Monday, August 17, 2009

The weekend wrap-up

I'm sooooo envious. By luck of the draw, Mom got the color I wanted my candy lilies to be!!!

We went to KC to visit Auntie and celebrate her and Mom's birthdays. Matthew had an awesome time looking a truck book with her.

While up there we caught supper with his Daddy. Matthew danced to the mexican music with chips in both hands.

The sun looked so cool on the way back I took pictures.

Doesn't it just burn your retinas?

Matthew on 1/2 hour of nap all day.

As requested more adult pics, so me...

...and Mom, who will want to kill me for including this picture!

One of the joys for Matthew of having his Mom clean out her childhood room is gaining cool stuff like Mickey Mouse ears!


Mom said...

Quick! Remove that photo, or I won't share my candy lilies!!! Heeheehee...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to put faces to the names whose lives I've been sharing online! It feels good to hook-up & be part of my family. The physical distance seems to melt away!

Auntie said...

Loved the visit; loved the photos.
Fun seeing shots of Matthew and me. You can see by my fierce frown of concentration that reading is Hard Work!

The author said...

I'm so glad it makes you feel closer to us Susan! It's nice to have shots with you and Matthew together Auntie. I had a great time too! Mom, you know you don't mind thhhaaaatt much.