Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The phrases

It's the little phrases that my son comes up with that crack me up. Today at work was especially rich with them. He is in the habit of pushing the limits when I tell him to do something. He will wait till I've counted to 3 and then think he'll do whatever he is supposed to and it'll still be ok. Wrong! So I put him in time out. His little face just crumpled and he whined, "I behave, Mommy I beeehaaave. Mommmy, beeeehaaaave." It was so funny, in a way, I had to turn around to giggle. He is at the stage of being dramatic when in trouble. So I turned around and asked if he was sure he was ready to behave and he assured me he was. The end of that time out. The other one that really got me was he decided he was straving. So he announced, "Mommy, hungry boy. Hungry boy. Goldfish, here, table. Mommmmmy, hungry boy!" It was time to leave and I had to bribe him to leave with promises of goldfish crackers at home. On the way home he announced, "Mommy goldfish, bowl." So then I had to promise goldfish crackers served up in a bowl. And that's the first place we went when we got home. Straight to the goldfish and into the bowl it went. And the hungry boy was happy.


Mom said...

Your little frog boy is so cute! What adorable things he says!

Anonymous said...

What a guy! Goldfish rule here too, Matthew.