Sunday, June 7, 2009


Resting with my snacks, I've got a big night ahead of me. You tell me we are going to the rodeo and it's a family tradition. I've got to save my strength Mom.

Here we are walking into the rodeo. Now that I'm here I'm not sure I really want to wear my cowboy hat.

Ok, fine, take the picture but I want this hat off NOW!

Boy, this is an odd sporting event.

Man, what they did to that calf...

The rodeo announcer and the clown. The announcer will play an important part in our rodeo experience later.

I'm going to go sit by myself now.

I'm such a big guy, sitting with my hat.

In between the last picture and this one, Matthew got bored and jittery from the cotton candy and the powdered sugar on the funnel cake. So he decided to move himself to the fence. He climbed up with (with Grandma holding on) and decided to dance to the music. A girl, at the dance club, couldn't have done more enthusiastic booty dances. This little guy performed, and caught the eye of alot of people. One of these people was the rodeo announcer. He had given 1 belt buckle to a cute little 9 month old baby. 3 the rodeo clown gave to the rowdiest fans. But after watching Matthew shake it, he decided this little cowboy had earned the last buckle. And was this little cowboy ever excited. (So was the family!)

Here's Matthew trying to decide if he should flirt with the rodeo queen. (Side note: The rodeo queens always seem to gravitate to where my Dad is sitting. Seat location or a force of nature? You decide.)

Trying to impress the rodeo Queen with our cowboy hat. Suddenly our hat is looking good to us again.

Alright, hurry up, at the picture, I have flirting to do.

Wow, another bull rider bites the dust.

Matthew and Miss Rodeo Kansas

Still trying to impress (he tried to give her a handful of rocks!) while she concentrates on signing pictures for other little fans.

Right after this picture we took off for home. It was very late by time we all got to bed, but it was worth it. Passing on the family summer tradition to the next generation.


Auntie said...
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The author said...

Auntie wrote the sweetest comment~that I deleted because she included our names~here it is again in ammended form, just in case some crazy wants my Sex and the City movie collection or heaven forbid my heathen boy...

What super photos and story line! (Anne, you are really good at this. Thank you 1,000x over.) So the littlest cowboy in *our* Outfit just won his first rodeo buckle. Congratulations! In a few more years he'll win one for calf riding!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the story of a wonderful evening!