Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day weekend

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Labor Day weekends! Phil, for once, was lucky and is getting the 4 day that everyone else in the army is enjoying. We are thrilled. Matthew has been celebrating this fact by being extremely fussy most of it. I am at my wits end with what to think about him. I just want him to go back to being a happy content little man. Today was better than yesterday.

Saturday we spent a large amount of the day running errands and hanging out with my friend, Angela. Hopefully we didn't bore her toooo much. She only had to watch us shoe shop, phone shop, pack, visit my family, and finally take her home. She was such a good sport. After we did all of that we left Matthew with my parents and went on a date night. Dinner and a movie. Can't beat that. We finally got to see Dark Knight and enjoyed it. Except for the fact that the movie theater was, in one guy's words, "Colder then my ex wife!"

Today we hung out with my parents for awhile. I cruised by an auction and vetoed all items. We came home and started ripping out the dining room carpet and pad. We also took down another section of paneling and found more delightful patch work to do. Yippee! A room without huge holes in the plaster wouldn't be fun at all. It also appears we have a hole behind our half built in desk and behind some of the radiators. The good news is once I track down salvaged baseboards, plinth pieces, door frames, doors, door knobs, floor boards and Phil's sanded and varnished the floor several times, it will be a beautiful dining room. Plus of course once the bay windows have been lifted, afore mentioned patch jobs done and several layers of wallpaper steamed off, walls painted, it will be finished. Sound like a small undertaking? I think I have tracked down a significant amount of the salvage stuff though.

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