Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Saturday was Dad's birthday. We decided to celebrate by taking him out to eat and taking Matthew to the nearby zoo to trick or treat.

Walking up.

Angry puss in boots or I have the sun in my eyes.

Watching the sloth bear.

He had a really good time. By time we got home it was supper time and we were all exhausted. I haven't felt good for a month, so I went to lay down for half an hour. About 30 minutes later,
I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and decided I better get up and take care of the boy, cause he was probably into something. My jaw dropped because who I found in the hall was...

...Phil! He flew in just to surprise us and be here for Halloween. He even had a friend pick him up at the airport and made them swear not to tell, so we were all surprised. He was supposed to get in by noon, so he would have been able to be a the zoo with us, but the plane had problems. It was such a great surprise. It's been a quick trip, but wonderful!


Kirsten said...

What a GREAT surprise!!

Kirsten said...

p.s. sorry you haven't been feeling well! hope you feel better soon!

Auntie said...

That is just so cool. What a great surprise for all of you.
Said in a very stern Auntish voice: I hope your doctor is in on your not feeling well.