Sunday, August 23, 2009

My journeys in nature

Isn't this heavy dew just scrumpious?

Can you see it? My sedum is starting to turn pink. A clear sign that autumn is just around the corner.

A hibiscus bloom starting to unfurl.

My coleus is starting to bloom. I never realized coleus bloomed.

Apparently is does. My mom always killed her coleus, so I've never seen it grow this long!

Two of my favorite creatures in nature fighting over the tennis ball.

And the boy came out victorious, so he can toss it again for Scamp.

Looking at my dwarf morning glories and marigolds and what is that, a bit of bark hanging off the morning glory? Let's take a closer look...

Oh, it's a cleverly disguised moth. Very cool.

Look at that bee! I swear it's staring right at me. I'm outta here!

The three of us had a very good weekend. We finally took the plunge and got rid of our old couch. I had to admit I felt very sad leaving it behind at the dump, but it was in terrible shape (and very cheaply made, it had plastic legs if that says anything) so it really couldn't be saved. I'm all for donating things and putting things on the curb, but I think this is one couch no one would touch! I had it for 9 years. But it had the best designed arms I've ever seen. Our new-to-us couch is a sleeper bed, so we can have a dedicated place for company to sleep without having to have a spare room, since space is limited at the moment. Now that I think of it, of the 3 couches I've now owned, I've never had a brand new one. They've always been pre-used. Anyway, we also dropped off our futon to be sold at a future auction. I love clearing out space! It's such a good feeling. Other then all that, we mostly just hung out as a family and did alot of cooking. I think Matthew and I are rested up enough to take on our 8 hour a day week!


Mom said...

Your nature photos are lovely! Beautiful flowers and foliage, heavy dew, plenty of sunshine, and cute little insects! And Matthew and Scamp look so happy together. It's obvious that Scamp was not disappointed when the boy won the ball!

Anonymous said...

Very cool bee shot. (You were quite brave to get in that close! I'd have used "zoom.") Matthew & Scamp are so great together! Big smile on that dog when he's with "his" boy.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that pup has his boy by the left upper arm! "Throw it or else!"

The author said...

I'd love for you all to think I'm all brave and practically sat on that bee for the shot, but alas, I'm a little scared of them and didn't get that close. I was close, right after the shot it buzzed off by my head, but I did use zoom!

Auntie said...

Your flowers are beautiful! And Anon was right--blow up the photo and take a good look--Scamp is being so careful with Matthew's little arm. Cute!