Saturday, May 30, 2009


It was so hot and intense today some of my newly planted iris are sun-scorched! EEEKKK! But although I was out all day I did not burn. I managed to cover all areas. Yes! My friend Angela and I dug flowers for her and I loaded all the woodwork up to bring home. It was a load I tell you. Matthew is still up, fighting sleep and I'm so tired I could fall asleep right here. I will shower first though.

I realized I forget to post on of my most surprising discovery. 2 days ago I found 3 baby kittens in my barn. I have put some food out for them in hope that they will stay and rat. I don't wish to go through that experience again. It was surprising because we don't have any outside cats. They are super cute yellow fuzzy things. No pics. They are pretty wild. Matthew has been trying to climb over the gate to see them. The first time he did it, it went perfect for him. You'd have thought he was 5. Tonight, not so hot. Little man boys should listen to their mommas. He didn't hurt himself though. What a daredevil. And it just gets worse, so I've heard. Insert the long drawn out groan here.

Thank you for all the comments about how beautiful my flowers are. They are lots of fun.


Mom said...

Do plants recover from sun scorch? I hope they will be fine again next year, if not this year! I sure had fun with you and Angela and Matthew yesterday! Thanks for sharing part of your day with us!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Saturday was lots of fun- I love "family" days.

I know plants can recover from frost bite so I assume that they can recover from sun scorch.


Mom said...

Good point, AMT! I bet the plants will be fine.