Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday's weather related events

Monday morning we woke up to the wind blowing rain against the house. We leisurely ate breakfast and then Matthew conned me into a big tootsie roll.

A little later seeing the rain had turned into a light sprinkle I dashed out the back door to this. (I had been on my way to the rain gauge.) Yet another limb had fallen on this poor line. And tore the mountings loose, again, so we'll have to call the electrician back out to tie it back up right. Sigh. But the limb was a problem. After deciding the line was coated and I couldn't be shocked, I went to extracting the limb. I kept Dad on the line, just to make sure if something went wrong, someone could call for help.

Rainy days mean alot of porch playing.

The dogs don't seem to mind. I love how the tracks look like a drip painting.

I am glad that we are getting rain, but it is annoying, because I was planning on moving some irises and daylilies around to make room for the stuff that is coming next month. I thought it had dried out enough yesterday to accomplish it, but it rained another tenth last night, so I have to postpone. I do like that the temps. have been cooler. It means I can leave the a/c off and enjoy the sounds of nature instead. Today the bugs are really singing to me. It makes me want to take a nap!


Mom said...

I love the looks on Scamp's and Missy's faces as you took the picture of their artistic tracks! Isn't it lucky you have that big porch? And Matthew looks very pleased with himself and his candy!

Anonymous said...

The dogs are grinning ear to ear.
(Did Matthew's tootsie roll have anything to do with this?) It looks like eveyone had a very fun-filled rainy day. But Gad Girl, be careful with the power lines!(My dryer zapped me once years ago & it's something one doesn't forget...or want to repeat1)

Anonymous said...

Glad you were careful, and had a back up!