Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's September

I can smell the crispness of fall creeping into the air. I can't believe it's almost here already. Wasn't I just writing about the jonquils coming up a month ago??? Today I went to work and Phil hung out with Matthew for a little more quality time before he left this evening. We both already miss him. But time will fly (like always!) and it'll be time to see him again.

Today we had a heating guy come out to discuss what our options are for putting in a new heating/cooling unit of some sort. We want to get the most efficient since propane is just skyrocketing. Sometimes it doesn't pay to live in the country. But who could do better then our view? And Matthew is in love with our yard. We'll live with the heating costs.

Have I mentioned before that kindergarteners taught Matthew peek-a-boo? Well, now all I hear is "Mama" and when I look he is covering his eyes wanting me to say, "Where's Matthew? Where is that baby?" Then he puts them down and looks proud and does it again, and again, and again...I have to say I'm not really pleased they taught him that. Well, it is cute the first 5 times. He is also now beginning to run effectively. It is not such a good thing in stores. He also is really getting into flinging himself down on the floor to have a 30 second to a minute tantrums. I'm hoping that we can nip that in the bud soon. He gets really mad when Phil and I ignore him. He feels that's the height of insulting, I guess. I'm hoping this is the terrible twos and it will be clear sailing at 2. Is that misguided optimism?

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dwindlingdreams79 said...

So far what I have learned from having a little boy is that the "terrible 2's" doesn't really ever stop!! Brayden has always been a fussy guy! I started to notice the better he got at walking the more things he tried to climb and the more throwing fits we have come upon! Brayden is almost 3 and still is as stubborn as he was as a baby...his fit throwing has also gotten worse. We try putting him in time out and he doesn't listen he gets up everytime we sit him down. He also cut out nap time really early. (although we still try to give him a nap:) I am glad that phil got to come home and that you guys are doing so well. I miss talking to you keep in touch..write me an email when you have a chance or even better you can call me:) take care!