Monday, November 16, 2009

It's about time we posted

It has been a very busy week since we posted last, but unfortunately, it's not the sort of week you take pictures of. Last weekend Matthew spent the weekend with his grandparents, while I visited Wichita and the next day helped clean one of my parents rental houses. Most of the week Matthew was at daycare all day while I continued to clean the rental house. This Saturday my Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Leon came and we spent the day talking with them. It was alot of fun! Yesterday we lounged around the house as a family. When Phil took off, we went to Angela's to eat dinner with her other 2 best friends. We had a great time.

All last week was really nice weather for this time of year. Over the weekend it turned cold. So cold that today Matthew and I woke up to it snowing! It still is, but it's also sprinkling, I think. The ground and air temp is just high enough that it's not sticking.

This picture is for Angela, she'll know why.

Matthew really took to Leon immediately. He's alot like my Dad, so maybe that was part of it.

Matthew and Bobbie.

Leon, my Mom, Grandmom, my Dad, and Bobbie.

And Angela with her 3 best friends all in one room. Matthew wasn't real sure about Don at first, because he has so many piercings and tattoos, but he is really one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Never judge a book by it's cover.


Jenny said...

You came to Wichita and didn't tell me? Punk!!! J/K :)

Angela said...

I love the shirt!! We will have to go bug exploring. It was great to have everybody over yesterday. The best way to end a bad week and start this week fresh.

Mom said...

Thanks for the pictures!!! Is Matthew excited about the snow?

Anonymous said...

Wow...SNOW for the holidays! What does Matthew think about it? Sleds and snowmen and snow angels? And it's also great to see pics of your parents. Ask F.J. how he looks just the same as in 1960?!? (If they could just bottle "KS" youth serum... )

The author said...

Yes, I'm a punk. My apologies, but I mostly went clothing shopping and didn't have much luck so maybe it's a good thing I didn't tell you!

Matthew didn't really seem to care, he kept saying it was raining. Everyone in CA wants to know if he likes it, what he thinks about it, but really I don't think he remembers it yet. Up to this point I felt he was too small to play in it and yesterday it didn't stick so I did seem like rain. I hope we have a great snowfall this year so he can learn all about it. I predict he will LOVE it, just like every other mid-western kid!

(I don't know how Dad does it, good genetics and less intense sun perhaps?)