Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rollercoaster ride

And for once I don't mean my life! I am talking about the weather. Last Tuesday we had huge storms roll through that produced a tornado after it got by us. But the high winds did damage, again, our big machine shed. Pushed a side in and damaged 3 doors.

The next day it was 70 degrees. Friday morning we woke up to it snowing up a storm. Colder temps and high winds the next couple days. Tuesday it was 68 degrees and I wore capris, which is big for me. (I'm always cold.) Our first daffodils also opened that day!

Then a warm and cold front collided over us Wednesday afternoon. Last night I woke up to 1/2" hail, rain, thunder, and lots of wind. Then in the really wee hours, it changed to sleet and snow.

So this morning the poor little daffodils were a bit battered and sitting in snow. Awwww, gotta love spring weather!


Auntie said...

Hard to keep a good dafodill down! Yes, it certainly is spring.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me how I felt about this winter and all I could say was that my body just didn't know what to do! It looks like you got more snow by your place than I did over here; it was just a light dusting of snow.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your post to see how you all are doing! I sometime think I miss Kansas but not the winter lol! Im not on thus computer much been keeping busy but Matthew has sure grown into a handsome young man! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I think of you often!
Love, elisa