Friday, May 8, 2009

Paint brushes and plants

Paint brushes in my shoe make me happy.

Silly little man.

First iris to burst forth in bloom.

Name: Queen of May?

After much research: Star of Bethleham Not a good thing to have in the yard, but it smells good.

We got up bright and early this morning and it's been busy ever since. We'll be leaving in about an hour and 1/2 for the school, where we'll stay till 6pm. Then we'll be off to the parents and the visitation. I think Matthew is too small to sit still at a funeral. Anyway, while being busy this morning Matthew found some of my paint brushes and had a wonderful time sticking them in his socks and shoes. I had to take a picture it was so cute. He has also been trying to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Last night was the first night is 3 nights Matthew didn't wake up crying, but the thunder and rain woke me up instead. We got 2/10's of an inch. That makes 1/2" since I came home to the 4". Maybe the rain finally encouraged one iris to finally open. And I believe that it is the Queen of May. It's a very pretty light rosy purple iris with a fragrance like citronella if you ask me. I'm glad that I didn't buy one earlier this spring because I almost did. Now I'm wondering if I should wait on some of the others I was going to buy this summer...I did alot of research on plants last night and it wasn't encouraging. The little white flowers that come up are bad, wild violets are bad, and possibly one type of iris too! I can't win!


Auntie said...

Beautiful iris!
Bad? What constitutes "bad"? I love them both, and encourage them. Staghorn Sumac--now that is as "bad" as Scotch Broom because each takes over the place.
Lil Dude is still a cutie, is't he? One of these days he'll be painting realistic paintings with those brushes. You just wait.

Beth said...

Yikes! What's bad about them? I wanted some of that star stuff. Now I don't know! There is some of it at Mother's house. Help! I agree with Auntie about the paint brushes!

The author said...

Well, the Star of Bethleham because it apparently takes over and is very poisonious to cattle and smaller creatures like kids and dogs. And violets because it takes over I guess. But I agree, if you love it, why not? Yes, if he doesn't paint pictures, he has learned a new trick with them. Daddy taught him to tickle Mommy's feet with them...