Thursday, August 21, 2008


Poor Matthew doesn't know what to think about all the changes these last couple days. First he is adjusting to living apart from Daddy again. Second to the new changes at work. Third adjusting to being older and possibly going through strange stages. He is not having good days at work. He goes in a great mood, gets mobbed/hurt by the afterschool kids and then when 2 hours later he can go to daycare, he is tired, clingy, and upset. I hope that we can work out some compromise so that he can be a little happier. I am going to try just telling the kids Matthew needs space. We'll see if that works. He used to love seeing the older kids. Of course he didn't get mobbed as much.

Today he got up early and demanded we play outside for a full hour. He is so excited to have a yard. Phil and I wave to our neighbors as they drive by. Matthew now is waving to every car that goes by. It is the cutest thing. He has to look at me to make sure I'm noticing. He's come a long way of the summer. Half the time he now waves goodbye to checkout people. It's very exciting watching him grow and change. I love watching him grow new skills, but a part of me is very sad to see I no longer have a baby, but an independent little boy. It's especially noticeable now that we cut his hair cut again.

Today's picture is another oldie, but goodie. I am hoping that sooooooon we can resolve this camera issue or come up with the money to buy a new one. I'm missing tons of picture taking opportunities and I can't strip wallpaper until I can take a picture. Darnit.

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dwindlingdreams79 said...

You have a beautiful looking family Anne:) I miss the good old days! Ya know I miss when kalea and brayden where babies too. They are so tiny and helpless. Now they are trying to be very independent and Some days just seem to go by too fast. Matthew was a tiny little guy too. Do you think you guys are going to have anymore? well keep in touch. you can call me sometime if you want to chat.

Love, Elisa