Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another snow storm, below 0 temps, unforseen events, cabin fever, and still beauty

I thought he looked so cute, I made him sit down and let me take him photo.

We got hit by another arctic front yesterday, wind chills 20 to 30 below 0, temp below 0 over night. We had to drive 20 mph home yesterday in whiteout conditions. Drifting had already started across the road and our driveway again, but we made it in 20 mins. (Normal drive home 5 mins.) We got up this morning and the hot water pipe in the kitchen had froze up and the cold nearly. Yikes. Then when washing laundry, the washing machine broke down. After doing the dishes in the dish pan in the bathtub, I noticed that the drain pipe in the kitchen sink must be froze up too because the water won't drain. Isn't it always something???

Meanwhile to help keep cabin fever at bay, we blew alot of bubbles and played with all the toys we own. Not to mention jumping down our slide and on the couch when Mom isn't in the room.

And just when I thought the day had been rather a wreck, I looked out the window. I saw a rainbow, no way! Notice all the blowing drifting snow.

It came down on either side of the sun. Scratch that, Mom told me they made the news and they are actually double sundogs. People thought they were rainbows because they were unusually large.

It was so unexpected and beautiful.

I'm hoping it's the promise of a better day tomorrow. Tomorrow will be our second day of very low temps and nasty wind chill values and no school. Pray that cabin fever doesn't get the best of us! (Oh and that maybe spring can come on time and not in May! We need to see a little grass so we can run!)


Auntie said...

You are a hardy soul to have frozen pipes and drain, broken washer, a cooped-up child, AND still see the beauty around you (including how cute he is.)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Auntie. And you are a remarkable nature photographer too! Matthew is growing into such a handsome boy, not a toddler any more. They grow up before you know it an this is such a FINE way to keep memories alive! Thanks for your blog.

Mom said...

We enjoy your photos and blog soooo much!!!