Sunday, August 2, 2009

It isn't easy being cheezy

As usual another weekend went too fast. Although Matthew and I have been on vacation now for almost 2 and 1/2 months, weekends still don't seem to last. Phil graced us with his presence here. We did so much good work yesterday, we were too pooped to go out for a night on the town. I'm sure the people who invite us out think we are the oldest young people they know. But something about chasing Matthew around all day, while doing hard work, really wears a person out. The good news is we finally emptied the trailer (which was filled at the very end of May), pulled all the nails out of the wood I brought home, cut the grass, weeded beds I've been neglecting, sorted out kitchen stuff, got rid of all the pottery except 4 pieces, sold some extra stuff, had hair cuts, and enjoyed each other as a family. I can tell we are on getting towards the later part of summer because I woke up freezing from the icy night air pouring in. I'm looking forward to seeing if the daffodils I planted come up happy next spring, but I'm really not looking forward to the cold winter in between. I am starting to get itchy about putting up Halloween and Fall stuff. But I'd be jumping the gun by at least a month, so no fall stuff till Sept. 15th and no Halloween stuff till Oct 1st. I've got to remember what season I'm truly still in!

Matthew just keeps us rolling around here with his antics. He's ever the little helper. He's taken to repeating my commands to Scamp and improving on them. I told Scamp to "come." Matthew told Scamp to "come, now." Matthew's really taken to "now" at the moment. Today he kept telling me to get his juice "now." Unfortunately for him, it didn't work on me. Yesterday Matthew sat all by himself getting his hair cut. I can't believe he's already that grown up. I wasn't there to see it, but Phil said he sat very still. I swear he's grown an inch since his birthday (he comes up to my hip bone and I'm not a short girl) and he's already in size 7 shoes. I think we're going to have a hard time keeping him in shoes. He used to be the shoe cop, making everyone wear their shoes at all times. Now I have have a heck of a time getting him to keep his shoes on outside. He's working hard to learn his colors, but more often then not he says the name of the color opposite on the color wheel or he fixates on one color and that's all he'll say. But he is making some progress. He knows he's 2 but likes to up the age to 8 or 9. (What kid or teen doesn't? It's only once you hit 21 you want to say you're younger.) When I count to three, before putting him in time out, he sings "2, 3!" himself. I have to say his most annoying trait is playing with all the clean dishes drying, with his grubby little hands. His most endearing trait is saying he loves us, and hugging and kissing us, off and on through out the day. It's not surprising he does since he has been squished and squeezed and kissed and told how loved he was his whole life. Still at the end of a long day, nothing melts the heart more then "Love you" followed by a blown kiss from a little boy freshly scrubbed in a bed.

Well my fellow blog readers, is there anything you'd like us to blog on? Sometimes I can't think of a thing to say. Stuff happens everyday around here, but I don't think it's all blog worthy. So what are your questions? What do you want to know? What haven't I explained or touched on to never discuss again? Do you have a burning desire to know what's in our pantry, or my makeup bag, or Matthew's toy box? Want to see pictures of something? Maybe I do such an awesome job you don't want to know a single thing, but if you do, email or leave a comment. It might make for some awesome blogs I'd never have thought to do.


Auntie said...

First, I love your blog, and can't thank you enough for your delightful postings--text and pix.

My Blogly interests include knowing every several months how tall and how heavy he is. What kind of books and toys he seems to like best. What his favorite color is. About Scamp, Missy, kittens, wild-life. Matthew's inerest/boredom re your neighbors The Cows. Plants, of course! House. Life from your perspective. Phil's too, but I know you can't really speak for him. What interests you have.

My lived life is that of professional chaplain, and does not include family life (other than by email and occasional visits), so little glimpses into your family life with a baby is a real treat for me! It isn't that I live through you, but that I enjoy seeing and hearing about your lives. I love you all very much!

PS - contents of make up kits are of little or no interest to me.

The author said...

I can hardly imagine why makeup kits don't interest you. I assure you mine is fasinating. Oh well. Another one bites the dust.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are always creative! I don't have grandkids yet and love "watching" Matthew's (& yours!) very busy days as you help him find the beauty of nature in your own backyard! And a HUGE yard you have to discover! Love the tractor shots: as a child, I always wished my dad had stayed in Council Grove. I also love the pics with F.J. & Beth; would love to see some of you and Phil(?) I'm past the make-up kit age, but love the aliens & birds fledging!