Monday, August 24, 2009

Running on no nap

*photo taken my very own mother, Beth

This little man decided that he did not need a nap today at daycare. My did he get tired this evening. But I have to admit that he did much better then I thought he would. I sure was tired by time I left too. 8 hours at a daycare is a long time.

Matthew, over the weekend, really got on a roll of saying to Phil or me, "There you go!" I guess I tell him that alot. I'm still not tired of the way he says "Ohhh yesss." I am tired of hearing him yell, "I do it" for every little thing. I love that he wants to help and be independent, but sometimes it's just better for me to do it and here I have a little 2 yr old trying to bowl me over to get there first! No one told me I'd have to race my child at times to do boring things! Today he bumped my head with his head and announced, "Matthew knocked heads." I had no idea he even knew the expression "knocking heads." I'd say he must have learned it at daycare, but I'm there every day with him!!! For the second time he announced he needed to go potty and did it. This time it was at daycare so he got an M&M. He liked that. Today he threw a toy down and I told him not to do that because he would hurt it. What do you think he did? Brought it over, held it in my face, and solemnly said, "Kiss." Yes, I had no choice but kiss the toy's boo-boo. So I did.

That's all I can think of for today folks. Gotta get some sleep so we can do it all over again tomorrow!


Mom said...

It's something new all the time isn't it? What fun for you! (Most of the time!) We surely do enjoy reading about your lives and seeing the photos! Congrats on the second potty success! It may be about time to have some M&M's at home in hopes of more of these successful occasions in the near future!

Anonymous said...

M&Ms have that effect on me, too! (Good idea to use them at home as well.) It's more work to have the "help" of your little guy, but go with it! Soon enough (when he's old enough to do a good job by himself) the desire to help will disappear so encourage him now.

Angela said...

Yeah for the potty!!!!!

I'm sorry he didn't take a nap but did he at least sleep a full night that night?

The author said...

I think he did, but he's been crawling in bed with me some lately, in the middle of the night.