Friday, June 19, 2009

Another big day

I happened to be lucky enough to have worked with a lady who not only shares flowers and plants with me generously, but also raises alpacas. Today we made the 50 min. drive to her house to visit them. Matthew loved them and this little guy, Hos?, allowed us to touch him. What an experience!

Part of the herd, Momma's and babies. The white one is the momma of Hos and the daddy is peeking through the fence.

It tickled so much, it was wonderful! *photo by Marta

Hos would race after Matthew, but once he got that far he'd kick up his heels and race to Momma's safety.

My little helper was "helping" me plant all the daylilies I brought home today.

He only got a little dirty...

My flower bed in progress. I finally got everything planted right before night fell completely.

I hope everyone had a wonderfully fantastically productive and fun Friday!

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Mom said...

I want Hos!!! And the boy to keep him company! Heehee... What a fun experience for all!