Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a week!

Matthew's "Maama and Poppa" picked him up from daycare today and whisked him off to play at our house. Obviously all were having a super time.

Matthew fed the lego need by building a fancy "camper."

This is strictly to show how I've felt like a bag woman this week. This whole pile had to go with me to work Tues.

Even as he get older I still am amazed by how peaceful and little he looks while he sleeps. Every couple months I take a couple more pictures. It's been this way for 2 years.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the extra hours (especially since I'll be making less every hour then I ever have before at the school. Yes, I've been demoted pay wise by switching positions.) But Matthew and I are just not used to working this much and he's not sleeping as well at daycare. Unfortunately it will be a busy weekend, so we probably are just going to have to do the best we can. Yesterday Matthew got really fried because we were there for 9 hours and kept asking to go home. Today we had a meltdown because he wanted to go to daycare and it wasn't time. I just can't win! Is it almost summer yet? Just kidding, I need to have my 9 months of slim pickings paychecks.


Mom said...

We were amazed at the way Matthew can play with his legos now! We enjoyed our evening with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Matthew is so angelic sleeping quietly with his baby blanket. But he's not a "baby" when he's awake is he: becoming all "little boy" by leaps and bounds! He is so smart and handsome. Let the good times roll! (And thanks once again for making time to share the little miracles of his childhood.)