Sunday, August 9, 2009

A REAL treehugger

I know this picture is blurry, but that's my son truly hugging and kissing the tree. He even said, "Love you." Maybe I garden a little too much...

I just love taking pictures of this kid! And I think he loves having his picture taken.

In the middle of playing with the kittens and tree hugging.

Two and Too Many getting crazy around the tree.

Today Matthew and I were driving in the car. I heard him say "NO" several times and looked in the mirror just in time to see him raise his frog very close to his eyes. He looked at it very sternly and said, "No frog. No frog. Enough. Ok, done." It was very cute. All I could see was his eyes and the back of the frog's eyeballs.

Lately he has been on a kick of saying, "Ahhh, sweet." He picked up a doll and said it and then put it down. He's also loving "Ewww, gross" and "Nasty." Apparently frogs are nasty unless you are wearing one.


Mom said...

This child is amazing! He really comes up with some delightful sayings. What a joy!

The kittens have really grown and I notice they are venturing out farther away from their shelter.

Auntie said...

Somebody sure taught Matthew a good way to scold:
be stern, and then let it be known that the case is closed and the scolding is over. Life can continue on.

What a smart little boy to love all God's creation--not just the people, or the pets! Bet he learned that mostly from his gardening mom, and from anybody else who manages the land instead of wresting all the good out of it.

The author said...

They kittens now stay as close to the house as they can. I hope they do well with this plan of action. Yes, I'm glad that he is learning to love the world around him. We spend a good deal of time outside exploring it everyday.

Angela said...

I'm grateful that all the love that "man-bug" receives is given freely to everything around him. I'm, also, glad that I'm not the only "tree hugger" in this "family."

I wonder where he got "ahh sweet" from? LOL