happy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summers over people

Not that the season is over. It's the fact that for me, summer is over when school starts. And since this was our first day back at school, summers over people. It was eventful day. It was hot, a big windy rain storm blew through and we went to school. Plus Matthew insisted on the "frog hat" and I refused to allow him to wear the "frog shoes." It's a full life.