Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Happenings

Last week at Afterschool we made these candy turkeys. I took mine home and shared it with Matthew.

Last Thursday there was a preschool Thanksgiving feast in the evening. Matthew invited us all to attend. Here are 2 of the "Indians."

And here is the last "Indian" with the "Pilgrim" that invited us to the feast. Sorry about the photo quality, they came from my phone.

Today was the Thanksgiving dinner where my Grandmom stays. Matthew wore his hat and got lots of comments on it.

We had a wonderful time. What a blessing to have another Thanksgiving with Grandmom. This past fall, Phil's last living grandparent passed away. Grandpa Ray was about 20 years younger then Grandmom, which reminds me even more that time is precious and fleeting.


Kirsten said...

how wonderful that you got to spend some time with your grandmom!

your turkey is killing me. oreos are one of my pregnancy cravings, and when you pair them with peanut butter cups and candy corn, i am done. hello, yum!

Auntie said...

Everything looks quite festive. Aren't the Senior Indians cute?!! Not to mention the Young Indian and the Pilgrim! Looks like your Grandmom scored a piece of pecan pie!
Enjoy this holiday season, and I will see you all soon. Aren't

Angela said...

It looks like your holiday season is off to the right start. I agree with Kirsten about the turkey "killing me" so can we get a recipe for the turkey? Please......

Mom said...

It was fun being an 'Indian' guest and fun to have had two feasts already!