Monday, November 7, 2011

Rumblings from above and below

Sunday was a beautiful day. Matthew and I had fun playing in the leaves.

He was building a leaf pile to have a bed in.

Monday Matthew finally got to use his umbrella the way it was intended. We got 2 1/2". The storm included some nice thunder and lightning. Rumblings above.

Saturday night I spent in bed sick with vertigo. Around 10 something I woke up to my bed shaking. In my foggy state, I thought that Matthew had got up and was playing under it. (I'm not even sure if he can get under it, it's such a low frame.) Grumpily I got up telling him to stop it. And he wasn't there. He has in bed. It was an extremely windy night, so I was trying to decide how the wind could have been blowing so hard that it was shaking my bed. As I was going downstairs I heard my Mom calling to my Dad, "I think we are having an earthquake!" And what we really had was aftershocks from OK's earthquake. Dad missed it.

Last night, Monday night around 8:30-ish I looked at Mom and said, "The house is shaking again." Sure enough, around that time OK had another earthquake. And Dad missed it again. Rumblings below.


Auntie said...

I'd rather have the above-type rumblings. At least I can hide from them. Fun shots! Thanks!

Mom said...

It was all very interesting.

I love the leaf photos of Matthew working!