Saturday, November 5, 2011

First very hard freeze

Everything was sparkly white and the leaves on the black walnuts were falling like confetti. Another amazing sight in nature.


Auntie said...

So it must be time to turn the garden under for the winter? Do you try to use the black walnuts? I hear that if you put them on the driveway the vehicles will beat off the green hulls (and the worms will go away). Where is That Cat?

Anonymous said...

Those shafts of light are really nice!

The author said...

Auntie, well I tried to move the cat into the shed and before I could get it totally settled in, two big dogs ran it up a tree. I talked to it several times last night, but today I haven't seen it. The food is gone, but that doesn't mean that the cat ate it. But I put out more just in case. Yes, I should be tucking the garden in, but I'm more of a "I'll put the garden to rights in the spring" sort of person! I personally can't stand black walnuts and know one else cares to bake with them, so we just let the animals get them.

Anonymous, thank you!

Mom said...

I agree with Anonymous about the shafts of light. I also enjoyed the word picture of the leaves falling like confetti.
Auntie, you are welcome to some walnuts if you like them.