Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend review

Dancing in Daddy's hat.

More hat business and the tv.

And they all fall down.

Walking Missy.

Poppy getting ready to bloom.

Matthew and I took off Sat. morning to see Phil's new apartment. It and the apartment complex, is much nicer than his last one. It's also in a newer, nicer location for basically the same price. We got there and Isabel was still hiding in the bed. We toured the few rooms and took off for lunch. Phil had more on his mind then just lunch though. You see, in the first years Phil was in the army, he developed a nasty and expensive tobacco habit. In his quest for a new tv, he mentioned he'd stop if it meant I'd allow him to get one. And I took him up on that bet. Well, about 2 weeks ago, he made up his mind to quit, so we got him a tv this weekend. He's a very pleased man and I'm a very pleased wife. It's a win-win situation. By time we got back, Isabel was happily out and about playing with the dog.

Matthew showed us all weekend that he was a very good dog walker. Now he is very insulted if Phil and I don't let him walk Missy every time. He has increased the names he can say. He has included Anne and Simba to the list. His vocab is just exploding lately. It's rather fun.

The weather has dried up a bit so I've been doing some more puttering in the yard. I came home to irises that are just about to bloom. Any day or minute now. At my parents house a poppy is ready to burst into bloom. I can't wait to see if more of my day lilies and irises decide to bloom this year.


Auntie said...

Congratulations to Phil and you for how that pretty TV came to be in the new place! (As a former smoker I know quitting is hard--and worth it!)

Mom said...

I didn't know you'd taken a picture of our poppy bud! Cool TV and cute little dog walker!