Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 Part I Halloween Party

Due to the large amount of photos taken last night we'll breaking this down into at least 2 parts if not 3. Ok, I just wanted to start this off with a photo of me. All I can say is father like son. Right up the nose. *Photo taken by: Matthew

Matthew showing off the trick or treat bucket he will be using for the evening and his light up pumpkin beads.

Why is this bucket empty?

We had an afternoon Halloween party that we attended. There was eating and games. Melissa helped Matthew do limbo.

Matthew wasn't so sure that he really wanted to limbo.

There was were alot of strange parents and kids there. Mostly big kids and it's scary for a little guy.

But not so scary I can't take Michael down.

He can't get out of my hold. I'm a pro, I'm strong, I'm the man, oh yeah.

Where do you think you're going mister?

No party is complete with the fake male fighting.

Let me at you.

Red Rover, red rover, send that little kid eating, right over.

Did you see me break through Mom? I'm the man I tell you!

Can you tell that the boy is starting to get a little wild?

No? Well, how about now?

Ok, surely you can now. No, well, I'll explain what they are doing. Red Light, Green Light and they are supposed to be walking. Note the position assumed by my son. That's right, he ribbited the whole way.

Ok, he's done. Can't take a moment more of organized games and festivity.

Let's break out the fake teeth!


Auntie said...

Looks like fun to me!

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Make all potential photogs stand on a stepladder to shoot you!

Mom said...

If you think about it--from your son's view--he sees up your nose every day. Don't know what your husband's excuse is. (Heehee)
The party looks like so much FUN! I can tell Matthew enjoyed it tremendously!

The author said...

The stepladder is a good suggestion. I will work on implementing it right away. That and getting the kid his own kid camera so he doesn't break mine...