Thursday, December 1, 2011


Sooooo, when you have a boy you should really never turn your back on them, because who knows what mischief they will get themselves into.

Example 1: Bandaids.

Like rest of the box of bandaids wrapped around toes and other various parts of the body.

Example 2: Washing Machines

Last night I heard, "come bring your camera." As I enter the room I hear, "wash, wash, wash, wash. Mommy, I'm getting clean!" His own washing machine bathtub.

Example 3: Growing

I hear alot of, "Mommy I have to grow fast so I can drive a car!" Heaven help the mom of a boy!

As a side note, Grandmom made it her ball replacement surgery well yesterday. Thanks for the well wishes.


Auntie said...

Ha! Almost as good as powdering the floor! (He is probably used to hearing, "Wait--let me get my camera!")

Mom said...

For the record, I was the one who told her to bring her camera! It was too funny! So were the bandaids--it doesn't show up so much in the photo, but they really were plastered ALL over his tummy, legs, and face! Auntie, good point about the floor powdering episode.

Auntie said...

He is good with bandaids. When I cut my finger he ran to the bathroom to get the them, knelt down to shake them partway out of the box, and selected a good length for me.

The author said...

He does hear that alot. I'm glad he is good with "mothering" with bandaids.