Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday season

It has been a long holiday season. One that ended up overwhelming me. There just wasn't enough time to get stuff done!

It started with hiking, when there was a spare moment.

Matthew played outside in the warm weather.

Dec. 20th we got our first snowfall that stuck. A dusting, but it gave Matthew an excuse to use his Spiderman snow boots.

Christmas Eve day Matthew had a great time hanging out with his Auntie. He got 2 pairs of overalls from her and they have been a huge hit. He wore a pair to Christmas Eve service!

Auntie, Matthew, and I went to Christmas Eve brunch where my Grandmom lives. She has been having a really rough time since the stroke. Probably a combo of the stress of surgery and stroke back to back, cold turkeying off depression meds, dementia, and lots of new meds. As they try to figure out what meds work and are needed, we never know what kind of a day she'll be having. Luckily, she had a good day Christmas Eve.

I realized I never took 1 picture of Phil being home or Christmas. The part of me that craves having photographic memories is very sad, but the part of me that feels I miss out on memories by spending some much time behind the lens, doesn't. We had Phil for 5 blissful days. Matthew and I took him to the airport yesterday morning. I was worn out by Christmas Day, but I rallied. My Mom was sick with the flu Thursday night till Monday. We all got tons of lovely things this year. I still have Christmas packages to send out. My motto this Christmas is, "A day late, dollar short." Sigh. One of Matthew's favorite gifts is this track set. It is out a significant amount of time every day!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I'm excited to announce...


Monday, December 12, 2011

Nature walk

Saturday, after a week of working to get Grandmom back on the road to recovery after a stroke (she's doing fine), I dragged Matthew and Mom on a family hike. Do you see anything is these weeds? I didn't.

But Matthew did and it was a lovely little nest.

Gotta do some stretching, or goofing.

Soak in the view.

Work out a little.

Look handsome.


Inspire others to new heights.

Rest a little.

Walk a little.

Admire the trees.

Investigate the trees.

It was the perfect 2 hour winter hike.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finally getting into the Christmas spirit

Matthew and I pulled out Mamaw and Poppa's 4 foot tree and I can't believe that he is basically as tall as it! He ran to be in this picture, I was just trying to get the tree. I mention this, as Auntie commented he must not like to be in the photos, but he was a good sport. He just loves this blank look right now!

That's my boy!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Matthew on eggs

Setting: Watching an egg cooking product commercial.

Poppa: Um, those look good!
Matthew: Yeah, those look yummy for you and Mamaw and Mommy and me!
Me: Do you even like eggs? (So far, his whole life, he has not.)
Matthew: Um, n-, well, um, not with the shell off.
Me: Then you don't like eggs.
Matthew: I just don't like the shell peeled off and cooked and scrambled, but I like eggs! I do!

Star of the Week

Every full week at preschool, a different child gets to be the star. This week, Matthew was the star. He loved it.

Yesterday, for his last day of being a star he wore his new ranching duds. (He looks like a photo I saw of his Dad around this age.)

Last Friday, on his snack day, he wore some of his other new duds.

And while I was trying to take photos of Matthew with his board, more of his little friends ran up to be in the photo. More the merrier.

On the last day of the star's week, they get to choice with letter goes up the coconut tree. This week is the letter S. Matthew chose the green S to go up the tree.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Twas our day to bring the snack... not a creature was stirring, not even our mice! Hopefully the kids like them, they ended up being a pain to make.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Sooooo, when you have a boy you should really never turn your back on them, because who knows what mischief they will get themselves into.

Example 1: Bandaids.

Like rest of the box of bandaids wrapped around toes and other various parts of the body.

Example 2: Washing Machines

Last night I heard, "come bring your camera." As I enter the room I hear, "wash, wash, wash, wash. Mommy, I'm getting clean!" His own washing machine bathtub.

Example 3: Growing

I hear alot of, "Mommy I have to grow fast so I can drive a car!" Heaven help the mom of a boy!

As a side note, Grandmom made it her ball replacement surgery well yesterday. Thanks for the well wishes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving break wrap-up

All of us at About a Bug hope you had a truly happy Thanksgiving and counted your many blessings.

Our family, minus Phil who had to stay in TX and plus Angela, met at a local buffet for Thanksgiving lunch. That's my Mom's joy, no cooking and no dishes. I prepared a small feast for the evening meal. Our dessert was building our own turkeys. I know that a cooking magazine put out the official recipe, but I've took it and ran with stuff I could find and had on hand.

I convinced Mom to go on the trail with me and the dogs Friday.

We went again Sunday and it was a little chilly, but so beautiful.

Friday Auntie arrived and gave some new clothes. Here he is posing in some new duds, Saturday, before we went to meet some friends for the day.

On Thanksgiving day Angela and I went on the trail and were blessed to get within 10-15 ft of this lovely doe eating acorns. It was amazing.

Monday, it was hard to get out the door, back in the swing of it. Not long after I arrived at work, we got a call that Grandmom fell and they were x-raying her hip. I took most of the afternoon off to help Mom to an out of town hospital to set up the arrangements for Grandmom's surgery. She did indeed break it and will need the ball replaced.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hell hath froze over

One of our family members is the proud owner of a John Deere.

He planted all morning.

And harvested in the dark.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Happenings

Last week at Afterschool we made these candy turkeys. I took mine home and shared it with Matthew.

Last Thursday there was a preschool Thanksgiving feast in the evening. Matthew invited us all to attend. Here are 2 of the "Indians."

And here is the last "Indian" with the "Pilgrim" that invited us to the feast. Sorry about the photo quality, they came from my phone.

Today was the Thanksgiving dinner where my Grandmom stays. Matthew wore his hat and got lots of comments on it.

We had a wonderful time. What a blessing to have another Thanksgiving with Grandmom. This past fall, Phil's last living grandparent passed away. Grandpa Ray was about 20 years younger then Grandmom, which reminds me even more that time is precious and fleeting.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Late fall activites

This is a boy's dream come true and a mom's nightmare.

My best friend's boy is 2 weeks to the day older then Matthew, yet mine is so much taller! Cracks me up!

Art work he was so proud of, he gave it to the preschool.

And he now looks like his artwork!