Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Could it be?

Is it she??? Is it Scamp's long lost sister? I think so! (picture on spca.com)

I read this whole article about how she was rescued from Iraq (Iraq? Wait a minute...) and the whole time all I truly wanted to know was what kind of dog IS she. And the whole way through the article she was the "yellow dog." Great. I KNEW that. So I turned to the household Iraq expert (after 2 years of your life there you're an expert right?). I asked, "So what kind of dogs do they have in Iraq?" Reply, "Mutts." Thanks so much, very informative. So Scamp has a twin from around the world. The search for his proud lineage continues...

Wait a moment? What is this?

A Matthew with a barn kitten?

Uh, Two, did you get caught outside of the barn?


Yes, I did.

It's a jungle out here.

Too Many is peeking out, but Two was brave and explored with the people around. Too Many would come out if we weren't close. When Matthew came running up, bing, he was outta there. Or she. It's not clear yet. At least to me...


Mom said...

What cute pet pictures! Cute child too, but we won't say that out loud in his hearing!

Auntie said...

My theory: Scamp has a lot of border collie--size, posture, markings, size and set of ears. Enough yellow lab to give him short yellow hair. Probably some German Shepherd just because it is so prevalent in farm dogs.