Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Something made my Dad go over to the trail to look for my camera yesterday. As he was surveying the embankment, thinking he couldn't make it to the top, a man he knows drove down the trail. He stopped picked something up and called down to my Dad, "I just found a camera!" What a God moment. 2 people in the right place to find and retrieve my camera. Because it was found, I can share with you what to do when hiking, it's 84 degrees in March, and you're hot.

You strip to you skivies and shoes, plunge into a clear puddle on the side of the trail, and make water angels. To be clear, my Dad now thinks we are nuts and I think I agree.

I also think the weather is nuts. Our lilacs are blooming...in March. Little early I'd say.

Mom went after my Dad to look for the camera, so thank you to both of my parents. And thank you to all the supportive comments.


Kirsten said...


Auntie said...

Ha! Lil Dude in his skivvies in now wallpaper on my work computer!

Cathryn said...

84 degrees! That is not warm enough for me to get down to my skivvys!
So cute when kids do it, not so much with anyone else!:-)
Soooo, glad you found your camera!
Good job Gpa and Gma!

The author said...

Kirsten, all the peasants rejoiced in this land!

Auntie, haha, that's funny, what a sight that must be!

Cathryn, well, probably not warm enough for me either, but he was happy. I was afraid to show it for fear of it being too red neck-ish, but I was brave. I'm so glad too!

Auntie said...

BTW, smelling like dirt is a good thing. Huge difference between skivvies dipping in the country and going about town in only his unders.

Cynical Hearts said...

It's been raining nonstop here in Washington. Spring weather, yes, but not enough for flowers or "Swimming"